Holiday Beauty Events You Don’t Want To Miss!

Hey, folks!

Y’all know that the holiday season brings out the best in people. End of the year sales, holiday collections, and fabulous parties and workshops that create memories to last forever. I love the holiday season because I’m mushy and I have a big heart filled with love, but also because of all the exciting beauty events that come to surface. I love seeing my beauty fam! Whether you’re merry like me or a mean ‘ol Grinch, I think you’ll be interested in some of the events that are happening all over the country in the next 5 weeks. I don’t want to hold you long, so here are a few beauty events that are happening before the year closes that you DON’T WANT TO MISS! Happy Holidays!



Curly Girl Collective Presents: All Dolled Up

Curly Girl Collective All Dolled Up



Class & Cocktails Event with Celebrity Stylist Kiyah Wright

Kiyah Wright

 Purchase tickets HERE


The Crimson Academy LIVE with Beauty Expert AJ Crimson

AJ Crimson Academy

 More info + register HERE


Illusions Cosmetics Presents: Sparkle, Shimmer, and Shine- A Holiday Glam Event

Illusions Beauty

Join Twin sisters and celebrity Makeup Artists, Janice & Denise Tunnell, for their Illusions Beauty Sparkle, Shimmer, and Shine holiday glam event at the Tracy Riggs Salon in Charlotte, NC. Mini makeovers, lash application, networking, and much more in the name of beauty!

Tracy Riggs Salon
6324 Fairview Rd #126, Charlotte, NC 28210




As more events roll in, I’ll be sure to add them to the list! Don’t miss out!



~with style~

Sharontina B.

Philly Style Maven, Jenn: Epitomizing Style Unapologetically


Social media has connected me to so many people, near and far, that prove to be a source of inspiration in various aspects of my life. I’m multi-passionate, but one of my biggest passions is that of marveling at real style! Yeah, I love fashion in general, getting the latest on which designers have come out with what, who’s wearing it, and where they’re wearing it to, but nothing tops the way it all comes together. Style. Many people use style and fashion synonymously, but they really aren’t. Fashion, according to Merriam Webster, is defined as, “a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people”, style is “a particular way in which something is done, created, or performed”. See the difference? If you’re reading this, you probably already know that distinction and feel the same way I do. In any event, I love highlighting people I come across who have inspirational style filled with originality, authenticity, attitude, “wow” factor, and a unique point of view. Of course my definition of great style may be completely different from yours, but that’s the beauty of it!


Today I’m highlighting a beautiful woman, inside and out, that I started following about a year ago on Instagram. To sum up my assessment of her style, I’d say that it is daring and sexy, with a calm and effortless execution like only us Philly girls can do ;) (kidding…but for real). Her style point of view leads her to show us looks that are unexpected, but work well together.  It is conditional and reflects her mood, the function she’s attending, or a combination of the two.  Oh, and she LOVES her labels, especially Chanel and Louboutin, but they definitely don’t define her. All around, she works with pieces that compliment her body type well and she also serves as a muse for the many designers she gives the opportunity to show their talent through custom design.

Here are some of my favorite style choices from Ms @Jenn_1 (as she’s known on the Gram). Dressed up, or on chill lay, love them all because style is always present regardless.


AMAZING custom-made jumper, B&W for contrast. Love, love, love it! Made by Philly based designer Ginger Taylor Designs

 Click on the images below to see the slideshow

As you can see, there is much diversity in Jenn’s style. Always well put- together, but varying in stylistic approach. It definitely represents that philly girl style; feminine, but real laid back without looking like we tried too hard. If you know anything about Philadelphians, you know that we are calm, cool, and collected, but when you get on that other side, we get a little crazy and unpredictable. So, that’s what our style shows you.

Jenn, love ya style, girl! Keep slaying everything without thinking twice about it!


~with style~,

Sharontina B. …. StyleDegree


New Beauty On The Block: Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquer

Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquer


Kitiya Micho King, affectionately known as Micho Beauty, is no new kid on the beauty block. She’s a veteran beauty gal who has a degree in chemistry– brings back bad memories of high school chemistry with a heavily accented teacher who… nevermind– and is a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, manicurist, and makeup artist! Can we say she’s a smart cookie beauty threat x 5?! Yes, it’s safe to say. All of you that know me, know that I love all things girly, which most definitely includes pretty nail polish with cute names that make you want to tell people what it’s called even when they don’t ask. I’m also known for being a “Safe Sally”, so products that don’t disregard my health with the addition of harmful chemicals keeps my boat afloat, too. And guess what? Kitiya’s new nail polish line, Mischo Luxury Nail lacquer has all of these qualities, and more. Get into this.

Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquer

The Fashion Week Collection, Ahhhh…..


The Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquer line is toxin-free, which she refers to as “5 FREE”, because it is void of the 5 most harmful chemicals found in nail polish: formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor; which can cause various side-effects. The best of both worlds, toxin-free and they don some pretty vibrant color. I can’t wait to try them!!! Like I mentioned a few lines ago, my favorite part is the You-can’t-sit-with-us-esque polish names. The collection pictured above is the Fashion Week Collection (of course I’m obsessed with all things NYFW…and NYC for that matter, so it’s only right that I’m obsessed with this collection).


For any of my frequent NYFW goers, you’re definitely familiar with all of these terms. Kitiya just hosted the official launch party for the luxury nail line in D.C. where she’s based, and from the IG pics, it seems like it was a great turnout filled with lots of manis and smiles! I’m also a total geek for great packaging, which is such a big part of great branding for a product. I love the sleek and chic simplicity from the bottles to the boxes!




Mischo Beauty Nail polish


I've been following Mischo Beauty for a long while, and I know for a fact that this polish line will do well, I mean many of the polishes are already sold out! Wishing Kitiya & Mischo Beauty much continued success! Can't wait to get my nails on this polish!....well, vice versa ;-)

Visit to see the full collection, to shop, and learn more about the line!



~with Style~,

Sharontina B.

On The Radar: Dr.Michelle’s Effortless Style!

Hey fam!

Okay, so you all know Dr. Michelle, right? If you said no, we probably don’t know each other very well …(kidding…not kidding). Let me fill you in if you already don’t know. Dr. Michelle Callahan is the ultra cool relationship expert, developmental psychologist, author of Ms. Typed,  TV host (remember Wedlock or Deadlock? That was my show!), and motivational speaker. She’s one of those powerhouse women that little girls and women look up to because she lives as an example of hard work, purpose, and perseverance. I grew to know of Dr. Michelle years ago via her many platforms and social media, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized what a style maven she is!

Dr. Michelle Callahan


I like to say that an individual’s style speaks for them; it is personified. Whether it is a loud introduction, a soft spoken gesture, or a confident silence. For example, Gaga’s style voice says, “ROARRR! Never know what to expect from me!”, and Rihanna’s says, “Yeah, I know I’m the sh*t”. You see where I’m coming from? Upon writing this post, I thought to assess my take on Dr. Michelle’s style voice, and to me its tone has a sophisticated and demure, yet bold sexiness about it. It has a daring edge with boundaries of class and sophistication; the perfect combo! And with that, she’s so low-key about it. Let’s take a look at some of my fav fashion moments from Dr. Michelle’s closet!

Dr. Michelle IF I had to define Dr. Michelle’s style by a signature  look, it would be by the one above. Her ensembles are tastefully  sleek, many incorporate hints of sheer or lace for an added element of femininity and contrast, but just enough to serve that purpose. Always classy. This lace-detailed frock is Dolce & Gabbana, and it is on point!

Dr. Michelle

Oh, she’s not afraid of color either! Absolutely love this vibrantly hued Herve Leger bandage dress, lending a nod to Doc’s sassy side. Owww! Chic simplicity.

Okay, so those were ‘fits’ for events, but her everyday style is just as rockin’. See…

Doc posted these on IG the other day, and when I professed my love for the look, she said she went for a high/low mix with this one. “Shirt: Tom Ford, shorts: Club Monaco, shoes: Chanel” Oh, and don’t tell anyone you got this from me, but I think she has a sliigghhhttttttt obsession with Chanel. But you didn’t get that from me, and of all obsessions I’ve ever heard of, that’s one I’d like to have some day!..haha.

Here’s a few more for GP…

Dr. Michelle Effortlessly Slaying with class.

Dress & python bag is Chanel, shoes Louis Vuitton. Done.

Dr. Michelle

PAUSE, I NEED this jacket in my life!!! It’s Chanel and I hear it comes with a detachable cape. I can’t with life right now.

…And her accessories aren’t off topic either… Alexander McQueen stilettos and Chanel on her wrist. I don’t think anybody is checking for her. Nope.

Doc, we see you stylin’ on ‘em! Now you’re on the radar, and we’re watching! Thanks for your unique style point of view, you give fellow style lovers liiiiiife and confirmation that it’s not all about what the labels say, but more about the unique compilation of a look!


~with style~,

Sharontina B.

Blogalicious 5!: Oh, Atlanta… Part 1

Blogalicious 5 Conference

I made it!!! I made it alllllllll way to Atlanta, Georgia on a 17 hour Greyhound bus ride because of you! Yes, I really took a bus from Philadelphia to Atlanta and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, besides people wanting to have full blown convos at 3 AM.


After being chosen to be a part of the official Blogalicious Social Squad (a fancy name for the beautiful group of social butterfly volunteers), I was excited and figured that I’d get my travel arrangements in order sooner or later. As time passed, school was coming to an end and graduation fees and other financial obligations surfaced, causing me to get stuck in a real rut. Thank God I have awesome people like YOU who donated to make it possible for me to book a roundtrip ticket, even if it meant I’d be on a bus instead of a plane like I’d originally planned (I secretly hate flying anyway).

I got to ATL 5 days before the conference was even to begin for the purpose of spending some time with my friend who recently moved there. My 1st impression of ATL was exactly this—> “Oh, no…. see I need a train or bus line or something because like… how am I supposed to get around if I don’t drive?! Omg, it’s nothing to do… I am going to die of boredom”. This was all before I realized that:

1. My friend lives in the Conley area of GA, which is south of ATL where not even natives seem to be familiar with it

2. You do in fact need a car if you want to get around ATL comfortably

3. There is PLENTY to do, you just need to know the right people who know the right places!

After a few days of stressing because multiple cab companies refused to drive to my friend’s house to pick me up and take me downtown to the conference, and having VERY limited funds, the gates of heaven opened and I found a very affordable hotel that was literally a 5 minute walk from the conference. Hallelujah!

My new resting place was a hotel in downtown Atlanta which definitely wasn’t 4 stars (maybe not even 2 and a half), but it was going to have to work. Now the stress was gone, I was within walking distance from the conference, and I still had enough money left to eat real food for the next few days.


On Wednesday all the Social Squad members were to report for our orientation and to stuff swag bags (which were quite amazing I might add. Don’t worry, I’ll give the scoop on what was inside in the next post!). That day we all got to know each other, and I have to say that the afternoon shift set up a meannnnn assembly line filled with laughs and pandora. We were done those swag bags in record time! I have to give a shout to Ms. Jana, the Boss Lady who kept everything in order from start to finish, I don’t know how she does it!

The conference started the next day and as a Social Squad member, we were assigned to assist at specified panels each day, and then were free to attend any sessions and panels we wanted to! I have to say that I loved that set-up because we were getting the opportunity to get an inside look at the inner workings of how to run a conference, while also being able to enjoy it as an attendee. Since each of us were assigned to specific sessions, we knew well in advance where we had to be and what speakers we would be assisting. Ironically, I got chosen to assist Amy Dubois-Barnett, Editor-in-Chief of Ebony Magazine! Like, whaaaaa?! Since I found out that I’d been assigned to the keynote address, I’d started dreaming up what I’d say, exactly how I’d introduce myself, and how even a brief conversation would go if the opportunity happened to arise. When the day came, another panel was in session as Amy sauntered in quietly to take her seat and gather thoughts before addressing the audience. As it came time for the keynote to begin, I began rehearsing my quick intro in my head (total geek moment). Since Amy was already seated, Jana decided to initiate an introduction between us, and it took a little of my nervousness away. She was maaaaad cool, y’all! I totally felt like I was talking to one of you, she was so down to earth. As we explained to her that we would help her keep track of time, she asked if we could go with her in life to help her do that everyday.. ha. Now I can say thay I shared a laugh with Amy Dubois-Barnett, swoons. Our convo was brief, but memorable… at least in my mind.


The rest of the weekend was filled with thought provoking panels on blogging and branding by some of my favorites, including Afrobella, Luvvie, Marie Denee, Lamar Tyler, and more.



There were networking mixers where I got to meet dozens of bloggers from all over, I connected with the Digital Editorial Director of Ebony Magazine who recently spoke at my school, and I connected with fabulous brands like Pic Monkey, Heart of Haiti, and Friends Fun Wine at the pop-up-shop! This is the 2nd conference I’ve been to where I’ve felt a real sense of community and unity, all for the purpose of working toward advancement.

The season premeire Scandal party sponsored by Xfinity and hosted by Luvvie was AMAZING…… AH-MAH-ZING. Like, she came in her Olivia Pope BEST! It was a great time.


The brand suites were fun, informative, and inviting. The Colgate Optic White Suite was lavishly LAID…


ORS gave product samples and live demos…


And I took a spin in the new Kia SUV! Well, I was a passenger.. tehee.


Overall, I had a great experience at Blogalicious and I would definitely return for another dose! There’s so much more to say about this conference, so in another post, I’ll give you a list of the 10 best take-aways from Blogalicious 5 more photos, and all the deets of what was in this fab swag bag!




Until then, click HERE for the official event photos
Sharontina B.

Beauty Products Every Girl Should Carry In Their Purse

BP 2

A woman’s purse is like a lifeline: It holds all of the essentials that she could possibly need while she is out and about.

It goes without saying that every woman wants to look her best, and what helps a woman look her best? – Why, beauty products, of course! And, since the purse is like a proverbial lifeline when a woman is away from home, it only makes sense that she should carry beauty products in it. How else do you expect to keep your face looking polished and put together after you grab lunch in the middle of your work day, or before you grab drinks after you leave the office on a Friday?

Beauty products in purse


While most women have a pretty substantial collection of beauty products at home, there is no way that she would want to carry them all around in her purse. Only the essentials need to be toted along; but, what are those essentials?


Here is a look at some beauty product musts for your purse:


Lip Plumper: Who doesn’t want to have sexy, pouty lips? Thanks to a lip plumper, even if your lips are thin, you can make them look full with a lip plumper. This beauty product will have to be reapplied throughout the day, though, so it is a must for the purse.


Pressed Powder: As the day wears on, you probably start to feel a little buildup of oil on your face; combat it and cut down the sheen by applying some powder. A pressed powder is best for the purse, as it has less of a chance of causing a messy accident, like loose powder can.


Lipstick: Of all of the beauty products that you wear the one that probably rubs off the easiest and the fastest is lipstick. Keep you looks looking luscious by applying a fresh coat of lipstick after you re-apply that lip plumper.

BP 2

Mascara: Yes, even mascara can wear off as you go through the day. In order to keep your eyes looking well-defined, you’re going to want to carry some extra mascara in your purse, too.


A Comb: Your hair is bound to get a little unkempt as the day progresses. Keep it in check by keeping a comb in your bag. Use it to straighten those tresses and keep them looking neat and in order all day long.


Hairspray: A travel size bottle of hairspray is another essential that you are going to want to have on hand in your purse. The idea goes along with the comb. When your hair looks out of sorts after you have been stuck in the wind or the rain, or just after a long day, hairspray will allow you to restyle it.


Perfume: While this isn’t a beauty product, so-to-speak, it should classify as one. Your signature scent is bound to rub off throughout the day. By keeping a small bottle of perfume in your purse, you will be able to refresh your scent and smell delicious all day long.


A lady has got to be prepared at all times. By carrying these items in your purse, you will be ready for whatever comes your way throughout the day.



Gwen Lewis is a journalist who has a passion for makeup and beauty. She loves to share tips and tricks from experience. With summer trips coming up always make sure you have the right essentials in your purse to stay looking fabulous. .



A ValentineLESS Valentine’s Day


Don’t have a Valentine this year? Join the club.  Am I bitter about it like most of the single women of the world are? Not really. I’m used to it (cues sarcastic, but hysterical laughter). This is only like the 80th year in a row that I’ve been in this situation. It’s a cute little holiday, but it’s extremely commercialized as are most holidays America celebrates. We’re a pretty shallow, money hungry,  run by corporations type of country if you really think about it. I digress. That was bitterness talking.


I’d love to have a secret admirer and get a little card with candy stuck to it like in 2nd grade, but since I probably won’t, I decided to investigate as to why many of us can’t seem to find the “right” person, thus occasionally leaving us ValentineLESS on Valentine’s Day. A while ago I asked Professional Matchmaker & Life Coach, Paul C. Brunson a few questions about dating and here’s how it went.


Q 1.What is the most common reason people seem to attract the “wrong” people when dating?

A. Because we don’t value what we need over what we want.  Also, on many occasions, out of fear, we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings and therefore trap ourselves.

Q 2. In your opinion,  what is the biggest “don’t do” on a first date?

A. Talking about your ex.

Q 3. How do you determine when the best time/way is to let your dating partner know you want to go from casual dating to exclusive dating?

A. Directly.  We can’t “beat around the bush” with hints and general overtures.  If we can’t communicate directly and openly with our partner,  we can’t have a long-term relationship with them.

Q 4. For a hopeless romantic who never seems to find the right dating prospects,  where would you suggest are the best types of places to go in order to find them?

A. There’s not an exact spot where all the singles congregate. That said, it is important to be proactive and do things differently (that’s the only way we’ll get different results).

Brief and direct, but there ya have it. Hopefully if you’re single for this V-day, the above advice can give you some insight and help you find a new beau. I’m not searching to find love (it is dreadfully tiring), but if love finds me, then so be it!

Happy Valentine’s Day, and don’t be so hard on yourself! Think about it, chocolate will be on sale!!! ;-)

~with style & love~
Sharontina B.

Santa, I’ve Been A Good Girl This Year!



The holiday season fills me with joy each and every year because it reminds me of all the things I love. Family, tradition, unity, and sweet endings to prepare for new beginnings. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, more or so when I still believed in Santa, but the fantasy and cozy feeling of Christmas has never faded. As I’ve gotten older, the expectation of receiving gifts has decreased due to my realization of what Christmas is truly about, and the reality that as you get older, people stop giving you gifts (sarcastic laugh…). In any event, every Christmas a small number of people ask me what I’d like to be gifted and I always say, “Oh, I don’t know…”. This year, I’ve been jotting ideas down as they come so that IF asked I will have a running list. Here’s my 2013 Christmas wish list, and I’m easy to please; its the simple things…


Christmas Wish List



1. Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquer

Okay, I just wrote a post about Mischo Beauty’s new luxury nail lacquer line, and I’ve decided that the shade I NEED most is “The Tents”! Reminds me of my love for NYFW, ahhhh…


2. Jessica Simpson Fancy Love Perfume

This is my favorite perfume. No, it’s not Gucci or whatever else you fancy gals pride on, but it’s a simple, seductive scent that tickles my fancy.


3.  IMAN Cosmetics Luxury Lipsticks- The Lip Affair Continues

The itty bitty IMAN Cosmetics lip affair kit has turned to full-sized lipsticks and I want ALL shades!!! No, really. But one shade will do fine…


4. Naeem Khan Signature Caftan

Okay, this is wishful thinking, but on everything I love, he makes the most beautiful caftans I’ve ever laid eyes on. I mean, really? They are like $2K+, but one day I’ll have one. Or two. Or more… fashion Gods, please make this dream come true…


5. True Love Waits” Purity Ring- size 7 ;)

I’ve wanted one of these for a while, such a beautiful symbol of God’s word and my promise to him. I will probably buy this for myself, but it definitely makes my wish list!


6. Bye Bye Parabens Hair Care

I was introduced to these products recently via an interview on Beauty Talk, created by Hairstylist Tracy Riggs, and all her clients that called in gave a testimonial saying how much they LOVE these products. They are sulfate and paraben free, so it will be a blessing to my natural hair! I can’t wait to try these products.


So, this is my Christmas wish list! I hope Santa stops by my house on his trek across the world, I’ve been so good this year!



~with style~

Sharontina B.