5 Tips to Turn Spring Pieces Into Fall Favorites!

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I’m forever remixing my spring pieces into fall looks because honestly, a large percentage of my clothes are spring ready. Yes, I have a gazillion blazers, but that’s pretty much it when it comes to my fall closet. Since this is true, I often remix my spring favorites to make them fitting for the fall weather. It’s actually pretty fun to make one piece transform into so many different looks, sometimes I actually surprise myself. In any event, accessories are the major game changers when it comes to transforming a spring look for fall. One of my favorite spring pieces is this one-shoulder olive-green jumpsuit I scored at H&M, like…LOVE it! Well, one day on a “I don’t have anything to wear” day, I decided to remix it and it worked out just how I planned it! Take a look at how I wore the jumpsuit for spring…

Spring look


The look: Jumpsuit: H&M, turban:beauty supply store(Philly), Wedges: Eternity(Philly), earrings: Charlotte Russe, bangles: vendor
In the spring, I decided to wear the jumpsuit with a turban to take it more in the retro arena, strappy platform wedges, feathered earrings, and minimal accessories. Check how I transformed it for fall with the attacking of my accessories box…

Fall look


Fall look

The look: jumpsuit: H&M, oxfords:Eternity, turban: H&M, blazer: New York & Company, belt: Iman Global Chic, earrings: Charlotte Russe, ring: beauty supply (NYC)

To turn my spring look into a fall favorite, I simply turned my favorite pashmina into a turban, added a crimson blazer for contrast, added a belt to cinch my waist and add flair, substituted black oxfords for the wedges, added a tribal earrings, a statement ring in a jewel tone, and of course a red lip to seal the deal! Here are some simple ways you can turn a soring look into a fall favorite:

1. Add a jacket: It can be a blazer, leather, or even a duster coat! The addition says you’re about to brave temps a little above the springtime norm and it adds a sophistication to your look.

2. Pile on the accessories: They make or break any look! For fall, find great statement pieces that will really compliment your look and wear them well! If you are going for a great statement piece, just choose one so it can shine and speak for itself!

3. Shoes: You can go many directions with this one, but to me..a darker shoe always reads “fall”, but the possibilities are endless!

4. makeup: Beauty is just as much a part of the look as the garments! Makeup trends change just like the seasons; for fall don’t be afraid to rock a bold lip in a deep red or plum, it adds mystery and dimension to a beautiful face!

5. Confidence: This should actually be number 1! Have confidence with each and every look you rock and you will always look your absolute best!


If you’re like me and love to remix clothes, you will have fun with this! Happy remixing!


Sincerely, with style~

Sharontina B.

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