A Millennial With A Mature Story: Pt 1

A Millennial with a mature story. No struggle for power or know-it-all monologues. I’m just making my way, humbly. Taking a pinch of the nurturing spirit from Grandma, a dash of “watch your back at all times” from my hood, and a whole handful of the firm handshake I learned in business school. An even mix of ebonics, with a quick switch of proper English if need be; keeping my composure with both so they seem natural, but not mutually exclusive. I want to be in the room, but not quite make it known that I’m in the room, so they don’t look to me for something spectacular.



I want to hold my own, but let just enough spill over the edge so that I have room for more, continuously. Instant gratification has been seared into my psyche from the invisible teacher of society, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t opened a “Dues Fund” to which I’ve been making on-time deposits. I want to look up to, cheer on, and encourage my inspirations, but not be them. Emulate the spirit of success and perseverance they possess, but change the definition so it looks more like me. I want to grasp that something that only I can do like me, but draws others in to emulate into their own definition. Synonyms.

I’m 2 months shy of 26. I don’t have it all figured out, and I’m finally okay with that.


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