In 2010, Founder, Sharontina Brightman, created The Runway Times, which was a personal blog dedicated to examining the fashion industry’s ins and outs; from NYFW coverage, to interviews with powerhouse fashion authorities. The Style Degree was born after Sharontina felt the need to focus her attention more on the characteristics of personal style as a way to encourage others to explore, create, and define who they were through what they wore. The Style Degree is the destination for creative freedom; all inclusive.



About the Editor


That’s me, Sharontina Brightman, also known as @StyleDegree in the social media sphere. I’m a graduate of Temple University’s Fox School of Business, and now pursuing my master’s degree in Fashion Marketing at NYC’s own LIM College. Swoon.

I am a beauty, fashion, and style enthusiast, and I love writing about my experiences and sharing them with you.  

5 fun facts about me:

1. I’m obsessed with New York City

2. I have 15 siblings

3. I love jazz music

4. I’m a visual artist

5. Things I wanted to be when I “grew up”: A genetic Counselor, an Optometrist, and a Business Woman. (Hey, 1 out of three isn’t bad)


With style,