African Americans in Fashion: Commander In Chic, Mikki Taylor

Mikki Taylor

Yes! We’re the beginning of a month dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of all of our beautiful brown (and caramel, and mocha, and dark chocolate etc. etc. etc.) people of the world! We have so much variety in all aspects of who we are, from physical appearance to the many talents and characteristics of ourselves we share with the rest of the world. As a young African American woman, I look up to many of the beautiful black women close and far for inspiration because they serve as representations of where I can go and beyond. Today, I’m honoring Mikki Taylor, former Beauty and Cover Director for ESSENCE magazine, current Editor-at-Large, author of Commander In Chic, and all around beauty and fashion AUTHORITY that makes it her duty to help us become our best selves through fashion and beauty. Every single Friday (without a doubt), Mikki Taylor hosts “Follow Up Friday” via twitter where she answers our most burning fashion and beauty questions with honest, genuine, and well thought out advice. I say it like that because she doesn’t just throw a “wear a blue shirt” or “find what works for you”, she really digs deep and gives thorough advice that always helps you find your way through your fashion/beauty issue or concern.

Besides being a fashion and beauty authority who admits to wanting to use her platform to uplift women of color in any way that she can, you can always tune into her “Mikkiisms” via Twitter when you need a word of inspiration. They always come at the right time! I believe that Mikki’s following is so strong because she continuously empowers people and is inclusive and interactive as opposed to just dishing out information and leaving it at that.  Getting back to fashion, Commander In Chic is really a great book that serves as a guide to helping women discover a sophisticated style that doesn’t only consist of stuffy suits of uniform value. It’s filled with information or various items of clothing, accessories, and beauty tips  that can be worked into classic looks and taken from the workplace to an evening out. After reading it, you could totally be prepared to do a full closet sweep…as well as an everything else sweep. I could go on for days about Commander In Chic, but the point of it is to show Mikki’s dedication to taking us all up a notch or three.

This Black History month, we honor Mikki Taylor for her continued contributions to fashion and beauty with the mission to help us all look and feel like our best selves.

p.s. Mikki Taylor will be launching a nude nail color line in spring!! I can’t wait!!!

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