America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion!

Tyra Banks is back with another season of her hit show, America’s next Top Model, but this time there’s an interesting twist! A British invasion…literally! I have to say that I commend Tyra for having such a big pool of ideas to have this show be in it’s 1000th season (exaggerating), but honestly, she always finds something she’e never done before and goes for it! For this season of ANTM, Tyra brought past contestants from Britain’s Top Model across the pond to America and will have them compete against the American girls. the premiere episode aired last night, and let’s just say that these girls are at each other’s necks already! It was actually hilarious.

For the first challenge, of course it was the Brits against the Americans where they were paired and each had to embody a powerful celebrity from their respective countries. Amongst the celebrity look alikes were Michelle Obama, Elton John, Madonna, and others I’ve never heard of. Ultimately, I think this season will be MESSY( in a good way), because these girls are so competitive and willing to stop at nothing to get that title! Some of the American girls feel it’s a little unfair that the Brits have already had experience with being on Britain’s Top Model, but I think that it just poses more of a challenge and that if the American girls can beat the Brits with experience, it says a lot about their work!

Ok, so I just LOVE that Tyra banks will be showing her judging outfits before the show comes on and giving the credits!!! For the premiere episode judging, Tyra wore an ivory on-shoulder gorn by tadashi Shoji, tassel earrings by  Bijou, and black suede Platform pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti! Love it!!! To view Tyra’s judging outfits before the show airs, “like” her Facebook page and get exclusive access!

Tyra wearing a gown by tadashi, earrings by Bijou, platform pumps by Giuseppe for the first judging of ANTM: British Invasion!

Here are a few images from last night’s episode, courtesy of,


ANTM British Invasion: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL Pictured (L-R): AzMarie, Mariah, Candace, Kyle, Eboni, Seymone, Laura, and Tyra Banks (US); Louise, Annaliese, Sophie, Jasmia, Catherine, Ashley, Alisha (Brits


Team U.S..


Kelly Osbourne as guest


Team U.K.

 May the best country win!

May the best country win!

Be sure to watch America’s Next Top Model: british Invasion Wednesday nights at 9pm ET. For more photos and to watch full episodes, visit
with style~ Sharontina B.


  1. katie May 4, 2012 / 1:03 AM

    how about ANTM with asians in it. 😀

    • Sharontina May 8, 2012 / 3:21 PM

      There have been past seasons with Asian contestants, at least one that I can remember–I think her name was Sheena 🙂

  2. Anna Williams September 8, 2012 / 3:13 PM

    You really had never heard of Margareth Thatcher, Andy Warhol, Jackie Kennedy Onassis…?

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