America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion!

Tyra Banks is back with another season of her hit show, America’s next Top Model, but this time there’s an interesting twist! A British invasion…literally! I have to say that I commend Tyra for having such a big pool of ideas to have this show be in it’s 1000th season (exaggerating), but honestly, she always finds something she’e never done before and goes for it! For this season of ANTM, Tyra brought past contestants from Britain’s Top Model across the pond to America and will have them compete against the American girls. the premiere episode aired last night, and let’s just say that these girls are at each other’s necks already! It was actually hilarious.

For the first challenge, of course it was the Brits against the Americans where they were paired and each had to embody a powerful celebrity from their respective countries. Amongst the celebrity look alikes were Michelle Obama, Elton John, Madonna, and others I’ve never heard of. Ultimately, I think this season will be MESSY( in a good way), because these girls are so competitive and willing to stop at nothing to get that title! Some of the American girls feel it’s a little unfair that the Brits have already had experience with being on Britain’s Top Model, but I think that it just poses more of a challenge and that if the American girls can beat the Brits with experience, it says a lot about their work!

Ok, so I just LOVE that Tyra banks will be showing her judging outfits before the show comes on and giving the credits!!! For the premiere episode judging, Tyra wore an ivory on-shoulder gorn by tadashi Shoji, tassel earrings by  Bijou, and black suede Platform pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti! Love it!!! To view Tyra’s judging outfits before the show airs, “like” her Facebook page and get exclusive access!

Tyra wearing a gown by tadashi, earrings by Bijou, platform pumps by Giuseppe for the first judging of ANTM: British Invasion!

Here are a few images from last night’s episode, courtesy of,


ANTM British Invasion: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL Pictured (L-R): AzMarie, Mariah, Candace, Kyle, Eboni, Seymone, Laura, and Tyra Banks (US); Louise, Annaliese, Sophie, Jasmia, Catherine, Ashley, Alisha (Brits


Team U.S..


Kelly Osbourne as guest


Team U.K.

 May the best country win!

May the best country win!

Be sure to watch America’s Next Top Model: british Invasion Wednesday nights at 9pm ET. For more photos and to watch full episodes, visit
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I Have an Obsession, But Men Rock Turbans Too!

OK, so I’m still overly obsessed with turbans even though I’ve let them rest lately. In any event because this is true, I get overly hyped when I see someone wearing one, especially when they’ve intricately wrapped it to perfection. Now usually it’s the women who turn the turbans like it’s no tomorrow, but what about the men who rock them? Why don’t they come out to play as often? Well, I got lucky and as I was doing some unnecessary shopping one afternoon, I ran into HIM!

A haute Mr turning a turban
To be completely honest, I was so caught up in trying to get his attention because he  had headphones in, that I didn’t even ask his name. It was one of those, “I just NEED to photograph this awesomeness,k thanks” kind of moments.  So with that being said, dear fellow, if you somehow come across this post just know that you made my whole entire day and I’d love to know your name! Maybe one day my turban obsession will subside, but until then if I see you rocking one PLEASE be prepared to strike a fierce pose. Here’s proof that I have a little…problem..and I blame it all on June Ambrose. *exits stage*


Picture 1 of 7

…and she started this  obsession…but I’m not complaining…

June Ambrose, mother of turban tying!

June turning turbans...I just couldn't NOT post this..

 Now I’m tempted to go find a good scarf so I can wear a turban tomorrow! See what yall started? (I’ll blame anyone).
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I Am Not My hair…Wait, Yes I Am.

My hair. Where do I even begin? Well, before I do, I’d just like to say that my new journalism professor inspired me to write this post. Her name is Lori Tharps, and on the 1st day of school as she gave her intro to the class, she spoke of the books she has written, and of course me being a research junkie, I wanted to find out more info about them. She’s the author of 3 books total, two of which I can’t wait to read, Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America, and Kinky Gazpacho:Life, Love and Spain. As I did a little research, I began to think about my own hair and how it got to be the crown of glory that I now adore. When I think back as far as I can and remember, I probably started paying attention to my hair at around age five. As I think about it, I can vividly remember sitting on the couch with my aunt as she combed through my multi-textured afro in an attempt to make a style using “ballies” and barrettes as her little helpers. I hated getting my hair done and would avoid it at all costs. It was never a quick process as my aunt often promised it would be, and even afterward the tightness of the hair accessories gave me a headache so bad that I ended up taking them out not even a day later.

After the never ending repetition of that and the whining and complaints that tagged along, “it” happened. I was then 6 and preparing to be the flower girl in my neighbors’ wedding, and as I got glammed up for the special occasion I payed my first visit to the hairdresser. In her opinion, I must have “needed” a relaxer because without permission from any of my caregivers, she sure gave me one and it started a decade+ long battle between me, my hair, my self-image, and society’s say so all mixed together. I remember the day I got my 1st relaxer, I remember feeling like I was so much more beautiful because now my hair was straight, silky, and pretty. But why did I feel this way? What messages had I been fed from society and subconciously that I wasn’t even aware of? I kept looking in the mirror, and touching it, and with the compliments I was getting that were then foreign to me, it only fueled the fire. I fell victim to the “creamy crack” as many people refer to it, and soon began to think that I couldn’t live without it. You know that feeling you get when you buy a new pair of shoes? That’s the feeling I got when I got a touch up relaxer and it wasn’t until later that I dug deep enough to figure out why that was so.

All throughout elementary, middle, and most of high school my need for relaxed hair only grew, but thankfully my hair didn’t suffer too much….at first. My hair has always maintained a nice length, but when I came of age to start taking care of it myself and transitioned out of the “little girl” hairstyles, everything went left. Yes, way left. I had breakage beyond belief, hair that was good for nothing, and a self-esteem that was quickly plummeting. I no longer felt that “I’m beautiful” rush that was induced by the relaxer’s “shining armor”; it actually made me feel depressed and even in those moments, I thought the cure was to go get another touch up to “fix it”. It wasn’t until I was in my sophomore year of high school that I had class with a young lady who had the most beautiful, healthy hair I had ever seen and that’s when I knew something had to change. I would catch myself just staring at her, and one day I just plainly asked, “What do you do to your hair? It’s beautiful!” The first thing she said is, “Well, I don’t get relaxers and I just make sure to deep condition.” That’s all I needed to hear, and I haven’t had a relaxer since that day in 2006. To make the transition, I turned into a weave wearing queen because I figured that was the easiest way to let my hair get a break, and it worked. By the time I was heading to college two years later, my relaxer was almost fully grown out and I was on my way to happy, healthy hair! The natural hair boom wasn’t quite as bustling in 2008 as it is now, so I honestly felt like I was alone. All of my friends were still in their old hair ways, which made it that much more difficult because they just didn’t understand. Initially, when I referred to my “natural hair”, I just meant that I didn’t get relaxers but I was still weary of wearing it in its REAL natural state, nix pressing.

It took me an additional 2 years before I came out full coily-curly coif of an afro comfortable, and I haven’t turned back since. Of course I press it from time to time, but the majority of the time I’m rocking it just as God made it. I discovered a new found freedom in wearing my hair as it was in its raw state, I felt empowered. No, I’m not just saying it because it sounds good, but it’s true. When my hair is BIG and I have my red lipstick in tow(Yes, I’m addicted to red), I feel the uttermost confidence and nothing can bring it down! It’s just…freedom. I am happy that I was able to find liberation in accepting something that was always a part of me, but hidden behind hash chemicals that only stripped away at the true beauty. Hair is very important to women and holds more sentimental value than one would even imagine. No, women don’t just cut their hair off after a breakup “just because”. Hair is the first thing a person pays attention to when they see you, and it has a silent dialogue with the onlooker before you even say a word. If I told you I wasn’t my hair, I’d be partially lying because I’d say it has a fair share of stock in who I am, BUT as this is true, I see it as a compliment to the rest of the bits and pieces. I love that it’s just another attribute that adds to the uniqueness of Sharontina Brightman. I have fun with my hair, and that’s where my happiness, self- confidence, and appreciation for my naturally beautiful mane have chosen to meet.

I mean, I love India Arie’s I Am Not My Hair, but…wait, yes I am…

Here’s some of my fav natural hair moments…everyday I never know what to expect, my hair has a mind of its own…

I really have fun with my hair!

Are you going through a hair transition? What has been the most difficult part? Do you think relaxers are perfectly fine?(I don’t hate them, it just takes proper care when using them)…I’d love to hear your feedback!

Sharontina B.

Michelle Obama BRINGS IT on iCarly


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So, I am such a big kid and watch Nickelodeon’s hit show, iCarly on the regular, but when I found out THE First Lady, Michelle  Obama, would be making a debut, I set an alarm! I’ve honestly been looking forward to this episode for weeks now, and it sure didn’t let me down! The premise of iCarly revolves around Carly, her big brother Spencer, and her two best friends. Carly and Spencer’s father is in the military, and so Spencer cares for Carly while he’s away. We all know that one of Michelle Obama’s biggest platforms is recognizing military families and showcasing how unique they are, while shining light on the hardships they often face and ways they an overcome them. Of coure this was the PERFECT show for Mrs.O to make her acting debut, and I’m sure her girls were excited, as she quoted on the show. Mrs.O was just as poised and classic as she always is, rocking a haute red pant and a classic short sleeved top with a subtle, but intricate detail, and neutral flats, you know how she does!!! She was a natural, and I’m sure I’ll watch this episode 8 more times! haha… Below is a small segment from her debut on iCarly,check your local listings of Nickelodeon to catch a repeat of the entire show (Mrs.Obama has a long segment and trust, Nickelodeon will replay the episode many times). Enjoy!
p.s. Jan 17th is Michelle Obama’s birthday!!! Shine on First lady, shine on! xo