A Holiday Blowout with Crystal Wright Live!

As we’re all coming down from the food and fun highs from holiday celebrations with family and friends, we all know what happens the day after Christmas. Sales SALES sales everywhere! It makes Black Friday seem like casual Friday at work…for example’s sake. Any who, with being bombarded with sales pitches from every retailer on the face of the planet, it can sometimes be a little difficult (or not) to decide where to spend your bucks. Since we are less than a week away from welcoming a new year, I’m pretty sure many of us are writing lists, forming new affirmations, and making way to welcome the new year the right way to afford us a promising and prosperous year. In doing so, making an investment in yourself is definitely a sure way to make it all come true.

Many of you under the “sound” of my “voice” know who Crystal Wright is, the “Empowerment Diva” that helps people get where they need to be in their freelance and BEYOND careers. When I saw that Crystal was doing a holiday blowout sale, I decided to write this post because 1. What she offers has been very helpful in me reaching my personal and professional goals, 2. I love to share information I KNOW will help others, and 3. In order to start a new year that we want to be filled with GROWTH, we have to water those seeds…. and Crystal Wright Live has a fruitful assortment!

Until 12am TONIGHT (Dec 26th) (PST), Crystal Wright will be offering great deals on her famed Packaging Your Portfolio Workshops, DVDs, The hair, Makeup, and Fashion Styling career Guide, and more! Below I’ve posted flyers from Crystal Wright Live that will give you all the details you need to pick and choose the details of what will frame YOUR promising freelance career in 2012! You know I speak truth, so take it from me if you don’t take anything else…get you a piece of the Crystal Wright way!!! …AND, you get a FREE T-shirt with everything you order TODAY!

All of Crystal’s products and services can be found/purchased at TheStore.CrystalWrightLive.com .

Happy shopping!


My Twist Out! All Brands Have Something to Offer

So, I’ve been wanting to rock a fierce twist out for a while but it would never come out how I wanted it. I made another attempt the other night, spontaneously at 1am in the morning, and let’s just say that I’m happy I did. My hair was just a mess and I needed something fresh, new, and easy to manage! I washed my hair with Hair Rules daily cleansing creme, and used Mixed Chicks leave in Conditioner for the first time. I usually use deep conditioners that rinse out but I figured I’d give it a try. I applied a generous amount of conditioner, making sure to massage from root to ends, and then did two-strand twists all over my head while my hair was still wet. When I untwisted them in the morning, THIS is what I got! Yes, I am in love…

It is everything I had imagined and more! This new do has added another dose of fierceness to my usual bit, and I love it! It has been about 3 days now and my twist out is still holding up nice. I use Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Creme to add a little spunk to my curly coils after being tied down all night! This is why I believe that every brand has something great to offer, they all worked together to give me this amazing do!

At night I just retwist my hair in several two-strand twists so that I will have nice full and defined curly coils, but you can do them to your own discretion depending on how defined you want yours to be. I do 4 rows w/ 3 twists in each on the top right, 3 rows w/ 3 twists in each on the top left, and 4 rows going down the back with about 4 or 5 twists in each row. It takes about 10-15 mins and no matter how tired I am, I force myself to retwist them each night to keep it cute!;-)

Like it? I would love to hear your feedback!..

Sharontina B.

Hair Rules

Who doesn’t LOVE Hair Hair Rules ?! Hair Rules hair care products are considered to some of the best because of its variety and and care for ALL hair types. Kinky,curly,straight..you name it,they have a product that caters to it! For all of those that don’t know,I’ll give you a little history behind Hair Rules and how it began..
Anthony Dickey is a notable hairstylist, founder and Creative Director of Hair Rules. In his work, Dickey(as he is refferd to) began to notice that there weren’t many products that really allowed women to embrace their natural hair textures and that they often had to conform and compromise to products that were not always in the best of their hair. Dickey wanted to put an end to this and show women that they in fact had options when it came to treating their hair properly and heathily, opposed to what the industry often dictated. He wrote Hair Rules: The Ultimate Haircare Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly, or Wavy Hair, which served as a resource and savior for women’s hair.

Dickey, Founder/Creative Director of Hair Rules

Kara Young Georgiopolous is the co-founder of Hair Rules and is noted as one of the top models in the 1980s and 90s. Kara has graced ads for major cosmetics labels such as Maybelline, L’Oreal and Revlon and in 1989 was photographed for Revlon’s “Most Unforgettable Women” campaign with models Christy Turlington and Laurence Treil. Kara was introduced to Dickey by photographer Steven Meisel, hair stylist Kevin Mancuso, and the late makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin and later, Hair Rules was born!

Kara Young Georgiopolous, Co-founder of Hair Rules

 OK..so I couldn’t just leave you hanging,I had to find the photo of Kara from the Revlon “Most Unforgettable Women” campaign!1987…

Kara,pictured with models Laurence Triel and Christy Turlington, in Revlon’s “Most Unforgettable Women” campain(1987)…

So…I was invited to the Hair Rules launch party/tweet and greet that took place on Thursday(12/2/10) evening at their salon in Manhattan,NY. They were launching the new additions to their product line that help achieve the perfect blow out whether you have curly, kinky, or wavy hair. The salon was filled with beautiful people who had the most beautiful natural hair I had ever seen!  Literally every stylist at the salon had manes of natural curls with just enough “bounce and behave”. Since the new products’ goal is to achieve the perfect blow out, Hair Rules gave complimentary blow outs to anyone who wanted to give it a try as we all stood and watched mesmerized. Pictured below, a young lady gets a blow out using the new Hair Rules “Blow Out Your Waves” product.

In this photo,the woman’s natural hair is wavy so the stylist uses the new Hair Rules procuct, “Blow out your waves” to achieve the perfect blow out
After  a few minutes of blow drying, we can see the almost finished product here…

Almost done!Afer the blow dry,flat ironss added the finishing touches,producing healthy looking had that had so much luster!

The new product additions also include, ” Blow out your kinks” and “blow out  your curls” for other types of hair. Now…although it seems pretty obvious, you never know if someone is familiar with what a “blow out” is and the proper way to do it. One of Hair Rules’ texture specialist gathered us into a group to learn the correct way to achieve the perfect blow out. She told us that many women with natural hair often resort to the dominican shops where they do blow outs but that they use so much heat with the roller setting and extensive heat of the blow dryer, that it could be too much heat on the hair. She also told us how the roller brush they use during blow drying could be damaging since they pull from the roots when drying, snagging the hair. She said the best way to dry natural hair is WITH a comb attachment, working from the tips to the root of the hair.

A texture specialist at the Hair Rules salon tells us the proper way to dry natural hair

We all listened intently because after all,HAIR RULES!!!…so, after that lesson…I turn around and look who I saw…..

Dickey! Founder and Creative Director of Hair Rules working his magic!

I absolutely loved his drying technique…I don’t even know how to explain it!It was just one of those things…you know,like a signature.This woman’s hair was GORGEOUS when he finished but I didn’t get chance to take a pic!..As I perused around the salon,I spotted another texture speciaist/styist working her magic on a lady with the most gorgeous red hair!…

Hair Rules transformation in progress…

…and THIS was the finished product,BEAUTIFUL and full of body!

volume VOLUME volume!!!

After seeing such transformations, my friend and I went to socialize with some of the other folks in attendence. I am quite shy upon meeting new people, but I felt so comfortable because everyone was so welcoming! We were greeted by a very friendly Kara, who posed for a photo with us and said, “awww,I feel like they are my little sisters” haha!…

Me, Kara, and Tearah pose for a pic!

well…you know ladies always like to take two pics in the same pose..we like choices haha…

Take two!;)…although I like the first photo better..haha

I got a chance to meet many fellow bloggers, which was awesome since I’m fairly new to it. I love being able to network with people who share the same interests and even those that don’t!You never know who you can gain perspective from and how it will impact you. I met an amazing woman by the name of Anne Agoren, who was the fab photographer at the event, the designer of izzi bag and a social media guru!In our short meeting, I gained so much perspective and insight about how to network and keep moving forward in achieving my goals. I also met a fellow blogger by the name of Tiffani who has an AMAAAZIIINNNGGGGGGG blog that I instantly fell in love with and Eileen who also has a blog that instantly became a favorite! I love to be able to learn from those who have experience and can give valuable advice that will contribute to my growth professionally. Here are more photos of mingling, hair talk and the like…

more Hair Rules transformations in progress!

I loved the design of the salon,very chic…

Kara conversing with Hair Rules staff..

I thought her WHOLE look was perfection!(on right)

…I’ve been contemplating whether or not to post this pic because I feel it’s not one of my best…BUT the story behind it is HILARIOUS so here ya go…I call it..”Our Interesting Journey To the Hair Rules Event NYC,2010″..haha


On the bus..I was laughing sooo hard because this flash was so bright that I think it blinded everyone on the bus..FYI..all of the lights on the bus were out,you can only imagine..haha

I enjoyed my experience at the Hair Rules event meeeting new people,learning about my natural hair and how I can maintain it, and having juuuuuuust one more reason to come to NYC!!(yes,I will go all way to NYC to get my hair done!)As always, I appreciate every opportunity I am given and I feel that I gained much knowledge and perspective from this event. To anyone who may feel like they are having trouble maintaining their hair because of its texture or whatever the case may be, I HIGHLY recommend visiting the Hair Rules website at www.HairRules.com. They have a wealth of information for ALL hair types and how you can embrace your natural hair texture using products that will make it radiate. I am looking so forward to trying the new blow out products and wearing these coooool pins that embrace ALL hair types!

These pins are too cute!!!One for EVERY hair type!

As always,thanks for reading and always remember, HAIR RULES!!!!!!!!!
Sharontina B.

When Girl Meets Inspiration

I can truly say that 2010 has been an amazing year.Some of my wildest dreams have come true,starting with meeting Tyra in it’s beginning,and it has continued until now to surprise me day by day!People find it hard to believe,but twitter has had so much to do with many of the opportunities I’ve gotten and it also continues to open doors for me everyday by allowing me to connect with people who are in industries that facinate me most. A couple of months ago,I became “Twiends” (twitter friends) with an amazing woman,someone who “WORKS THE PLAN” and teaches us how to do exactly the same, Crystal Wright.

For those who don’t know(tisk tisk),Crystal Wright was the founder and president of the Crystal Agency which managed makeup artists,fashion stylists and hair stylists.She also wrote a VERY well known book called “Crystal Wright’s Hair,Makeup,and Styling Career Guide”that is KNOWN to have transformed the careers of many artist in the industry and is even used as a textbook at schools like the Fashion Instutute of Technology in New York City and F.I.D.M in Los Angeles.She also wrote a book titled, “30 Days at 100″which is a LIFE guide that I ENSURE you will get you on the right track and to YOUR 100%!Ms.Wright currently does workshops in various cities with the main priority of helping artists further their careers and to dive in with 20/20 vision!This past weekend Ms.Wright did her “Packaging Your Portfolio” workshop in New York City which brings me to the wonderful story of our meeting!:)

So…since I love to tell the whole story and make you guys feel like you were there…come along with me,this is going to be fun!
…I was sitting at my computer and something told me to check my Direct Messages on twitter….I did so,and the message I saw literally made me skip a breath!…Ms.Wright,THEEEEE Ms.Wright was going to be in NYC the coming weekend for her career changing “Packaging Your Portfolio”workshop and she was nice enough to invite me to meet her on the Sunday of the workshop closing!When I first saw the message..I covered my mouth for approximately 3 minutes with the BIGGEST smile that has ever crossed my face!I was so shocked,honored,happy..I don’t know what I was feeling but I was excited that I would have the opportunity to meet a woman who’s work,willingness to help others,and power inspires me so much.For the next couple of days,I won’t lie,I was a nervous wreck!I have no clue why,because Ms.Wright is so kind whenever I talk to her…but meeting her was different..and as nervous as I was,I could not wait!

On Sunday morning I woke up the BIGGEST question I asked myself was………”What to wear?!” …I HAD to make a good impression but I still wanted to be comfortable,professional and stylish.I consulted with many of my twitter friends on their ideas and finally made a decision.Fast forwarding a bit,I took the bus to NYC and because of the crazy football fans mixed with slow Sunday traffic,it took me a good 4 hours to get there!That made no difference to me though,I was so grateful….I felt like the “chosen one” (laughs);)…

I got to the Makeup Forever studio where the workshop was held and when I met Ms.Wright,I thought I was dreaming!She was so charming and beautiful,I could not believe I was shaking hands with one of my inspirations!!The crowd headed over to the restaurant to celebrate the closing of another successful workshop weekend and of course since I’m always the youngest of the bunch,I couldn’t hang with the rest of the crew because I’m not 21:(..BUT!clever minds generated a great idea and Ms.Wright and I ate dinner together in the general part of the restaurant.We talked over dinner and found out we had so much in common which was so cool!..The one thing we had in common that meant the most to me was that we were both raised by our grandmothers and I tell you,there is nothing like a girl raised by her grandma!(we both agreed on that ;))…We continued to talk and as usual,she sprinkled so much wisdom upon me,especially with these words she said, “Choose not to be common”.I loved that because just like her,I was always the girl that kind of did her own thing and was more career oriented than many of my friends growing up.I had an amazing dinner and appreciated all of the advice and words of wisdom I received that night.Before we parted,Ms.Wright made me the happiest person in the whole universe(yup,that big)she invited me as her guest to the June 2011 workshop!!!I literally almost fainted hahahaha….I am still excited like I was that moment!!!!!I am so excited!!!!!Is it too early to start a countdown?! ;)….I left feeling so grateful,I couldn’t have thanked her enough!.just meeting her would have made me content but I am so thankful that I was given this opportunity.Of course before parted we just had to take fab photo ….

Crystal Wright and I

…and there you have it!I got to meet one of my inspirations and by doing so,realized even more that I could be just like her someday.Thank you Ms.Wright for eveverything and an extra special thanks to Genevieve (@GorgeousontheGO)for all of her sound advice as well!I appreciate you both very much.
In closing,I want to bring light back to Ms.Wright’s quote, “Choose Not to be Common”,which is the title of her favorite poem.I’d like to share that with you all as well and hope that it inspires you as much as it inspired me….

Choose Not to Be Common
I choose to be a common man
It is my right to be uncommon if I can
I seek opportunity not security
I do not wish to be a kept citizen,
humble & duled
by having the State look after me.
I want to take the calculated risk,
to dream & to build,to fail & to succeed.
I refuse to live from hand to mouth
I prefer the challenges of life
to a guarenteed existence;
the thrill of fulfillment
to the  stale calm of  utopia.
I will not trade freedom for charity
nor my dignity for a handout.
I will not cower before any master
nor bend to any threat.
It is my heritage to stand erect,proud & unafraid
to face the world bodly and say,”This I have done”.
-Dean Alfang

I hope you all enjoyed,thanks for reading…

For more information on everything Crystal Wright,visit http://www.crystalwrightlive.com/