Gone For A Minute Now I’m Back With The Jump Off!

Reunited and it feels so gooooood!

Oh. My. Goodness.! How have you buys been?! I’ve missed you immensely, believe me, I have! I’ve been insanely busy with school and life for the past few months; I’ve never worked so hard for something in my entire life! There are about 8 class sessions left to my summer class, and I can literally count on one hand the number of assignments I have to hand in before I’m DONE! Praise the lord above!

In more nerdy news, I’ve started looking into grad schools, especially after my “old heads” keep saying that it’s best that I not take a long break because that’s when life just HAPPENS aka people get married and start families and have waaaaay more responsibilities etc., etc., etc. What I’ve decided this time around is that I am going to LOVE what I’m doing through and through, and as odd as it sounds, my top two topics of study are the fashion business and psychology. Many look at me crazy when I say that I’d be interested in doing either or, but truth be told I can name at LEAST three ways they relate and influence each other, more or less why they make sense individually. My goal is to apply to maybe 6 schools, and right now the University of Pennsylvania is a the top of my list for psychology, and Philadelphia University is at the top for fashion enterprise. I’m so excited about my future because I have no clue where it will lead me; it’s the uncertainty that keeps it all suspenseful and what not!

Outside of school stuff, I’ve been doing makeup! Prom season is ending and it’s been fun. Realizing more and more how much I love doing makeup on myself and other people. It has sort of taken precedent over my love for drawing, surprisingly. There’s such a freedom in creating a visual element that once existed as a mere thought. I love the art of creation! Here are some of my prom “clients” from last year and this year. I want to hone the craft to get a lot better, it’s something I really enjoy doing.


The moral to the story is: I LOVE BEAUTY. There, I said it. \o/



with style~ Sharontina B.

Cosmetic Chemistry, Who Knew?


I recently attended a FAB event, hosted by The Fab Network called  “The Chemistry Behind Cosmetics”, and let me just say this, I will never look at my makeup the same way again! The panel included chemists from L’Oreal USA, Ron Robinson of BeautyStat.com, a chemist who manufactures polymers but is enthralled with beauty and is trying to make her way in, and an entrepreneurial chemist who is HILARIOUS and gave us the tea on work-life balance as a chemist in this industry! I decided to write the event recap on my new & improved personal branding site, Her Brand DNA because the women (and one FAB guy), were dynamic, extremely intelligent, and about their business! Click the image below to check out the post and learn more about my new site, Her Brand DNA!



with style~ Sharontina B.


Sam Fine Supreme Collection For Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Well, hello!

As I type and you read, I’m in Boston (affectionately pronounced “Bahhhhston” by some natives), visiting my sister in beauty, Santara of The Gorgeous Ingredient! This city is absolutely beautiful, which means I’ll be putting some New England grad schools on my list. I could totally see traveling 6 hours by car to Philly for a cheesesteak when I need it. Any who, today should totally be “Wear it Wednesday“, but I told you how set schedules make me twitch a little, so I need room to sway here and there. In hindsight, I guess I could still call it Wear it Wednesday, only we’ll be talking makeup and not clothes. So let’s get to the point, I can’t beat around the bush with this one because I’m still hyped about my beauty visit to the Fashion Fair counter yesterday.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never used a product from Fashion Fair before. I’ve always heard the cosmetics company mentioned from the tongues of my more seasoned ladies of a certain age, but in modern beauty day it seemed more like a distant piece of beauty history. That is until their recent rebranding efforts and naming THE Sam Fine as their Creative Makeup Director. Say, whaaat. I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this you know who Sam Fine is, but if not….. I’m sorry to hear that and I urge you to visit SamFine.com  or google juuuuust to get a closer look. He’s a beauty BEAST. The likes looks of Iman, Vanessa Williams, Tyra Banks…yep, his hands did thaaaat. If you have followed him and his work in any capacity, a cosmetics line from Sam Fine has been a pleading request from many of his supporters for years, and guess what? All of our pretty dreams have come true! Sam Fine’s Supreme Collection for Fashion Fair released about a week ago, and yesterday I got to test it out in person. PHENOMENAL. And I’m not just saying that.


Sam Fine for Fashion Fair


The Sam Fine Supreme Collection is nothing short of what I thought it would be. It consists of eight lip colors, two eye shadow quads, and a shimmering  gloss that can bump any of the lip colors up a notch. Of course my eye went straight for the RED, Dynasty RedThe lip colors have such great coverage and pigmentation– something I long for in a lipstick. The formula is very smooth and moisturizing, with sexxxxxy luster…just how I like it! Owww. I had to “try on” each shade, and basically I fell in love with all of them.

Sam fine for Fashion Fair


Sam Fine Supreme Collection

Pigment? Check. Color selection? Check. Luster? Check. I need every last one of these? Check.

Now let’s take it to the eyes. I like to think that they are my best feature , so sometimes I want to dress them up a little. You know, add a little pizzazz like the old folks say. I tested out both of the shadow quads, and indeed the pigment in them made me want to scream “Hallelujah!” in the store. In the “Tunisian Nights” palette, that I know will give a bomb a$$ smokey eye, I swear to you that it includes one of theeee most blackest black shadows I have ever seen! Like, it was serious. And I need it in my possession. Like now.

Sam Fine Supreme collection for fashion fair

Tunisian Nights eye shadow quad

Sam Fine eye shadow quad tunisian nights


Y’all see that black?! Sheer whaaaaa? Naw, now THAT is black! Pigmented to the Gods, The End. The other palette, “Amalfi Coast” reminded of the warm earth. Shades that make you feel all fuzzy inside. It includes a deep brown that I foresee creating awesome creases worldwide and a deep Forrest green that is going to cause problems too. Don’t believe me just watch.


sam fine suprememe collecetion fashion fair

Amalfi Coast eye shadow quad


Sam Fine Supreme collection


It was terribly difficult to walk away from the counter, but since my intention is to get the full collection, I waited. And it was hard folks! Dynasty Red visited me in my dreams last night. No lie.

I hope y’all are as excited as I am, go check out the collection at your nearest Fashion Fair counter, or if you’re feeling lucky, just order online! I like to try things on before I buy them, but some just need a quick glance and they KNOW.  The full collection is up on FashionFair.com where you can see more images and see some behind the scenes goodies with Sam Fine.

Have fun, and when I get mine I’ll be posting pics on pics on pics on Instagam and Twitter using Sam’s official hashtag for the collection: #SF4FF. Get on it!



with style~ Sharontina B.

That 90s Girl Type of Beauty


Remember the 90s, y’all? It’s SO hard to believe that 1990 was 22 freakin’ years ago, I mean… wow. The funny thing is, I was born in 1990, but many of you reading this were probably teens or adults by then, so you may have a different experience or perspective than me. My most fond 90s memories consist of Barney,old school block parties, TLC runnin’ everything, the Destiny’s Child matching ensemble trio, Spice Girls lollipops, double dutch, and actually playing outside (a lost art?)… just to name a few many things. Although these are the first things that come to mind when I think back, the next thoughts take me to the ladies of the 90s, who I couldn’t wait to be like — go figure, now I’m wishing I could go back in time.

Sharontina Brightman at 3 years old

Me swaggin’ it out on my wheels, circa 1993

I’m specifically talking about the beauty sense of the 90s divas, near and far. Even as a little girl–who was extremely mature and always knew the words the adults spelled out in the air–I payed attention to how women presented themselves, what they wore, and how they beat their faces. When I close my eyes to flashback, as fas as beauty goes, the first thing I see is a dramatically chiseled lip, lined on purpose, and filled with a gold, brown, or other earthy shade of lipstick. My stepmom was the queen of that perfectly chiseled lip, and I thought she was the most beautiful woman ever (what daughter doesn’t think their mom is more beautiful than all the other moms?) …

Mom rocking her 90s lips…in the 90s

Sorry for the quality of the pic, but it was like 20 years ago…hehe. But wait, yall see her perfectly lined, chiseled lips? She used to kill it back in the day–and still does, with new-age lips though 😉

Hey, Mom!

But back to my point, the 90s beauty (in my eyes) was all about the natural look with a little umphh. My grandmom’s lip of choice was a gold number that she only wore for special occasions, and I’d always be amazed at how she put it on without even looking in the mirror–Skillz. Not only in my immediate feminine circle did I see this made up play on natural beauty, but the music scene was flustered with gorgeous young celebs like Aaliyah, Brandy, and TLC, who displayed the same palette.


Aaliyah in the 90s

Aaliyah, with her gorgeous, 90s Tomboy self


Brandy in the 90s

A very young, and adorable, Brandy!


TLC in the 90s

TLC in all of their natural beauty

Yall see the trend? Beat faces were just so calm, cool, nude, and sexy at the same damn time! I’m still baffled at how dramatically subdued the makeup trends were, compared to the colorful and bold 80s. Neither here nor there, I absolutely love the appreciation the 90s had for the natural look, even being in a full face of makeup.

All this beauty rambling brings me to the reason I wrote this post in the first place. As I thought about what I wanted day 3 of my “All IMAN Cosmetics Everything” face to be, I stumbled across my never used lip liner in cocoa, and a sexy warm mocha chocolate lip color in the Pucker Up lip kit. I had an instant flashback, and said, “Yes, let me show the 90s beauty a little love”. Instead of lining my lips boldly with the cocoa liner, I lined my lips and then shaded them in a bit with the pencil like I learned from Uncle Sam Fine’s Basics of Beauty. I also added a pop of nude gloss in the center of my bottom lip to add a little dimension. All in all, I think I did 90s beauty a lil’ justice, you be the judge…

Iman Cosmetics

My take on “90s girl beauty”

Iman Cosmetics

Take two…


Whatup, doe?

I hope the 90s beauty divas approve. Here’s what I used…

* I skipped foundation and concealer (as I’m sure you can tell), bad habit… don’t try it at home.

IMAN Cosmetics:

Afterglow bronzer & blush

Perfect Mascara in black

Jet Black liner

St. Tropez kit for eyes ( shadows #2,#3,#4)

Cocoa lip liner

Pucker Up Luxury lip kit color #3


Did you also like the chill, laid-back 90s beauty? I’m really curious to know if I’m the only one…



with style & beauty, Sharontina B.