New Beauty On The Block: Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquer


Kitiya Micho King, affectionately known as Micho Beauty, is no new kid on the beauty block. She’s a veteran beauty gal who has a degree in chemistry– brings back bad memories of high school chemistry with a heavily accented teacher who… nevermind– and is a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, manicurist, and makeup artist! Can we say she’s a smart cookie beauty threat x 5?! Yes, it’s safe to say. All of you that know me, know that I love all things girly, which most definitely includes pretty nail polish with cute names that make you want to tell people what it’s called even when they don’t ask. I’m also known for being a “Safe Sally”, so products that don’t disregard my health with the addition of harmful chemicals keeps my boat afloat, too. And guess what? Kitiya’s new nail polish line, Mischo Luxury Nail lacquer has all of these qualities, and more. Get into this.

Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquer

The Fashion Week Collection, Ahhhh…..


The Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquer line is toxin-free, which she refers to as “5 FREE”, because it is void of the 5 most harmful chemicals found in nail polish: formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor; which can cause various side-effects. The best of both worlds, toxin-free and they don some pretty vibrant color. I can’t wait to try them!!! Like I mentioned a few lines ago, my favorite part is the You-can’t-sit-with-us-esque polish names. The collection pictured above is the Fashion Week Collection (of course I’m obsessed with all things NYFW…and NYC for that matter, so it’s only right that I’m obsessed with this collection).


For any of my frequent NYFW goers, you’re definitely familiar with all of these terms. Kitiya just hosted the official launch party for the luxury nail line in D.C. where she’s based, and from the IG pics, it seems like it was a great turnout filled with lots of manis and smiles! I’m also a total geek for great packaging, which is such a big part of great branding for a product. I love the sleek and chic simplicity from the bottles to the boxes!




Mischo Beauty Nail polish


I’ve been following Mischo Beauty for a long while, and I know for a fact that this polish line will do well, I mean many of the polishes are already sold out! Wishing Kitiya & Mischo Beauty much continued success! Can’t wait to get my nails on this polish!….well, vice versa 😉

Visit to see the full collection, to shop, and learn more about the line!



~with Style~,

Sharontina B.

A Holiday Blowout with Crystal Wright Live!

As we’re all coming down from the food and fun highs from holiday celebrations with family and friends, we all know what happens the day after Christmas. Sales SALES sales everywhere! It makes Black Friday seem like casual Friday at work…for example’s sake. Any who, with being bombarded with sales pitches from every retailer on the face of the planet, it can sometimes be a little difficult (or not) to decide where to spend your bucks. Since we are less than a week away from welcoming a new year, I’m pretty sure many of us are writing lists, forming new affirmations, and making way to welcome the new year the right way to afford us a promising and prosperous year. In doing so, making an investment in yourself is definitely a sure way to make it all come true.

Many of you under the “sound” of my “voice” know who Crystal Wright is, the “Empowerment Diva” that helps people get where they need to be in their freelance and BEYOND careers. When I saw that Crystal was doing a holiday blowout sale, I decided to write this post because 1. What she offers has been very helpful in me reaching my personal and professional goals, 2. I love to share information I KNOW will help others, and 3. In order to start a new year that we want to be filled with GROWTH, we have to water those seeds…. and Crystal Wright Live has a fruitful assortment!

Until 12am TONIGHT (Dec 26th) (PST), Crystal Wright will be offering great deals on her famed Packaging Your Portfolio Workshops, DVDs, The hair, Makeup, and Fashion Styling career Guide, and more! Below I’ve posted flyers from Crystal Wright Live that will give you all the details you need to pick and choose the details of what will frame YOUR promising freelance career in 2012! You know I speak truth, so take it from me if you don’t take anything else…get you a piece of the Crystal Wright way!!! …AND, you get a FREE T-shirt with everything you order TODAY!

All of Crystal’s products and services can be found/purchased at .

Happy shopping!


Nail Fun Party!

Recently we had a family gathering and of course I love to spoil my little cousins, so I decided to give them some cool nail art! They knew exactly what they wanted and I was there to bring their visions to life! haha. For some reason the zebra print design seemed to make its way onto all of their hands although I tried to convince them to be “original”. Anywho, I just wanted to compile the pics all into one post so I don’t have to keep twitpic’ing them… So, here they are!

The design I currently have…

Nashyah, 7- baby pink and purple w/purple sparkles upon her request!

Sanaa, 8- baby pink and purple laced with zebra print!

Paullette, 38- BRIGHT yellow w/zebra/bumble bee print haha..

Taje’, 8- she wanted almost every color on her nails! see for yourself!

Jameelah, 11- pink and silver combo with black lines

Breana, 16- She got realllly creative with what she wanted.. Cheetah, silver, purple, zebra..

..both hands

Tyic, 18- was she…they had me doing crazy combinations!:)

Tyjanae, 14- My little sister, who was the easiest on

..and here’s what I’m wearing, Dalmatian- left hand…

Zebra, right hand…

I’m sure the polish on my nails will be changed tonight so that means new pics will be added..ha! Hope you like, we had fun at our impromptu Nail Fun Party!
Sharontina B.