I Have an Obsession, But Men Rock Turbans Too!

OK, so I’m still overly obsessed with turbans even though I’ve let them rest lately. In any event because this is true, I get overly hyped when I see someone wearing one, especially when they’ve intricately wrapped it to perfection. Now usually it’s the women who turn the turbans like it’s no tomorrow, but what about the men who rock them? Why don’t they come out to play as often? Well, I got lucky and as I was doing some unnecessary shopping one afternoon, I ran into HIM!

A haute Mr turning a turban
To be completely honest, I was so caught up in trying to get his attention because he  had headphones in, that I didn’t even ask his name. It was one of those, “I just NEED to photograph this awesomeness,k thanks” kind of moments.  So with that being said, dear fellow, if you somehow come across this post just know that you made my whole entire day and I’d love to know your name! Maybe one day my turban obsession will subside, but until then if I see you rocking one PLEASE be prepared to strike a fierce pose. Here’s proof that I have a little…problem..and I blame it all on June Ambrose. *exits stage*


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…and she started this  obsession…but I’m not complaining…

June Ambrose, mother of turban tying!

June turning turbans...I just couldn't NOT post this..

 Now I’m tempted to go find a good scarf so I can wear a turban tomorrow! See what yall started? (I’ll blame anyone).
with style ~Sharontina

OOTD: Feat. Erinn, Collegenista Chic!

Hey everyone!

So, I’m always doing my own personal OOTD (outfit of the day) posts and I said to myself…”wait, do you really think they just want to see YOUR outfits, what about other people?”..selfish of me, huh? Well excuse my manners, and as you do so allow me to introduce Erinn, Sophomore at Temple University studying English and political science (she’s a smart cookie)..and a fashionista too!

Erinn is a good friend of mine, and when I saw her walk into Qdoba as I was enjoying my dinner, I said “Oh, no…over here now! *whips out camera*. Erinn always has an effortless sense of style and it always translates well into her outfits. First of all, a good floor length skirt in a vibrant hue will win me any day, weak, year, season..etc etc etc…  What I love most about her style is that it is soooooo fit for the gal who wants to be chic but may have a budget to stick to. I can identify, and I know many others can. Here’s some specifics on this here ensemble…
Blazer: H&M
Skirt: She designed and made it herself (LOVE IT!!!)
Boots: Eternity Fashion
BUT, the perfect layering of accessories is what took me OVER…  


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Ring: American Eagle
Bracelets and watch: Target
Mexico bracelet: Mexico
I’m loving this outfit and the  accessories that make it even more fabulous!
What do you guys think?
with style~ Sharontina

Fashionably Late NYFW: Tolla Cole Spring 2012

One of my new year improvements is to be a little more consistent with posts. Fellow bloggers know the challenges that come along with posting, you mean to and then something comes up and throws you completely off track! In any event, during NYFW  S ’12, I got the opportunity to attend a very special show, Tolla Cole, that premiered a new collection of gowns inspired by “Ibiza, vibrant color, and luxury”, says designer Atoia Scott . I loved the collection because of the soft lines of the gowns that were played up by bold color and defining motifs like feathers and contrasting trims. The showcase was very intimate and welcomed attendants to closely marvel at the beautiful gowns as shown below…

The GORGEOUS statement piece accessories were designed by She’Luxe Couture Accessories!

Each gown had a uniqueness about it, embodying a different personality that would be brought to life on its muse. I see much promise in Tolla Cole, as a new line it sure has made a BOLD entrance in the industry and I’m sure future collections will bring us more great designs.

Sharontina B.

Thrift ‘Til You Drop!- A Thriftacular Experience

I remember being a kid and HATING when someone even mentioned “thrift store” and “shopping” in the same sentence. I mean, back then I loathed the fact that my Grandmom wore turbans too…see how far I’ve come? Yes, I’ve done a total 360 when it comes to style and appreciation for authenticity, quality, and wearability. To me, a thrift store automatically meant “someone else’s clothes” and I guess just being a kid, I wanted my OWN new stuff…you know, kids and that possession thing. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the value of the clothes and other valuables I find thrifting and can’t believe that I once looked down on it!

When I walk into a thrift store, it’s almost like I walk into the past of not only fashion, but the lives and personalities of the people who once wore the clothes. Have you ever done that? I honestly pick up different items and start day dreaming about what the person who wore it was like and how they may have styled it…who knows, maybe that’s just me but I find that it adds a little special something to the whole experience. I also love thrifting because in an age where much of society wants to mirror each other, I really just….don’t. I love knowing that what I purchase more than likely won’t be walking down every street in Philly, or wherever else I go for that matter. I always know that I’m getting something unique and that even if someone else owns it, they won’t rock it the same way I will!

I went to Boston this Thanksgiving break and went on the thrifting mission of LIFE. Yes, LIFE. I will not disclose the amount of $ I spent in the process, but it’s at least 70% lower than what I would have spent at my normal go-to retail locations for the amount of goods that I purchased. I went to Savers, and The Salvation Army and it was almost overwhelming upon entering the stores, clothes everywhere! Blazers for DAYS, dresses for every occasion, shirts that screamed “70s”, “80s”, “90s”, “LOUD”, “quiet”, and “I dare you!” It was definitely the best thrifting experience I’ve ever had. I got so many great pieces that are classic, versatile, and can also serve as staple pieces if need be. As I put outfits together I love to take photos, and would love to share them with you! On Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll share my “Thriftacular” outfit posts and you tell me what you think! Well, since today is Tuesday, here’s one of my newest thriftacular finds…

Pictured above is a hot pink, 80s frock with button detail on both shoulders. Includes shoulder pads as well for more defined structure. Seam at waist w/ elastic reinforcement for a slight cinch. The fish tail earrings and triangular tribal necklace are also vintage. Tassle necklace is Forever 21, and bracelet set is Rue 21, Phosphor watch. Purple platform pump (tongue twister, ehh?) is Steve Madden.

Here’s another look I rocked last week via my vintage voyage!
Here I mix old with new: 80s printed blouse w/ shoulder pads and button down closure, 50s inspired long pleated skirt, waist belt from Iman Global Chic collection , Steve Madden purple platform pump, Rue 21 gold leaf earrings and bangle set, phosphor watch, and a pompadour to finish it up!
Do you love to thrift? Know of any great stores you’d like to recommend? I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Sharontina B.