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It’s definitely been a little while since we chatted. Life happens, and before you know it a year has gone by and you’re watching the seasons change and lipstick shades go from light to dark. In one of my last posts, I shared a bit of my story by way of an emotionally charged episode of Being Mary Jane, and truth be told, the downside of that is what has kept me away for so long. You can read more of that story, but in my time away I’ve made it a point to focus on what makes my heart smile again, and this little slice of personal literary heaven encourages that. I’m SO back, because suppressing passion is like a slow leak in a tire, and I have places to be!


One step in the direction of growth and potential power moves was being accepted to LIM College in NYC! It’s the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, but I’m assuming that in their quest for a “hip”, easy-to-remember acronym, they decided on LIM. In my running away from what I KNOW I needed to pursue, I applied to a program not even remotely related to business or fashion, and I got straight DENIED… by my alma mater, at that. Low blow for sure, but it was for good reason. I am so happy that happened because it caused me to really sit back and evaluate what it was that I really wanted.

I LOVE fashion. I LOVE business. I LOVE learning. Anyone that knows me (or has only been following me on social media for like 2 hours) knows this. I needed to follow my passion, and I am so happy that I went for it! I just started my first week in the Fashion Marketing MPS graduate program, and I couldn’t feel more in my element! It seems like everything is falling back into place. All of a sudden I’m getting invites to NYFW events, feeling inspired to write again, rocking my personal, distinct style (I definitely went through a sweatpants and baseball cap phase, and that was SO not me! Ughh… bad move).

Stay tuned for my coverage of some NYFW happenings, Philadelphia Fashion Week, and whatever else comes my way.

In any event, I’m back, and better than ever! Get ready!


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New Fashion Pleasure: Styled By June, Jump Into the Juniverse!

Hey everyone!

Now, the world knows I simply adore Ms. June Ambrose, who I often refer to as my “STYLECON”,  the woman whose style is elegant, effortless, and always memorable. From the over-sized shades, to the turbans wrapped to a T, to the color blocking genius she emulates, every fashionista I know looks to June as a style maven. Aside from that and more importantly, June Ambrose is a stylist to the stars and has catapulted many of your favorite celebs’ style to the top. Name a few? Well, you know that Missy video called…”The Rain” where she wore that ever so haute trash bag that sent everyone into a frenzy? June Ambrose… Oh, Jay Z’s swag? June Ambrose…. Chrisette Michelle on her latest album cover? eh em.. June Ambrose. This isn’t even tipping the styling iceberg that June sits on, and she continues to wow us, if not with her own daring and unexpected sense of style that she shows to the world, with how she helps others find and work their own unique style.


When I heard the news that June Ambrose was going to be getting her own show, Styled By June, excited was NOT the word! It was like a “FINALLYYYYYY!” moment where I even let out a little screeching “Yes!”. She’s worked so hard in her career and is always willing to help us “Stylesocials”, as she calls us, to discover and cultivate our unique style by giving tips, tough love, and suggestions. I just got hold of the link to June’s first episode of Styled By June with Hollywood star Mischa Barton and I absolutely loved it. No, I’m not just saying that because I love June Ambrose, but because I love the whole essence of the show and I’ll tell you why.

Many times we think of Stylists as these ultra fab people who just dress celebrities and make sure they look good wherever they’re going, but we never consider the other aspects of what they do that is far more important if you ask me. From watching the first episode of Styled By June, I really learned much about the stylist’s role not only as a stylist, but as a confidant, friend, supporter, and tough love giver to the client. As June began working with Mischa, she made clear that it wasn’t just about dressing her, but that it was about totally reinventing her and some of her attitudes and behaviors revolving around the reasons she needed June’s help in the first place. In conjunction, she made it a point to get to know her client, build trust, and always make sure that anything she did was in the best interest and a mirror of the clients personal style. No, it’s not a Dr.Phil scene where it gets all deep and somber, but June is able to pinpoint almost immediately the specific problems clients are having that is stopping them from being great in style, personality, and being noticed in they way they are wanting to be noticed. She creates a 3 point plan that is attainable that will effectively get the client where they need to be. The show is uplifting, informative, funny, exciting (it’s like getting to hang with June Ambrose..AHHHHHH!, and gives us a glimpse not only into the hard work that goes into being a stylist, but shows us that it’s much more to it than having a great sense of style and knowing the right people. June said it best, “It’s not just about playing dress up, it’s about rediscovering oneself”.

I absolutely loved it and will be having an online (Twitter of course) viewing party when Styled By June premiere’s this Monday, 3/19, at 9:30 pm ET on VH1! Be there or be…just be there! Watch the super trailer and the first full  first episode of Styled By June featuring Mischa Barton below!




Stay in the Juniverse by visiting the official Styled By June Page on, on Facebook, and on twitter using #StyledByJune


So, will you be watching Styled By June? Will you be at the Twitter viewing party beginning promptly at 9:30pm ET 3/19? Hope to see you there!!!



with style~ Sharontina B.

America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion!

Tyra Banks is back with another season of her hit show, America’s next Top Model, but this time there’s an interesting twist! A British invasion…literally! I have to say that I commend Tyra for having such a big pool of ideas to have this show be in it’s 1000th season (exaggerating), but honestly, she always finds something she’e never done before and goes for it! For this season of ANTM, Tyra brought past contestants from Britain’s Top Model across the pond to America and will have them compete against the American girls. the premiere episode aired last night, and let’s just say that these girls are at each other’s necks already! It was actually hilarious.

For the first challenge, of course it was the Brits against the Americans where they were paired and each had to embody a powerful celebrity from their respective countries. Amongst the celebrity look alikes were Michelle Obama, Elton John, Madonna, and others I’ve never heard of. Ultimately, I think this season will be MESSY( in a good way), because these girls are so competitive and willing to stop at nothing to get that title! Some of the American girls feel it’s a little unfair that the Brits have already had experience with being on Britain’s Top Model, but I think that it just poses more of a challenge and that if the American girls can beat the Brits with experience, it says a lot about their work!

Ok, so I just LOVE that Tyra banks will be showing her judging outfits before the show comes on and giving the credits!!! For the premiere episode judging, Tyra wore an ivory on-shoulder gorn by tadashi Shoji, tassel earrings by  Bijou, and black suede Platform pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti! Love it!!! To view Tyra’s judging outfits before the show airs, “like” her Facebook page and get exclusive access!

Tyra wearing a gown by tadashi, earrings by Bijou, platform pumps by Giuseppe for the first judging of ANTM: British Invasion!

Here are a few images from last night’s episode, courtesy of,


ANTM British Invasion: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL Pictured (L-R): AzMarie, Mariah, Candace, Kyle, Eboni, Seymone, Laura, and Tyra Banks (US); Louise, Annaliese, Sophie, Jasmia, Catherine, Ashley, Alisha (Brits


Team U.S..


Kelly Osbourne as guest


Team U.K.

 May the best country win!

May the best country win!

Be sure to watch America’s Next Top Model: british Invasion Wednesday nights at 9pm ET. For more photos and to watch full episodes, visit
with style~ Sharontina B.

African Americans in Fashion: Commander In Chic, Mikki Taylor

Mikki Taylor

Yes! We’re the beginning of a month dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of all of our beautiful brown (and caramel, and mocha, and dark chocolate etc. etc. etc.) people of the world! We have so much variety in all aspects of who we are, from physical appearance to the many talents and characteristics of ourselves we share with the rest of the world. As a young African American woman, I look up to many of the beautiful black women close and far for inspiration because they serve as representations of where I can go and beyond. Today, I’m honoring Mikki Taylor, former Beauty and Cover Director for ESSENCE magazine, current Editor-at-Large, author of Commander In Chic, and all around beauty and fashion AUTHORITY that makes it her duty to help us become our best selves through fashion and beauty. Every single Friday (without a doubt), Mikki Taylor hosts “Follow Up Friday” via twitter where she answers our most burning fashion and beauty questions with honest, genuine, and well thought out advice. I say it like that because she doesn’t just throw a “wear a blue shirt” or “find what works for you”, she really digs deep and gives thorough advice that always helps you find your way through your fashion/beauty issue or concern.

Besides being a fashion and beauty authority who admits to wanting to use her platform to uplift women of color in any way that she can, you can always tune into her “Mikkiisms” via Twitter when you need a word of inspiration. They always come at the right time! I believe that Mikki’s following is so strong because she continuously empowers people and is inclusive and interactive as opposed to just dishing out information and leaving it at that.  Getting back to fashion, Commander In Chic is really a great book that serves as a guide to helping women discover a sophisticated style that doesn’t only consist of stuffy suits of uniform value. It’s filled with information or various items of clothing, accessories, and beauty tips  that can be worked into classic looks and taken from the workplace to an evening out. After reading it, you could totally be prepared to do a full closet sweep…as well as an everything else sweep. I could go on for days about Commander In Chic, but the point of it is to show Mikki’s dedication to taking us all up a notch or three.

This Black History month, we honor Mikki Taylor for her continued contributions to fashion and beauty with the mission to help us all look and feel like our best selves.

p.s. Mikki Taylor will be launching a nude nail color line in spring!! I can’t wait!!!

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with style, Sharontina