Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2013; Get Into It!

I don’t really have to say much for this one. Here is the pantone fashion color report for fall 2013!


I love the fall season,  it’s like the rebirth of the fashion industry. Nice warm tones and textures, layering and contrast, bold accessories, thick ass magazines; I just love it. I can’t wait to play with these colors for fall! I have a feeling that I’m going to enjoy playing with emerald, acai and kai. My fall possibilities will be endless, I hope you feel the same way!

As fall swiftly approaches,  I’m going to go on a hunt for haute pieces in these chosen colors to show you how I’d pair them, and maybe they’ll be some style suggestions you wouldn’t mind trying yourself.

~with style,
Sharontina B.

Pinning Up with Bettie Page in Boston!

Dear friends,

I decided to take a quick stay-cay to Boston to visit my dearest sister-friend,  Santara of The Gorgeous Ingredient. Bean Town is by far one of the most beautiful cities to visit, with varying neighborhoods and treasures for people to explore.

With that being the case, it’s sometimes hard to pick the perfect spots to hit when you only have a couple of days to spare. We decided on Newbury Street, a famously well-known strip with luxury shops and boutiques,  good eats, and stylish people. The area surrounding is quite affluent, so it reminded me much of NYC’s Madison Ave, but a much more sedated version.

We stumbled upon the Bettie Page boutique with a window that reeked of retro, Hollywood glamour with a 50’s pin-up spin. I HAD to go in.


I walked in and nearly lost my entire mind. I mean…. wow. All of my style dreams came true; all of the authentic 50’s and 60’s inspired apparel that leaves me in awe from images of time’s past were in front of me. I went from rack to rack, scowering through A-line dresses with cut-outs, sinched waists, and intricate details that no contemporary frock would be able to imitate.  Two-piece ensembles with the choice of bandeau or push-up styles, high waist shorts and swimwear bottoms that were made that way and not forced into submission by someone who couldn’t find the real ones. I mean, it was like a kid being in a candy store for me. Of course I tried things on!


Peplums always win!


For my wild side!


This swim suit is made to be shown off, not for water!

We probably spent a good hour-and-a-half in that place, and it was well worth it. What I decided to purchase was a t-shirt (I know you’re like “huh?”)…well, I decided I wanted to take a piece of Boston,’s Bettie Page home, but that I’d just go to the Philly location to SHOP shop so I wouldn’t have so much to take back on my travels.

Of course the sales associates made our experience very pleasant, and they emulated what Bettie Page represents,  retro glam! I was so captivated by her look; she nailed this!


Serve! Style degree= 100· F!

I absolutely loved my experience at this gem of a style heaven. Amazing clothing selection, friendly staff, and outstanding atmospherics to set the mood of Bettie Page’s classic era. Guess what else? As I was posting photos on Instagram, a few people told me that there is a Bettie Page in Philly!!! What?! HOW on earth did I miss that?! I should be ashamed. In any event, I am now en route back to Philly and I will be paying them a visit real soon! My graduation dress is going to be graaaaand, darling.


Visit Bettie Page in the social sphere:

Twitter: @BettiePageStore
Facebook: Bettie Page Clothing
Instagram: BettiePageClothing

~with style,
Sharontina B.

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself!

Hey friends,

I finally did it! Today I finally took a step towards rebranding and refocusing my personal online brand by way of creating a new handle. I’ve been known as “TyrasLilSis” since I created my Twitter account back in 2009. I wrote a whooolllleeeeee post on my other blog about why I was changing my online name and the significance it has had over the years, and plainly put…. it was time.




I’ll be graduating from college in less than a month, and as I patiently wait around with no school duties actually left to do, I have time to think about where I want life to take me next. Yeah, I mean that in a literal sense as well as a figurative one. I have a list of relocation cities..

1. NYC

2. ATL

3. Baltimore D.C. …

….. I digress, but more importantly I am thinking about the path that I’d like my personal brand and career to take as I close the student chapter of my life. I feel like I am finally coming into my own as I move further into adulthood and independence, and all parts of what I represent must reflect that. Now, you may be wondering, “Where on earth did the name “@StyleDegree” come from?” Well, like any other time I decide to create something that requires a name or title of some sort, I get a real pen and paper and write my ideas down. Yes, write, not type. I did just that; created a list of potential names that were a combination of me in some way. Most of the names had “style” in them, because a compliment that I often get is that I have a great sense of style. I have to agree (tee hee), so I wanted to include an ode to that.   The “degree” part came to mind as I thought about the toughest journey I’ve ever taken; completing my bachelor’s degree. Okay, I know it doesn’t make sense yet, but give me a minute… Style Degree is one of those names that has multiple names depending on your perspective.


From my personal perspective, I feel like I should have a degree in personal style as opposed to the one I actually have in business. My style eye is very keen and sensitive to colors, textures, layers, and all other complexities you can accomplish with garments. You know how you just have those things you know without having to be formally taught? That’s what style is for me.

Sharontina Brightman Style Degree

On the other hand, another perspective could be such that there is a degree spectrum of style where people are placed depending on your perspective of their style. Again, this is all based on how YOU look at it, I just know what this means for me and I like it!

In the midst of changing this and that, I decided to make this little interactive vid to RE introduce myself. Introducing: Sharontina Brightman!



Thanks for growing with me, I appreciate you!

Sharontina B.


H&M Online Shopping is NOW OPEN in the U.S.!

Stop the presses!!!


God heard my prayers this morning, he truly did. Just got word (literally 5 minutes ago) that H& is now available for online shopping in the U.S.!!! This has been a lonnggggg time coming, and I’m saying R.I.P. to my pockets in advance, because now indulging in affordable, cauuuuuute clothing is even easier. No lie, 80-90% of my clothes are from H&M. As a budgeting fashionista just finishing college, H&M has been my savior on many occasions. I say all this to say, I’m happy! Just downloaded the app, so yeah…’s a wrap!


H&M shopping online


By the way, to celebrate the new launch, H&M is hosting an IG contest that you might want to participate in, you could win a $1000 gift card and a trip to NYC! I’m in!! H&M launched the “50 States of Fashion” campaign, where you can rep your state along with the Ambassadors who were chosen by H&M to represent each state in the U.S., by showing off your personal style.  Click HERE to find out who YOUR state ambassador is and how to enter. And CONGRATULATIONS to my blogger friend, Fashionista Next Door on becoming the ambassador for Georgia! Woot woot!

For my Philly girls, show off your personal style and use the hashtag #HMShopOnlinePA to enter! ALSO, students, don’t forget to ask about the 15% student discount at the register, it’s for their back to school promotion, just have your school ID with you! (Always looking for a deal..tehee)

Ahhhh, I’m so excited to shop, hope you are too!

Happy shopping!