New Beginnings


It’s definitely been a little while since we chatted. Life happens, and before you know it a year has gone by and you’re watching the seasons change and lipstick shades go from light to dark. In one of my last posts, I shared a bit of my story by way of an emotionally charged episode of Being Mary Jane, and truth be told, the downside of that is what has kept me away for so long. You can read more of that story, but in my time away I’ve made it a point to focus on what makes my heart smile again, and this little slice of personal literary heaven encourages that. I’m SO back, because suppressing passion is like a slow leak in a tire, and I have places to be!


One step in the direction of growth and potential power moves was being accepted to LIM College in NYC! It’s the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, but I’m assuming that in their quest for a “hip”, easy-to-remember acronym, they decided on LIM. In my running away from what I KNOW I needed to pursue, I applied to a program not even remotely related to business or fashion, and I got straight DENIED… by my alma mater, at that. Low blow for sure, but it was for good reason. I am so happy that happened because it caused me to really sit back and evaluate what it was that I really wanted.

I LOVE fashion. I LOVE business. I LOVE learning. Anyone that knows me (or has only been following me on social media for like 2 hours) knows this. I needed to follow my passion, and I am so happy that I went for it! I just started my first week in the Fashion Marketing MPS graduate program, and I couldn’t feel more in my element! It seems like everything is falling back into place. All of a sudden I’m getting invites to NYFW events, feeling inspired to write again, rocking my personal, distinct style (I definitely went through a sweatpants and baseball cap phase, and that was SO not me! Ughh… bad move).

Stay tuned for my coverage of some NYFW happenings, Philadelphia Fashion Week, and whatever else comes my way.

In any event, I’m back, and better than ever! Get ready!


With love,


A Millennial With A Mature Story: Pt 1

A Millennial with a mature story. No struggle for power or know-it-all monologues. I’m just making my way, humbly. Taking a pinch of the nurturing spirit from Grandma, a dash of “watch your back at all times” from my hood, and a whole handful of the firm handshake I learned in business school. An even mix of ebonics, with a quick switch of proper English if need be; keeping my composure with both so they seem natural, but not mutually exclusive. I want to be in the room, but not quite make it known that I’m in the room, so they don’t look to me for something spectacular.



I want to hold my own, but let just enough spill over the edge so that I have room for more, continuously. Instant gratification has been seared into my psyche from the invisible teacher of society, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t opened a “Dues Fund” to which I’ve been making on-time deposits. I want to look up to, cheer on, and encourage my inspirations, but not be them. Emulate the spirit of success and perseverance they possess, but change the definition so it looks more like me. I want to grasp that something that only I can do like me, but draws others in to emulate into their own definition. Synonyms.

I’m 2 months shy of 26. I don’t have it all figured out, and I’m finally okay with that.


Being Mary Jane’s Friend, Lisa.

Many of us have watched, or at least heard about the latest episode of Being Mary Jane, where one of her best friends, Lisa, takes her own life. There are a few things I need to say, but I want to be very intentional as to where I begin. Lisa Hudson is one of Mary Jane’s best friends from childhood; a brilliant and hardworking doctor who has fought her way through the struggles of battling mental illness with the hopes to lead a normal life, although that seemed to be very far fetched for her often times. In this episode, we learned more about Lisa than we’d ever known, and it gave us a clear view into the actuality of the painful lives so many of us live each day. Yes, us.




In this episode, we learned who Lisa was. No longer as an accessory to Mary Jane just because there was a convenience, but we learned about who she was in her individuality. We learned about the roots that upheld her foundation, childhood memories, detrimental tragedies, joyous past-times, the debilitating affects of her depression, and the life-long battle she fought that led her to the demise that was documented for the sake of our awareness. We got a front row seat into a sensory reality of what her world looked like when no one was around. The longing, the pain, the continuous cycle of yearning for answers unattainable and left to mystery, crying out for help silently, only for it not to be enough to sound any alarms, or too loud that it was silenced; sometimes by the silent treatment. Her fight was put completely in the forefront for once, and I mourned.



Why? Because I am Lisa.

Now, before you make any presumptuous assumptions, I am actively in therapy and working diligently to continue to LIVE, healthily. Her story was such a parallel to mine that it scared me. I seriously thought to myself, “Did one of them get a hold of my journal? Have they been secretly documenting my life this whole time?…”. It was unreal. Her childhood filled with academic accolades, being molested by a father figure for 5+ years, battling depression, being at odds with her parents, and a month ago I almost ended my life in the same EXACT way she did– a page right out of my life story, word for word! My jaw dropped as Mary Jane read Lisa’s eulogy, it was as if she was reading mine. It was scary, yet reassuring to know that the story was being told one way or another. I cried watching that scene as if Lisa was someone I’d known my whole life, and in retrospect I realize that I was actually crying for myself. I was crying because I know that battle to be very real and something I deal with each and every day, but I was also crying for my will to live. My biggest prayer is that my story does not end like Lisa’s did. I pray that I can always find something within to fight for. Always. The thought of giving up, losing hope, and throwing in the towel after fighting all of this time makes me sad, and that keeps me encouraged to keep pressing on. I know Lisa is a fictional character, but she represents some very real women. I will fight for my life for people like her who weren’t strong enough to handle the burdens of the world, and more importantly, of the mind.

Thank you, Lisa, for encouraging me to keep fighting.


“A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.”


with love,


If you feel like you have no where to turn and need help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Wendy Wants to Hear Your Stories

“How Youuuu Doin?!”

I’m so trying to be like one of my favorite TV Talk Show Hosts, Ms. Wendy Williams, as I greet you this afternoon and share a very special moment from today’s show. (Click image to watch)



Today, Wendy sent me a special  SHOUT OUT and wanted to share her “Eye Candy of the Day”, a fun segment she does each day where she highlights a stylish fashionista(o) in her audience. Today, the lucky winner was Dawn of Patterson New Jersey, who is a breast cancer survivor! Many of us have been affected by breast cancer, whether it’s by being survivors ourselves, or having family of friends that have been affected. In June of 2007, I lost the most important person in my life, my grandmother, to breast cancer. I remember her most for her loving spirit, her emphasis on the importance of higher education, and all of the values she instilled in me to always be the best ME that I could be. I also have to honor the First Lady of my home church, Angela Waller, for being a 7 year breast cancer survivor! She is one of the most phenomenal, dynamic, and inspirational women I know, and her resilience and love of life is infectious and awe-inspiring!

As many of us have similar stories, October is a month where we can celebrate the lives of those who have won the battle, and of those who have lost it, but not without putting up a fight! I’d like to invite you to honor your loved ones, survivors and those that have gone on, to continue to express our love for them and to continue to strive toward finding a cure and offering comfort and love to those still in the fight. Wendy would love to hear your stories, stories that can continue to inspire those still in this fight.

Here’s mine, and I hope you will join me <3

For my grandmother who lost her battle with breast cancer:

My name is Sharontina, and I am honoring my grandmother, Carol Matthews. She was smart, loving, and selfless.  <3


For my First Lady who won her fight against breast cancer:

My name is Sharontina, and I am honoring my First Lady, Angela Waller. She is beautiful, independent, and a dynamic leader.”

Please join me in honoring someone…

For You:

My name is __________, and I am honoring ___________, my __________. She is/was ___________ ,____________, and ____________.