My New Docu-Series: #NOFilter!


So, I’ve been raving about this new project that I’d been nworking on recently, and today I unveiled it. Excited and nervous for this journey.

Presenting: “#NOFilter”. Hope you’ll take this ride with me!

Check back next Friday for the premiere episode!

With love,


A Motherless Child: Remembering Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina



I am so deeply saddened by the passing of Bobbi Kristina Brown. Deeply. Three years ago when I heard of the passing of her mother, Whitney Houston, after the initial shock, I immediately thought of her baby girl. So many things ran through my mind. Like imagining the pain she was feeling (unimaginable), wondering if she’d have the necessary support and room to grieve her best friend, her mother.  I imagined myself at 19, wondering if I’d have the strength big enough to get through losing my mother. Following Bobbi Kristina on social media gave me a glimpse into how she was dealing with it, and I’m sure it was only the part she wanted or could allow the world to see. Almost every post was about her mother, how much she missed her, how hard it had been just living day to day without her. I often got emotional and even cried a few times just out of pure empathy and the thought of such a loss.

I prayed for her when I’d see those posts, I sent encouraging tweets (as I’m sure did many), and I just hoped that the family would keep a tight hold of support and protection around her. The world knew her story, we’d all watched her grow up from the beginning until now. The shows where Whitney would bring her on stage to do a cute duet, being photographed alongside her infamous parents out and about, and even by way of their family reality show. She had to grow up fast and deal with many complex issues that were in the hand she was dealt. She was her Mother’s protector and safe keeper of sanity, especially during Whitney’s trying past of highly publicized triumph.




In January when news broke of the incident that occurred which put Bobbi Kristina in the state that she ultimately succumbed to, my heart was completely broken. For the series of events to be so similar to her Mother’s was almost haunting. All I wanted to know was how it happened and I prayed so desperately that she’d pull through. Although that’s what we all hoped for, God had a different plan for her, and as sad as it is to have lost her at such a young age and in such a tragic way, part of it is comforting to me. Knowing that she is reunited with the absolute love of her life. I know that the technical cause of death will be laced with complicated medial jargon, but I truly believe she died of a broken heart; the loss of the greatest love she’d known.

I pray that both of their souls are at rest together and that they can finally be at peace. Rest peacefully babygirl, now go take care of your Mom like you always have <3


Bobbi Kristina


With deep love,


Iman Turns 60!! #IMAN60

So, I’m back in my element, with a newly improved blog makeover that is much easier for you to navigate, and easier for me to deal with because it’s simple. I’ve found that the saying, “Less is more”, is quite true. *sigh of relief*

Ironically, I’ve returned just in time for my Fashion Fairy Godmother’s 60th birthday!!! I still kind of don’t believe she’s turning 60 (she looks AMAZING), but I’m sure she’s not just making it up. I’ve written a number of pieces on Iman in the past, and it wasn’t only to due her undeniable contributions to the fashion industry, but because of her humility. What you see is definitely what you get, and I love her for it! Over the past few weeks, Iman has been posting photos from times passed to honor her 60th year, along with some pretty memorable moments only someone of her caliber could capture. In honor of her 60 YOUTHful years on earth, and more than half of that being on our magazine covers, I want to post SIX (y’all know you wouldn’t sit here and read 60) of my most memorable moments with Iman through photos.



She was one of the 1st people that did a Q&A for my blog. She was candid, and truthful… of course a bit sassy.

You can check out the Q & A here.


Iman and I, FNO 2011

The 1st time I met IMAN in person. She invited me to a Fashion’s Night Out Event she was hosting in NYC. EPIC night.

I was so in awe meeting her. She was unbelievably stunning, and my friends and I literally stared at her to make sure she was real. It was an epic night, one I can’t even relive right now because I’d get all giddy and excited again. Read all about it here.

iman 1

That night they had a dance contest, and my friend Erinn and I won FIRST PLACE!


iman 3

Yes…. Iman, D Wade, Joe Zee… EPIC night!



Crossed paths again at the IFB Conference in NYC, where she had the prissy bloggers looking at me funny because she pulled me from the crowd to give me a hug. Hilarious.

IFB Conference in NYC circa 2011 or 12 maybe. Iman dished on her humble beginnings and told us that soon after, she’d be launching an online magazine and needed contributors. I doubted that I’d even be considered in the pool of amazing bloggers there, but guess who got chosen? ME!


Destination IMAN

I wrote my first fashion story on Iman’s new site, of all places. The response was CRAZY and I was so blessed for being given a chance to show my work on such a big platform.

The 1st piece I wrote for Destination Iman, titled Sans Color Sweeps the New York Runways, covered the white & black monochromatic trend that was seen sauntering up and down the runway in the Spring 2013 collections.  I got lost in the text, analyzing and having to find creative ways to express creativity that was almost impossible to verbalize; that’s what raw emotion will do to you! I was so proud of it that I printed out a hard copy, and thank goodness I did, because I can no longer access it online. I did get the opportunity to contribute another piece, titled In Full Bloom, You can read it here.

Iman and I at the Destination Iman launch party, NYC 2012

The Destination Iman launch party. I mean, I was walking in the same room as Rachel Roy, Estelle, supermodels, the guest list was insane. I was right where I was supposed to be.


Iman invited me to the launch party during the IFB conference, and during the whole week leading up to the party, I was a nervous wreck! I was so happy to be in the presence of such heavy hitters in the industry. Of course I wrote about that experience too.


Iman has helped create some of my best memories and experiences in the fashion industry For that, I am forever grateful!

Happy Birthday, Fashion Fairy Godmother!!!

With love,


I’m Baaaaaaack!

Hey everyone!

I want to first apologize for being gone for so long, and then I want to tell you how happy I am to be back! Writing in any capacity is such a release for me; I’ve missed this! During the time I’ve been gone, I was busy doing some work on ME, and I’m happy to say that it’s paid off. I’m all done with undergrad, and I’ve earned my bachelor’s degree in business administration (I’m planning on starting grad school in Jan.), I am working full-time at a place that brought me so much joy as a kid (and still does) — the library, and I just moved into my first apartment!! At some point, we all have to do some soul searching, and although my journey is nowhere near over, I’ve begun and It has been a beautiful experience.


With all that being said, I’m ready to get back in the trenches! I miss all the talk about fashion, beauty, life, event hopping, networking with all of you, NYC, and just the innate happiness it brings me to think about all of it. I miss my spark, my unapologetic spontaneity, and I’m so ready to get back in and make it happen! Any room for me in there? Of course I’m not really asking, just politely saying “MOVE OVER!”…ha. Happy to be back, and I sure hope you guys are still rocking with me!

I’m all grown up now (well, who ever really completely grows up?), I’m back with a new outlook, a new maturity, a new appreciation for this work and its contributors, and a new personal branding goal in mind. Bare with me, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Looking forward to picking back up where we left off, friends!