A Love lost, Well… Misplaced, and Found Again…

*waves frantically*

Don’t get me guys, I know I’m wrong for being ghost for darn near 2 weeks. Charge it to my head, not my heart… deal? Lots has happened in the two weeks I decided to take a blogcation, yep. For starters, I turned 22 on the 22nd… how ironic?!

Sharontina on her 22nd birthday

Look who's 22 and giving major 'birthday girl' face!


I decided to bring in my birthday at the Wendy Williams Show, y’all know she can throw a good party on any given day! I had toooooo much fun, and then fled back to Philly to have some “I’m grown!” fun with my girls. It was definitely one to remember. My birthday came and went as it does each year, and I found myself in the next week pondering on an whether or not to take steps forward with a project I’d been wanting to begin FOREVER, or if I should just wait until the time was right (when would that be?). I decided to go for it, and so launched my new site Her Brand DNA, a resource for women in college looking to define, create, and cultivate their personal brands. I started Her Brand DNA because I wanted a way to help other young women just like myself, from my experiences building a personal brand, in hopes that those experiences could lend a helping hand to another. Building a brand in any capacity is no easy task, and it is never-ending, but I’ve learned that it helps when you are able to be guided or advisedΒ by someone who’s been through and has turned out positive results.

Her Brand DNA logo: Educated Women, Powerful Brands!

Her Brand DNA

In addition to giving personal branding advice, my goal is to give the real deal of college life; including but not limited to the fun FUN fun that SHOULD be had, the downfalls of losing focus, and the consequences thereof. I look at college like a little bubble that floats pretty freely in the reality ofΒ  the real world (go figure), and it seems that many students, specifically women, continuously try to pop that protective bubble by way of actions that either get them in trouble, tarnish their reputation, or both. My goal is to be a guiding light, and am looking forward to helping my fellow college women do just that.

In other awesome news, this past weekend I attended the Blogging While Brown Conference here in Philly, and let me just say……….. it was the BEST conference I’ve ever attended! I don’t even know where to begin, but just know that this conference is getting its own post, I have to give you a detailed story about how great it was and how I’m never missing one in years to come. Yes, so look out for it!

Dr. Goddess giving her closing remarks at Blogging While Brown 2012

Dr. Goddess giving the last word at Blogging While Brown 2012

Again, I apologize for staying away from you for so long my loves! Forgive me? ;) Do you have any new projects going on that you’d like to share? I’m just as excited about yours as I am mine! Share in the comments…I’ll be listening!



with style~ Sharontina B.