Does Size Really Matter?

I’m still not quite convinced that it’s REALLY spring yet. Yes, I know the “official” first day of spring was just celebrated the other day, but ehh…idk. First of all, it felt like SUMMER before spring even officially got here, and today it feels like it’s running back to fall! Confused, ehh? In any event, yesterday was not only a “TGIF” for us, but it was a truly beautiful one with lots of sun, a nice breeze, and well…people dressed like it was 90 degrees -_-.  At my university, people get blankets (or not) and just lay out on the campus lawns like they are on the beach if they even see a hint of sun. It’s really funny actually… Any who, I was surprised that I woke up in the spirit to actually dress like it was spring time. I pulled out one of my favorite H&M “spring-time fine” jumpers, and even pulled out the sandals (gasp)….my toes weren’t even painted! I ended up having to paint them on the subway on my way to school….yes, it was that serious.

Throughout the day I was trying to describe my ensemble, but spoiled people always want to see a photo and not words….so I caved…..and took a dreadful “bathroom mirror pic” HA!


I know, I know…I play too much..but hey, I was just giving you guys what you asked for! 😉 When I got home, I took some full body pics to show the full garment, I LOVE the slightly plunging crossover neckline and the flirty sleeves. Of course it has a belt at the waist for a nice cinch, and the pant is flared for just a liiiiiitle drama. I usually don’t rock with floral prints too much, but I think that in this case, size matters …hehe. Maybe it’s me, but there’s a big difference between big flowers and little ones as a print…get your minds out of the gutter!’s a full pic..



Then of course I had to be extra….lol

I really love this jumper, I feel uber sexy and classy at the same time when I wear it. Best part? I got this from H&M for $20!….yes, I still can’t believe it and I’ve had a whole year to think about it…lol.  ’twas a great spring day indeed, but today I’m thinking about it “In memorium of a great spring day”, because today it’s just…..cold :/. I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s beauty of a day and let’s hope they return really soon!

Floral jumper: H&M, $20

Wedges: Madden Girl, (I’ve had them so long I don’t remember how much they cost)

Glasses: Urban Outfitters, $16

Watch: Limited edition Anne Klein for Breast Cancer research

Earrings: Sorrelli, gift



with style~ Sharontina B.


  1. Tung March 25, 2012 / 3:09 PM

    The glasses (and maybe the hair) are kind of an 80s throwback, I think! Cute..

  2. Jo-anne April 4, 2012 / 3:42 AM

    OMG! i adore this jumper!!! easy to wear and so fresh on you! i think maybe a thin and classy necklace is missing to sublimate this plunging neckline…

    • Sharontina April 23, 2012 / 4:17 PM

      Thanks! It’s a spring favorite for sure, and I agree, a necklace would have finished the look perfectly–although I’m partial to a BOLD statement piece! 😉 Thanks for reading!

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