“Dog With A Blog”, Disney’s Way of Showing the World Bloggers Rock!

Hey peeps!

Yes, I watch Disney channel from time to time. I could blame it on having little cousins that are ‘Disney age’, or the realistic reason of being bored on a Saturday morning. Whichever way I position it, I’m watching Disney Channel and catching the premiere of their new show, “Dog with a Blog”, which is about an orphaned dog who is rescued by a wacky family who needs anything BUT. Come to find out, this dog can talk– yes, really talk– and starts a blog to document his new crazy life! In one segment, the dog, who is named Stan, starts drafting a blog post about how he can talk and then stops and says “Wait, maybe I should do this product review first’, and proceeds to test out a new dog toy. I HOLLERED laughing! I’m wondering if this is an ode to bloggers, or a parody? Ha! Whatever their intent, the show is definitely timely and hilarious.

Dog with a blog


I’m interested in seeing the direction the show will take and how the “blogger” will be portrayed, as I’m sure I’ll have many more laughs! If you want to get a kick out of this new show, it airs on Disney channel on Sunday nights at 8pm ET. Bloggers, we are making our mark! (insert hysterical laughter).



with style~ Sharontina B.

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  1. Corleen November 23, 2012 / 9:02 PM

    Too funny! They say that cat pictures rule the Internet, but maybe they need to make way for our dog bloggers 🙂

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