I Have an Obsession, But Men Rock Turbans Too!

OK, so I’m still overly obsessed with turbans even though I’ve let them rest lately. In any event because this is true, I get overly hyped when I see someone wearing one, especially when they’ve intricately wrapped it to perfection. Now usually it’s the women who turn the turbans like it’s no tomorrow, but what about the men who rock them? Why don’t they come out to play as often? Well, I got lucky and as I was doing some unnecessary shopping one afternoon, I ran into HIM!

A haute Mr turning a turban
To be completely honest, I was so caught up in trying to get his attention because he  had headphones in, that I didn’t even ask his name. It was one of those, “I just NEED to photograph this awesomeness,k thanks” kind of moments.  So with that being said, dear fellow, if you somehow come across this post just know that you made my whole entire day and I’d love to know your name! Maybe one day my turban obsession will subside, but until then if I see you rocking one PLEASE be prepared to strike a fierce pose. Here’s proof that I have a little…problem..and I blame it all on June Ambrose. *exits stage*


Picture 7 of 7

…and she started this  obsession…but I’m not complaining…

June Ambrose, mother of turban tying!

June turning turbans...I just couldn't NOT post this..

 Now I’m tempted to go find a good scarf so I can wear a turban tomorrow! See what yall started? (I’ll blame anyone).
with style ~Sharontina

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  1. Chaucee February 12, 2012 / 3:39 AM

    I’m in love with head scarves lately. These are styled nicely too!

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