Michelle Obama BRINGS IT on iCarly


Photo credit: TeenStarsWorld.com

So, I am such a big kid and watch Nickelodeon’s hit show, iCarly on the regular, but when I found out THE First Lady, Michelle  Obama, would be making a debut, I set an alarm! I’ve honestly been looking forward to this episode for weeks now, and it sure didn’t let me down! The premise of iCarly revolves around Carly, her big brother Spencer, and her two best friends. Carly and Spencer’s father is in the military, and so Spencer cares for Carly while he’s away. We all know that one of Michelle Obama’s biggest platforms is recognizing military families and showcasing how unique they are, while shining light on the hardships they often face and ways they an overcome them. Of coure this was the PERFECT show for Mrs.O to make her acting debut, and I’m sure her girls were excited, as she quoted on the show. Mrs.O was just as poised and classic as she always is, rocking a haute red pant and a classic short sleeved top with a subtle, but intricate detail, and neutral flats, you know how she does!!! She was a natural, and I’m sure I’ll watch this episode 8 more times! haha… Below is a small segment from her debut on iCarly,check your local listings of Nickelodeon to catch a repeat of the entire show (Mrs.Obama has a long segment and trust, Nickelodeon will replay the episode many times). Enjoy!

p.s. Jan 17th is Michelle Obama’s birthday!!! Shine on First lady, shine on! xo

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