Nail Fun Party!

Recently we had a family gathering and of course I love to spoil my little cousins, so I decided to give them some cool nail art! They knew exactly what they wanted and I was there to bring their visions to life! haha. For some reason the zebra print design seemed to make its way onto all of their hands although I tried to convince them to be “original”. Anywho, I just wanted to compile the pics all into one post so I don’t have to keep twitpic’ing them… So, here they are!

The design I currently have…

Nashyah, 7- baby pink and purple w/purple sparkles upon her request!

Sanaa, 8- baby pink and purple laced with zebra print!

Paullette, 38- BRIGHT yellow w/zebra/bumble bee print haha..

Taje’, 8- she wanted almost every color on her nails! see for yourself!

Jameelah, 11- pink and silver combo with black lines

Breana, 16- She got realllly creative with what she wanted.. Cheetah, silver, purple, zebra..

..both hands

Tyic, 18- was she…they had me doing crazy combinations!:)

Tyjanae, 14- My little sister, who was the easiest on

..and here’s what I’m wearing, Dalmatian- left hand…

Zebra, right hand…

I’m sure the polish on my nails will be changed tonight so that means new pics will be added..ha! Hope you like, we had fun at our impromptu Nail Fun Party!
Sharontina B.

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