Next Stop, Destination IMAN!

Hello there awesome people!

It’s a great Friday, and all is well on The Runway Times’ … runway. Any who, I come to you today with some banter (my new favorite word) about a little vacation I went on recently. I was minding my own business one day, and the fashion goddess, Iman, comes sauntering–y’all know, her signature prowess of a glide-strut– all up all in my Twitter timeline, like “Hey y’all, check out my new website!”– in a much better and elegant all-caps-everything way Iman says things– and you know I was on the site before she could even send the tweet… (insert giggle).

So, I take my curious Georgina self on over to Destination Iman, as it is affectionately named with much purpose, and that was it guys… my bags were mysteriously packed and I was on vacation! I’ll break it down in points, because if I don’t, we could be here all night and I know y’all have stuff to do.

Destination IMAN

Destination IMAN

  • When the web page opens, it feels like you just landed on an isolated island that only the “invited” crew get to go to. The site is very clean and easy to navigate, yet has an cultural aesthetic about it that makes me want to turn on some caribbean tunes and whip out my sarong. Iman calls it ‘authentic chic’ and I agree… something that can’t be duplicated.


  • All of Iman’s brands are right there, in one place. Iman has literally built an empire that stands on her four-letter name, and boy does she do it justice. From Iman Cosmetics, to Global Chic, to Iman Home; she does it all, with class , style and grace of course. The site displays pages for each one of her stellar brands, with the option to “explore” if you dare (I added in the “if you dare” part for dramatic effect!).


Destination IMAN

Explore the brands!


  • It’s set up by issue, so each month you can expect something new, can’t wait to see how it changes each month! Along with monthly issues and articles about fashion, style, and the like, Iman will write a monthly blog called ‘Ageless Chic’, where she states that she’ll be “unapologetically sharing the secret to not looking frumpy without looking shamefully trendy.” I don’t know about you, but I’ll be in the front row… and I know a few other people who need front row seats as well (insert large tree for shade).
  •  …and my favorite part, the “About” page, which is usually loaded with lots of words of the events of one’s life and blah blah blah, but in this case, Iman showcases through imagery and snippets of attention grabbing articles, her philanthropic efforts, the legacy she’s built through fashion, and ‘IMAN TV’ where you can see her in action as a mogul and businesswoman.


Okay, I think I’ve ‘talked’ enough, time for you to tag along! Now, I’ve already booked your ticket, so all you have to do is click HERE! In the snap of a finger, you’ll be here –Dorothy clicking her heels three times style–, living that good Destination Iman vacation life where they serve fashion cocktails, Afterglow replaces the sun, and you have a different bag for every occasion. See ya there!


Thanks, Iman, for continuing to show us how it’s supposed to be done! You inspire me because of…


Your elegance…


your beauty…

your sophistication…


with style~ Sharontina B.



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