ALL NYFW Shows Go LIVE! Cash Cow or Crutch?

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Did you know that starting this season (which is in like…6 days), all shows that will be presented during Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week at Lincoln Center will be live streamed?! It’s a dream come true for those that either don’t have the clout to get into the shows, or those who can’t get to new York City for some reason or another (I’m generally a mix of those two, so don’t feel bad if you fall into that group). IMG has partnered with Rightster, a worldwide media content distributor, to bring live streamed shows of EVERY designer, plus on-demand videos from each of them. Talk about exclusivity! But for who? I can play the devil’s advocate here on behalf of the taste makers that new York Fashion Week was intended for; the buyers, stylists, socialites, and fashion innovators that get these collections where they need to be.

I would think that those groups of people just listed are either livid, or they don’t care at all in the context of this decision. Livid, because I could see how it may seem like their exclusivity is being taken away from what was once such mystery, “What really happens on those runways?”. Before, the world didn’t have as much insider access to fashion week as they do now, but with the coming of innovative technologies and the blogger culture, it’s almost instinct to share! And with that growing instinct are the consumers, enthusiasts, and the like demanding it. The ones that don’t care are probably those who are very welcoming of change and evolution. They don’t feel threatened, and they shouldn’t.

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I personally think it’s a great idea. I loved when Maybelline took the initiative over the past few seasons to live stream select shows, and I’m sure they did too after seeing such a great reaction to their generosity. There are so many people who share a love for beauty and fashion and only dream of being able to attend shows at NYFW, but with the reality, everyone won’t get that chance and at least this is a shot at letting them get one step closer. We live in a fast-growing media culture, so I feel like this was essentially inevitable. I know one thing, since I have school all week and can’t be in New York to attend shows at the same time, I will be watching those live streams and loving every minute! I thank IMG and Rightster for understanding my complicated, busy-life situation. HA!

What do you think about this collab? Do you think IMG has taken the magic and mystery away from fashion week by making it fully accessible to everyone? or do you think this will end up providing a better ROI for the designers presenting? I’m really interested in knowing where others stand with this one!

Starting on Feb 7th, IMG+Rightster will live stream all shows on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week website and on their Facebook. Don’t miss out this time. Why? Well, because now you don’t have to. Your personal invite has just arrived.



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