Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Wendy Wants to Hear Your Stories

“How Youuuu Doin?!”

I’m so trying to be like one of my favorite TV Talk Show Hosts, Ms. Wendy Williams, as I greet you this afternoon and share a very special moment from today’s show. (Click image to watch)



Today, Wendy sent me a special  SHOUT OUT and wanted to share her “Eye Candy of the Day”, a fun segment she does each day where she highlights a stylish fashionista(o) in her audience. Today, the lucky winner was Dawn of Patterson New Jersey, who is a breast cancer survivor! Many of us have been affected by breast cancer, whether it’s by being survivors ourselves, or having family of friends that have been affected. In June of 2007, I lost the most important person in my life, my grandmother, to breast cancer. I remember her most for her loving spirit, her emphasis on the importance of higher education, and all of the values she instilled in me to always be the best ME that I could be. I also have to honor the First Lady of my home church, Angela Waller, for being a 7 year breast cancer survivor! She is one of the most phenomenal, dynamic, and inspirational women I know, and her resilience and love of life is infectious and awe-inspiring!

As many of us have similar stories, October is a month where we can celebrate the lives of those who have won the battle, and of those who have lost it, but not without putting up a fight! I’d like to invite you to honor your loved ones, survivors and those that have gone on, to continue to express our love for them and to continue to strive toward finding a cure and offering comfort and love to those still in the fight. Wendy would love to hear your stories, stories that can continue to inspire those still in this fight.

Here’s mine, and I hope you will join me <3

For my grandmother who lost her battle with breast cancer:

My name is Sharontina, and I am honoring my grandmother, Carol Matthews. She was smart, loving, and selfless.  <3


For my First Lady who won her fight against breast cancer:

My name is Sharontina, and I am honoring my First Lady, Angela Waller. She is beautiful, independent, and a dynamic leader.”

Please join me in honoring someone…

For You:

My name is __________, and I am honoring ___________, my __________. She is/was ___________ ,____________, and ____________.