A Motherless Child: Remembering Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina



I am so deeply saddened by the passing of Bobbi Kristina Brown. Deeply. Three years ago when I heard of the passing of her mother, Whitney Houston, after the initial shock, I immediately thought of her baby girl. So many things ran through my mind. Like imagining the pain she was feeling (unimaginable), wondering if she’d have the necessary support and room to grieve her best friend, her mother.  I imagined myself at 19, wondering if I’d have the strength big enough to get through losing my mother. Following Bobbi Kristina on social media gave me a glimpse into how she was dealing with it, and I’m sure it was only the part she wanted or could allow the world to see. Almost every post was about her mother, how much she missed her, how hard it had been just living day to day without her. I often got emotional and even cried a few times just out of pure empathy and the thought of such a loss.

I prayed for her when I’d see those posts, I sent encouraging tweets (as I’m sure did many), and I just hoped that the family would keep a tight hold of support and protection around her. The world knew her story, we’d all watched her grow up from the beginning until now. The shows where Whitney would bring her on stage to do a cute duet, being photographed alongside her infamous parents out and about, and even by way of their family reality show. She had to grow up fast and deal with many complex issues that were in the hand she was dealt. She was her Mother’s protector and safe keeper of sanity, especially during Whitney’s trying past of highly publicized triumph.




In January when news broke of the incident that occurred which put Bobbi Kristina in the state that she ultimately succumbed to, my heart was completely broken. For the series of events to be so similar to her Mother’s was almost haunting. All I wanted to know was how it happened and I prayed so desperately that she’d pull through. Although that’s what we all hoped for, God had a different plan for her, and as sad as it is to have lost her at such a young age and in such a tragic way, part of it is comforting to me. Knowing that she is reunited with the absolute love of her life. I know that the technical cause of death will be laced with complicated medial jargon, but I truly believe she died of a broken heart; the loss of the greatest love she’d known.

I pray that both of their souls are at rest together and that they can finally be at peace. Rest peacefully babygirl, now go take care of your Mom like you always have <3


Bobbi Kristina


With deep love,