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Happy New Year!

And TGIF! I hope you have all had a joyous holiday season, it’s always great to spend time in celebration with friends and family. I haven’t chatted with you guys all year! ūüėČ Well, this year there will be some changes on le blog, I want to give you MORE. More of me, my style and the style of others, profiles of amazing people who do awesome things not just in fashion, but in life, more beauty, more event coverage, more discussion, just more. In a few weeks, I’ll be going into my last semester of undergrad which will pose challenges of time management and stress management in itself, but I know from experience that being able to talk to you all over here helps a lot. I get to be creative, I get to have fun, I get to express myself. Simple as that. As a blogger, focus and organization is key, and sometimes it takes a while to get into the swing of things. I find that schedules work for me, schedules that I literally write down on paper and stick somewhere¬†I can see it. So getting my ish together for a better blog is no different. Here’s what I wrote:

The Runway Times

The weekly run of things


Just to break it down a little more…

Mondays: Freestyle post- I get to write about whatevveerrrrrrr I want to. This particular type of post is important to me because I don’t really like the limitations a schedule sometimes provide, but it doesn’t help me hold myself accountable. These posts could include discussions about issues in the beauty and fashion industries, event coverage, an OOTD post, or anything else that comes to mind. Mondays usually aren’t the most favorable day of the week, so let’s make it fun!

Tuesday: No post because I have like 10 classes that day and I’m sure my brain will be mush by the end of the day. I’m not even sure if I scheduled a lunch break in there. Yikes.

Wednesday: Wear it Wednesday- Chiche’? Well, posts on this day will be dedicated to my faaaaavorite thing ever, STYLE. Could be as simple as an OOTD post of myself or another fashionable creature, or styling DIYs, videos, and how-tos. I’m even considering style submissions, maybe you don’t blog but you’re into fashion and would like to show off your style. I’m always open to that (just email to

Thursday: The Profile- Ahhhh, nothing like a good ‘ol profile to learn something new about someone already making a difference, on their way to, or just starting out. This will include profiles I construct, interviews, and shout-outs all for the purpose of learning something new¬†about someone, whether they are in the fashion or beauty industry, or not. I love uplifting and promoting people doing great things and inspiring others. I will also allow submissions for this category too, as I know my two eyes won’t discover all of the great people out there doing their thing.

Friday: On Trend- Well, it’s a new year and sort of a new season, and we all know both of these bring new style trends (or fads) that take hold of closets and Instagram photos, and then disappear….or not. We’ll dish about all the latest, projections for the future, and of course show how people rock them. I’m all innnnnnn.

Also, throughout the week I’ll be posting my random style and everything else musings on my Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to follow me there (both @TyrasLilSis).


Since it’s Friday, I guess that means it’s “On Trend” day, and today we are talking spikes and studs! Ok, spikes and studs on apparel is NOTHING NEW, we know this, but recently it has come back full force and doesn’t’t seem to be slowing down. For obvious reasons spikes and studs give not only visual appeal and dimension, but that rough edginess the rocker girls always have, and we like it. For some, it’s a little bold and on the wild side, but depending on how it’s done, it can just give your style the tiny bit of flare you are seeking. I have to say that I deeply for the studded and spiked had “thing”, and even started making them myself. Yes, I even opened a mini shop on my branding website,, for people to check out some of the styles I’ve come up with, like my favorite “I BLOG” hat and the “Frequency” hat for the music lovers..




Besides that, here are some other styled stud and spiked out¬†ensembles that I’m really feeling…

Are you feeling the stud and spike trend? Do you consider it a classic? Do you think it will fade away again? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

For next week’s “On Trend” post, I’ll be doing a how-to DIY spike and studded hat tutorial! I love crafts and DIY, hope you will join me!


with style~ Sharontina B.

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