Style Cravings


This morning I opened my eyes and do you know what my first thought was? I thought to myself, “I have a taste for a suit, a tightly turned turban, and a BOLD ass red lip! Yes, that was my FIRST thought of the day…sad right? I’m supposed to give God his props for waking me up and all….but you see how my mind does me? In any event, I can truly say that contemplating on what to wear for the day excites me in the same value each time I do it. I love the fact that, despite popular belief that I have 3 closets full of clothes, I have one measly small closet with all my favorite pieces that I just reinvent each time I wear them. closet really isn't about that life...


I mix and match, pair old with new, and even turn pieces into what I want them to be (i..e my button up once transformed into a turban…my clothes like role playing).

So, when I finally pried myself out of bed I ran over to my closet and pulled out my “presentation suit”, which I call it because I normally only wear it when I have to give a business presentation at school…or for an interview. I wanted to give my suit a new title, you know…swag it out a little bit (did I really just say that?). When I wear that suit, it gives me this sense of power and authority, a confidence I feel one should have anytime they rock anything! In any event, the suit gave me an extra boost and turning the turban only made me feel more like a powerhouse! Once the turban was tied, oxfords were on and red lipstick applied, no one could tell me a thing….LOL. All day at school people kept asking me why I was all dressed up in a suit, but does there really need to be a reason? I responded with, “No reason…I just felt like wearing a suit”, and attached a gentle smile at the end. It was fun….I really love the freedom of being able to express myself through what I wear.



Suit: Ross, $40 (A Collegenista on a budget loves to get a haute find on an even HAUTEr price)

Shirt: Thrift store, $4

Oxfords: Eternity Fashion(Local retailer), $20

Turban: H&M pashmina, $20

Earrings: Sorrelli, gift

Bracelets (set): H&M, $7

Watch: Armitron, $40

Turquoise ring:NYC  jewelry supply store, $1


All the business school people always look at me like I’m a rebel or something, they’ll get used to me one day…


*p.s.. I tweeted my OOTD pic to my STYLECON, June Ambrose, and she responded “U R a Renaissance lady” *dies a little* ..ok, bye.



with style~ Sharontina B.

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