Cosmetic Chemistry, Who Knew?


I recently attended a FAB event, hosted by The Fab Network called  “The Chemistry Behind Cosmetics”, and let me just say this, I will never look at my makeup the same way again! The panel included chemists from L’Oreal USA, Ron Robinson of, a chemist who manufactures polymers but is enthralled with beauty and is trying to make her way in, and an entrepreneurial chemist who is HILARIOUS and gave us the tea on work-life balance as a chemist in this industry! I decided to write the event recap on my new & improved personal branding site, Her Brand DNA because the women (and one FAB guy), were dynamic, extremely intelligent, and about their business! Click the image below to check out the post and learn more about my new site, Her Brand DNA!



with style~ Sharontina B.


Guru Spotlight: Damone Roberts and JaMaal Buster

The MJ of brow beautifying, the go to guru of the stars and everyday woman alike, none other than the beautiful person that is Damone Roberts! As with many of our inspirational beauties, I simply adore Damone Roberts for the work he does, with the mission to help us achieve OUR beautiful. Damone is most heralded for his expertise in brow sculpting and makeup artistry, using some of our favorite beauties as his canvas; ones such as Beyonce, Madonna, Megan Fox, Vanessa Williams… and the list goes on!

In addition to serving as the artist who helps us interpret the beauty we are aiming to acquire through makeup and perfect brows, he created tools to…literally make it happen! Yes, he has created a product line that includes a complete brow kit, which includes everything you will need to get the perfect brows, brow pencils, shadows and highlighters, the most popular brow gain and signature tweezers, and much more!

I was introduced to Damone Roberts via Twitter, and one thing I vividly remember is how he inspired me to work on my own dreams and goals. Around New Years, Damone tweeted that he made a dream board every year and asked if any of us would join him and make one of our own. Once he explained to us exactly what it consisted of, I thought it was BEYOND a great idea that was creative and would allow us to SEE our goals and hold ourselves more accountable to working towards achieving them. I distinctively remember him putting Oprah on his board that year, and just guess who became a contributing editor to! DAMONE! I knew he was a force to be reckoned with and I loved that he wanted to see us excel similarly, in our own paths.

Damone has decided to spread his knowledge and educate artists with his Master Class that will take place TODAY(June 13th), with the purpose to take artists to the next level! During the master class, Damone’s plan is to equip artists with tips and secrets from his own creative knowledge and experience, while giving them advice on how to run a successful business. I’M excited for the master class as if I was attending because I KNOW that those in attendance will benefit so greatly from the wealth of knowledge he gives.

In addition to the education and fun he will be providing at the Master Class, Damone will have guest speakers, one of which will be THE eye lash guru Ja’Maal Buster!!!!

Ok, before I even speak on Ja’Maal Buster’s loveliness, I have to speak on such a special moment I just happened to catch. I logged on to Twitter one day, and Damone Roberts was tweeting about how Ja’Maal used to work with him at his salon and that it’s where he got his start. He spoke on the exceptional performance JaMaal provided while working with him and how he could see passion in the work he did, especially in lash application*wink*. Long story short, I learned that Damone was one of Ja’Maal’s biggest mentors and was a guiding light in the beginning of his career as an artist, AMAZING. If anyone was on Twitter for that exchange, you saw how beautiful it was…

Now Ja’Maal Buster… let me just say that he is a creative genius before I say anything else! He is sooooo SO passionate about what he does, and even if someone had NO interest in beauty of any sort, I KNOW for a fact they would be able to feel the passion he emits in reference to his work! Similarly, I was introduced to Ja’Maal via one of my beauty twitter friends, and I have to say that he is one of my favorite people to “follow”! He makes my time line light up with humor and hilarious anecdotes faithfully. He may like to entertain his “lash barbies”, but he is serious about his work and his brand.

Ja’Maal Buster lashes are some of the most innovative false lashes that are available in a variety of styles, and lengths. In addition to variety, Ja’Maal Buster lashes have the BEST names ever; ones such as “Second Date Guaranteed“, “Daddy’s Little Girl“, “Socialite“, “Hollyweird“, “Disturbia” and much more, names that give each pair of lashes a personality that will compliment that of the person wearing them. He is the lash guru to stars that include, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul, Keri Hilson, and many more! I recently won a pair of “2nd Date Guaranteed” lashes in a twitter contest done by Ja’Maal, and I’m seriously not going to wear them until I go on a date…HA! Ja’Maal recently announced new lashes that will be available, with names like “Ms. Innocent”, High Maintenance” and many more with interesting names that I can’t wait to see!

Both Damone and Ja’Maal are gems to the beauty industry and make it their primary priority to make sure that women look and feel beautiful. I am sure that Damone’s Master Class will be nothing short of greatness and that those in attendance will walk away with so much knowledge that their brands and businesses will prosper immediately! I’m excited to vicariously attend the Master Class (that is if anyone decides to tweet…lol), and if not, I can’t wait to hear about it upon its completion!

I had a lot of fun writing this posts about two more of my beauty inspirations, I truly admire them and I must add that they both have great hair, which I’m sure they’ve heard me say enough! 😉
Thanks for reading,

Sharontina B.