National Lipstick Day: I get Soooo Weak!

* Cue SWV in perfect harmony* “I get soooo weak in the knees, I can hardly speak, I lose all control and something takes oooover me. In a daze it is so amazing, it’s not a phase I want you to stay with me”.

To know me is to know that this is how I feel about lipstick, especially red lipstick! To celebrate National Lipstick Day with a mere 10 mins (well, when I started this post)  left in the day, here’s my top 5 favorites; countdown style! And shrinking building this list was damn hard!

5. Wet ‘n Wild Salsa Lessons : A sexy& tangy orange-y-red that’s full of luster and shine (and it’s like $2!! Don’t sleep on Wet n Wild, they came up!)


4. IMAN Cosmetics Black Brandy: It’s like a rich, Bordeaux wine waiting to be tasted! Matte finish perfect for an ode to the 90s

3. BOBBI BROWN Pink 6: BEST. MATTE. PINK. EVER. Seriously. Part of a limited edition breast cancer awareness collection.

2. AJ Crimson’s Bondage: I feel like one of Charlie’s Angels when I wear this; sexy and invincible!









1. Sam Fine for fashion Fair: Dynasty Red: Wooo lawd, sultry. Sexy. Captivating. Lustrous. Classy. Beautiful shine. Just a sexy, sexy ass red!


I hope the lipstick gawds are a little satisfied with this list, these really are SOME of my favorites. I wanted to give a little variety, but know that I can be very brand loyal at times. I’ll be back soon with more beauty posts, just could not miss National Lipstick Day!

What are some of your favorite lipsticks? Leave them in the comments below, I need some new ones to try!!



with style~ Sharontina B.

A ‘Commander In Chic’ Evening with Mikki Taylor

I think it’s safe to say that if you are reading this, Mikki Taylor’s name rings a bell in the fashion, beauty, or self love department of your mind. She has been a pioneer and “quintessential authority”, as she states it, of beauty and fashion for over 3 decades. Serving as ESSENCE Magazine’s Beauty and Cover Director, and now Editor-at-Large, Mrs.Taylor knows a thing or two 652,684,765,665,738 about what WE want, need, and admire about fashion, beauty and style!

It is no surprise to me that Mrs.Taylor decided to write the style, fashion, beauty, self appreciation and much more guide that is ‘Commander In Chic’, which I am now calling “the guide to it all”. Commander In Chic’s muse is none other than our First Lady, Michelle Obama, and the fact that Mrs.O is the muse says in itself that, along with Mikki Taylor’s unprecedented knowledge and advice, this book would be nothing short of greatness for ANY woman. I know that personally, I’ve been anticipating this book since the minute I found out about it! As I began seeing tweets, articles, and all sorts of announcements of what Commander In Chic would bring to us and the significance it would hold in our lives, it only made the anticipation worse…in the best possible way.

I remember back in September..ish when I found out Mikki Taylor was on Twitter via Oscar James and Sam Fine, as they basically said “yall are crazy if you don’t follow her!”…using much more endearing words of course. Since then, tweeting with Mikki Taylor has been a blast, as she has mastered “the art of tweeting”. Yes, there’s an art to it and open, genuine communication with supporters is the biggest component. When she enters my TL, it’s often a message of inspiration, a note to challenge self, a call for making a self affirmation that will take you higher in your own mindset and in others’ for that matter. It’s always about building, bettering, and BEing…and I love it. She once tweeted saying that through the support we all lend each other on Twitter and beyond, we are all like one big family! I responded by saying “Yes!..and I’m adopting you as my new Aunt Mikki with all the best fashion tips!” We all have that cool aunt that knows all the latest on fashion, is stylish, and all around fun!…sounds like Mikki Taylor to me ;-).

Upon the release of Commander In Chic, many of us patiently waited for the announcement of public book signings where we’d get a chance to finally meet Mikki Taylor and have our books graced with the signature of a legend. I decided to go to the signing that fell directly on the release date of the book, thrilled because I knew I’d get a dose of the exalted excitement from the day! After school, I started on my journey from Philadelphia, PA to NYC and as the rain poured down during the entire journey slowing traffic and my hopes of being on time, I got a little worried that I’d miss it! I arrived at Barnes & Nobles and as I walked in and asked for direction, the employee informed me that I had JUST missed the event. I was CRUSHED….simply crushed. As I made my way back toward the exit, I realized that I should probably use the ladies room before embarking on my 2 hour  journey back to Philly, and as I made my way back to the lower level, I turned the corner and ran right into….MIKKI TAYLOR! yes, I froze in place and then just smiled! I was ready with hand extended to introduce myself, but to my surprise she said “TyrasLilSis” before I could mouth a word. We chatted for a few about being happy to finally meet one another, took a FAB photo, and she signed my copy of Commander In Chic.

“Our meeting was short, but powerful!” Mikki later stated on Twitter as I expressed my thanks. Although I didn’t get to attend the actual book event, I was happy to have met Mrs.Taylor, even if it was a 5 minute one-on-one! Later in the weeks as she announced more appearances, she decided to do a contest in which the winner would be granted access to one of her private events. Anyone that knows me, knows that I CANNOT pass up a contest, even if I don’t want to win. I participated in the contest,answering all of the contest questions (hopefully all correct) and got chosen as one of the lucky winners to attend her private event! Of course I was excited, but I decided that since I got to Meet Mrs.Taylor last week, that I’d give my spot to someone else. Well, she was not trying to hear that…hahahahaha…. When she expressed that she would like me to come if I was available, that’s all I needed to hear! Last night the private event  took place at the Bobbi Brown studio, in Montclair, NJ…a night to remember!

I attended with two fellow bloggers, Stephanie and Merli, and we had a blast! We arrived early and as we anxiously awaited Mrs.Taylor’s arrival, the Bobbi Brown team showed the utter most hospitality; so warm and inviting. When Mikki Taylor walked in, the room lit up! She walked in with her cheerful smile greeting attendants, and when she spotted me she yelled with excitement, “TyrasLilSis!”…I laughed so hard, but my heart was filled knowing that she was happy to see me there. The night was filled with beauty as the Bobbi Brown team did mini makeovers on the beautiful Commander in Chic’s using some of Mrs.Taylor’s favorite nudes as discussed in the book.

After a few makeovers, Mrs.Taylor sat down to talk all things Commander In Chic!

Mikki Taylor told us about how her love for fashion and style began, her mother being a major influence, why she aims to find ways to bring women higher, why Michelle Obama was the perfect muse, and shared many of her fun, real, and quick witted Mikkiisms! It was such a powerful moment as she shared herself with us and encourage questions. After we all asked the burning questions we had, we did more getting beautified, eating, and sharing love with each other!

And of course the signing!

It was a great night, and the Bobbi Brown team was PHENOMENAL! Merli and I practically closed the studio with them from getting caught up talking about makeup, fashion, and Oscar de la Renta’s renewed license to make perfume…haha

It was a night to remember…

p.s. Mrs.Taylor came dressed to kill in black top w/ lace detail, her chic Carolina Herrera skirt, sky high patent Louboutins, and a KILLER mink vest!….I died…just a little.

Thanks for reading,
Sharontina B.