My NEW Fashion Guilty Pleasure: 24 Hour Catwalk w/ Alexa Chung

24 Hour Catwalk judges from left: James LaForce, Alexa Chung, Derek Blasberg, and Cynthia Rowley. (Image from

I can honestly say that there is a new reality show being premiered like every other week, and since I’m sort of a reality TV snob and shy away from them often times, it’s odd for me to even watch TV since that’s all the comes on! What I will say, is that I LOVE when I see that there is a new fashion related reality show because they are always spicy!!  Today I happened to be watching Dance Moms (so much for a reality TV snob, huh?) and I saw the promo commercial for the new show, 24 Hour Catwalk with host, Alexa Chung! Of course I HAD to watch, and I must say that the premiere episode was a hit!! First of all, Alexa Chung was a great choice for a host, along with famed fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, Fashion Editor Derek Blasberg, and media and communications powerhouse James LaForce. On the show, four designers are chosen on each episode and must first compete against each other in a challenge where they have to transform a random item of clothing that is pulled from a trunk of secrecy; it’s kind of like Iron Chef meets….’you have TWO hours to do this’! That challenge weeds out the weakest linkS as two designers are cut, leaving the remaining two for the ultimate 24 hour challenge!

The remaining two hopefuls are then presented with another trunk full of surprises where they have to incorporate the items in the trunk, are provided with three professional sewers, and have exactly 24 hours to design and produce a collection of three different looks based on the assigned theme. Tonight’s premiere episode was fun!! The first challenge was for the contestants to transform a football jersey into something a soccer mom could wear. I’ll admit that it was hilarious, yet intriguing to see what the designers came up with, but they were judged based upon creativity, aesthetics, and utility. In the final 24 hour challenge where they had to create a collection of three looks, the two remaining designers were told that the woman they were designing for was going “GLAMPING”, “Glamour camping”, and were given beautiful Swarovski crystals that they had to incorporate in each of their looks. After a crazy all-nighter filled with stress, uncertainty, and sewing, the designers finally pulled it together and showed off their collections in the first catwalk of the show!

What I love most is that the show doesn’t focus on one big group of designers and eliminate them one by one in a long 10 episode series; instead, there are four new designers given a shot at winning the $10,000 prize EVERY episode! This means that we can always expect something new and fun, because we’ll never know what personalities the designers will bring! I’m overly excited about next week’s episode, can’t wait to see what the catwalk will bring us!

Stay tuned for a recap and thoughts of next week’s episode and make sure to tune in on Lifetime every Tuesday at 10pm ET! THIS my friends, is my NEW fashion  guilty pleasure!