Philly Gets Fancy with 17 Days of Fashion!

Hi lovers of style, beauty, and fashion!


17 days of Fashion


Guess what? It’s that time again, Philly is about to show off their (our) cute side with the ever-so-chic, 3rd annual 17 Days of Fashion, YES! 17 Days of Fashion is an annual event birthed by the founding members of the Philadelphia Fashion Consortium (PFC), with a goal to showcase Philadelphia’s unique style, and to raise money for chairty. Both of these goals have been met through the past 2 year’s events, and many are looking forward to another great year! The event hosts 21 shows and events over the two-week period, all of which add to the mission of bringing Philly’s style to the forefront, in only a way that we can do it! Executive Director, Anthony Henderson, says, “Philadelphia has great fashion and style, and it will be on display for 17 Days!”. If I may, I’d like to agree, and also say that the range of events offered is great! Fashion shows and events for both our lean ladies and full figured beauties, in-store events, black-tie events and more were hosted last year, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s in store this time around!

The Runway Times  will be covering some of this year’s events, so definitely stay tuned for the official list of events and coverage! I hope some of my other fashion-savvy Philadelphians will be in attendence, yes? Let me know I’d love to meet up in the name of fashion! Below are flyers from just a few of the events that will take place during this year’s 17… Days of Fashion, I am so excited about the 80s-fashion dance-off party! YES!!!

This doesn’t even touch the range of the events on this year’s list , click HERE to see the list of events posted so far, and make sure to follow 17 Days of Fashion on Twitter, Facebook, and visit them at for more information. See you there!


with style~ Sharontina B.

Let’s Go to The Makeup Show!: Beauty, Education, & Shopping at TMS NY 2012

Hey everyone!

A very excited ME is back from the longest 2 weeks of papers and studying and finals; I FINALLY can take a deep sigh of relief! May is always a special month for me, one reason being that it’s my birthday month (I’ll be 22 on the 22nd, how ironic?), it’s also the birthday month for some of the closest people to me (Yes, I get excited for other people’s birthdays too), and it’s the month when The Makeup Show comes to New York City! On May 13th 9:00am-6:00pm and May 14th 9:00am-5:00pm at the Metropolitan Pavillion, The Makeup Show will bring over 60 top beauty brands to artists and the beauty industry, giving them first dibs on the newest products and services, in addition to remarkable educational opportunities.

Last year was my first year attending The Makeup Show, interning with the amazing Crystal Wright, and this year I’ll be returning as The Runway Times to get a look at the newest product launches, beauty trends, learn from the industry’s best educators, and to network with many of the amazing artists that are the reason The Makeup Show exists. As you may know, The Makeup Show is the largest pro-only beauty event  and is the meeting ground for artists–aspiring and seasoned– to meet, learn, shop, and enrich themselves with the wealth of resources made available at this one of a kind trade show.



This year’s show will offer SO MANY goodies to artists, with keynote addresses from pros such as makeup artist and hair stylist Johnny Lavoy, who will demonstrate his master makeup application skills that have catapulted him to the top; makeup artist Frances Hathaway,  who will be led in a Q&A by Michael DeVellis about her impeccable career as one of the top artists in the industry, and Sutan Amrull, a truly unique artist that will show us some of his application techniques– just to name a few. To view all keynote speakers, click here 

In addition to keynote addresses, the plethora of seminars and events are sure to provide insight to artists in any discipline of artistry that tickles their brushes! Seminars that I’m looking most forward to include, “Beauty and the Blog”, hosted by some of my favs (Lianne Farbes, Felicia Walker Benson, Sherry Blossom, Victoria Stiles, and Jen James), who will dish on how to develop a blog and become a part of the growing network of beauty bloggers, and “Making Up with Ricky Wilson”, where the phenomenal Makeup Artist, Ricky Wilson, will speak about his career and how he thrives on enhancing the beauty of a woman by helping her discover her own unique beauty through makeup. I also look forward to seeing the “Industry Insight”  panel, where representatives from all aspects of the beauty industry will speak from their perspective about what it takes to be successful in the industry, and the “Breaking Down Barriers” panel discussion led by Crystal Wright, Maurice Stein and Michael DeVellis, where they will get down to the business of the business and offer career advice and real talk about changes affecting the industry as well as work and educational opportunities available.  There will also be special FX seminars offered! Click here to view the full list of seminars & events.

…and guess what else???? Ready??? The Makeup Show Artists will be debuting their limited edition personalized brush collection at The Makeup Show NY!!!

The Makeup Show Artists create a signature brush line!

The brush line includes a set of 13 brushes, personalized with each artist’s signature to mark the tools most essential to them and their unique techniques.  Sets include…

James Vincent: Medium Oval Shadow Brush,  Sable Angle Liner,  Small Fan Brush

Orlando Santiago: Deluxe Crease Brush,  Large Red Sable Oval, Small red Sable Oval

Jon Hennessey: Kabuki Brush, Complexion Brush

Danessa Myricks: Firm Oval Camoflage, Soft Blending Oval

Esterique Aidan: Deluxe Sable Shader, Detail Mini Chisel, Deluxe Pointed Crease

You can purchase individual artists’ sets for $20, or the full collection of for $90 at The Makeup Show this weekend! They will be available exclusively on this summer.

Another launch I’m excited about is MAKE UP FOREVER’s aqua liner and aqua cream shades! The cream shades are available in yellow, lime green, pastel blue, and purple–talk about HYPED.

The Makeup Show NY will also offer hands-on workshops with industry leaders in categories of “Fundamentals”, “Focus”, and “Function”! Learn more here


I’m SUPER excited about this year’s show, are you??? If you haven’t purchased your ticket(s) yet, make sure to do so ASAP because TODAY (May 10th) is the LAST day to purchase advanced priced tickets!!


I can’t wait to see you all this weekend! Until then…



with style(and beauty)~ Sharontina B. 😉

F.A.B. Philanthropic Fashion Week Party: Fashion, Fun, and More Fashion!

F.A.B. Fashion Week Party 2012

Hey everyone!

During my fashion week frenzy, I attended the F.A.B. Philanthropic fashion week party, and let me just say this….they know how to PARTY!!! Honestly, it was the perfect mix of music, models, beautiful people dressed in their best, and entertainment. 300+ made up of a mix of fashion editors, bloggers, philanthropists, and fashion obsessed came together to celebrate fashion and give to an amazing cause. The F.A.B. event is organized by B Spa Bar and Celebrity Stylist, Jorge Luis + Jessica La-Rotta, Founder of StyleEast Group, Elena and Rachael Baxter, Co-founders of Lifestyle + Charity magazine. A portion of the proceeds was donated to The Toshi Now Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing artists and all seeking in fields of arts and entertainment with opportunities for growth and a platform to showcase their talents.

The F.A.B. party was hosted by Latina reality stars, Marissa and Marianela Gonzalez, also known as “Las Gemelas Lulu y Lala”, who were FAB indeed! When I arrived, the party was in FULL swing! Music, drinks, and smiles floated about the posh lobby of the Flatiron Hotel, which was such the perfect location…simply beautiful. Of course in the wake of fashion week, featured designers showcased their designs, and of course I had to take photos to show you all. Four designers were featured, view photos from their collections below…

Lizzy Gomez

Lizzy Gomez’s collection was like a walk through the decades, with timeless gowns honoring the roaring 20s, toa  contemporary spin on a 70s look. I loved the high Hollywood glamour incorporated into each look.

Johnny Russia

Johnny Russia’s collection was a play on rocker fashion with an edge. The trims used on these garments were very exagerrated, creating interesting points of contrast in each piece.

Sandra Baquero

Sandra Baquero’s collection was a chic rendition of the contemporary British guard who rocks a blocked dress with ease. The shapes created within the dresses gave the pieces dimension and the statement piece accessoroes gave each garment a distinct its own flare, and the fur hats took the look to the next level! Loved it!

I have ONE word for this collection: SEXY! Litaerally, every piece said “Come hither”…well, not to me…but to her counterpart! Sheer, seductive, and baring almost all!

In addition to the designs being showcased, other services were offered to attendees, such as skin consultations by B Spa Bar, Brazil Bronze spray tans, Misin Shin Salon Hair consultations, and Polished Image Consultants and makeup demos by Polished!

Here’s more that caught my eye…


Valeria Ent. belly dancing show




Lulu y Lala chatting with one of the designers

Lulu y Lala chatting with one of the designers

He danced the night away!


The F.A.B. event was just that, FABulous!!! I got a chance to meet some amazing people and possibly even landed an internship! It was a breath of fresh air to attend an event where everyone was happy and celebrating in the name of fashion, my kind of party!  The sponsors included Ansr, Flower details, GliSODin Skin Nutients, House of Glam, Keep tree, Nail taxi NYC, Peroni Beer, Polished, Pop Chips, Priori Skincare, Sephora, Smart Water, Street King, Voli Vodka, and Would You Rock This?; it was indeed a night to remember in great fun, fashion, and celebration!

Posing with the hosts, "Lulu y Lala"

I’m so looking forward to September’s F.A.B. event, I know it will rock!!

So, did you like the featured designs? Have a comment or question?


Sincerely, with style~

Sharontina B.

NYFW for New Bloggers:Show Up!

Happy NYFW!

I have a small break between classes, so I figured I’d hop on real quick to chat about what’s on my mind at the moment. First of all, I have to say that I’ve been at like every NYFW show today vicariously through my fashionista/os on Twitter #WIN, the sad part is that I’d rather be there in person! Last season, I had the BEST NYFW experience ever and the crazy part of it was that I didn’t attend not ONE show. As a new blogger, it’s quite the task to get out there and prove yourself in whatever industry you choose to tackle. In terms of the fashion industry, we all know that it is SATURATED with THOUSANDS of bloggers who all have great material to offer, but who will get the seats (or standing room) at the shows come NYFW?

Yes, rain or shine 😉

I’ve only been blogging on The Runway Times for about a year, and luckily I’ve been able to see the inside of Lincoln Center and attend a show, not because I’m a fabulous blogger(being sarcastic), but because I showed up, networked, and maintained meaningful relationships with more established bloggers that were willing to give me a shot. Of course I’d love wake up the week before fashion week and see dozens of invites flooding my email, but it really doesn’t happen over night (in most cases). It seems that many new bloggers or people who are thinking about it want to do it for the wrong reasons, such as just to get into fashion week, or to get the exclusive this or that, but I can assure you that from my experience so far, if that is your goal it will surely fail and you won’t be a happy camper. Many of the opportunities I’ve had over the past year were a result of networking on and offline, attending events, and trying to establish the voice of my blog to make it fit who I truly am. I’n my opinion, I think I’m on a steady path, but there is room for so much improvement on my part and I’m sure others may feel the same way.

This season of fashion week will be very short for me because since I’m a full-time student, I don’t have the luxury of camping out at Lincoln center (which is something I’d like…totally do). It just so happens that this season I was given many opportunities to cover shows for more established bloggers, and with the biggest pout EVER I had to say I couldn’t because school comes first *stops self from crying*. Luckily, fashion week always has a FAB weekend in there and this is where I plan to have my mini fashion week frenzy as best I see fit. I’m definitely still learning the ropes of blogging, the fashion industry, networking, and definitely fashion week. Thank God there are great resources out there such as Yuli Ziv’s book “Blogging Your Way To the Front Row”, and amazing fellow bloggers and industry professionals that love to help those trying to get where they are. It’s amazing what you will find out if you just seek and ask! So, I won’t ramble on and on (although I’ve mastered it), but if I could give just five pointers from my own experiences and from what I’ve learned from the wise about NYFW and new bloggers, here’s what they would be…

1. Show Up

It’s as simple as it seems, show up! Last season I didn’t have an invite to not ONE show, but I made it a point to go to Lincoln center, hang out and feel the vibe of the whole shindig (even if it was just to see the fashionable let out). Honestly, the people that walk by you in the frenzy of amazingness will open doors for who knows what! If you want to get good shots of your fav stylecons, they literally walk right by you and are very willing to take a quick pic. Proof—>

June Ambrose, her daughter Summer, and I at NYFW S’11


Just standing outside of Lincoln center, I got interviewed and photographed for about 3 different blogs and other publications. Even if you don’t get chosen to be on Essence’s best NYFW street style post, you still made a connection and did some networking! I also got offered an invite to a show, just from being at the right place at the right time. Show up!

2. Be prepared for Anything

Ok, don’t get worried or anything, but literally just be ready for anything. At fashion week, things are just happening all around you, you never know who you will see (so of course look your best, but that’s a given), ALWAYS always ALWAYS have business cards, it’s sort of like…and expectation. Like I stated above, someone may like your outfit and say, “Hey, I want to invite you to xyz, it starts in 1 hour, an you make it?” I don’t know, but that’s kind of like not even that odd of an example, but hope you get the point. People sometimes make plans to do a million and one things, but I can tell you that in fashion week reality plans are like ……..yea, they rarely happen.

3. Network

This one is kind of a catch all, and so so important! It can be intimidating at first, but you have to talk to people, simple as that. Set a quota as to how many people you plan on connecting with on a given day, and take that many + additional business cards with you. At the end of the day (or before, which is even better) you should be out of business cards! trust me, they go quick in the mix of fashion week.

4. Know Your Blog

This sounds kind of odd because I’m sure we all feel that we have a pretty good understanding of our blogs, but just as companies have to work hard to define the mission statements and target audiences for their products and services, bloggers do the same! People will ask you quick and a hurry, “Oh what’s the name of your blog? What is it about?”, and creating a sort of 30 second pitch/explanation is great. You want it to be concise, yet contain a very clear understanding of what your blog is all about and be able to translate it to someone else. I say this because I struggled with this for a while, people would ask me and I’d say, “Oh, know..I write about fashion and style and stuff like that”, NO….I should have been ashamed. I’ve just recently revised my mission statement and this time around when people ask me, I’ll be able to clearly articulate exactly what I love to write about on The Runway Times. Trust me, it will boost your confidence a lot too because you’ll be sure about every single word you are saying.

5. Have Fun!

Yes, have fun! Fashion week is of course a serious matter in that it’s one of the most important events for the fashion industry, but it’s meant to be enjoyable and a place for the industry to mix and mingle! it’s sort of like a family reunion that happens twice a year and with the busy frantic schedule of the shows, people really just ant to have fun! So bring your best attitude, confidence, a smile, and your best outfits!


Ok, I have to run to finance class even though I’d rather be walking into a show *deep sigh*. Any who, I hope this helped someone and I know I’ll continue to work on these things as well!



with style~ Sharontina B.