Iman Turns 60!! #IMAN60

So, I’m back in my element, with a newly improved blog makeover that is much easier for you to navigate, and easier for me to deal with because it’s simple. I’ve found that the saying, “Less is more”, is quite true. *sigh of relief*

Ironically, I’ve returned just in time for my Fashion Fairy Godmother’s 60th birthday!!! I still kind of don’t believe she’s turning 60 (she looks AMAZING), but I’m sure she’s not just making it up. I’ve written a number of pieces on Iman in the past, and it wasn’t only to due her undeniable contributions to the fashion industry, but because of her humility. What you see is definitely what you get, and I love her for it! Over the past few weeks, Iman has been posting photos from times passed to honor her 60th year, along with some pretty memorable moments only someone of her caliber could capture. In honor of her 60 YOUTHful years on earth, and more than half of that being on our magazine covers, I want to post SIX (y’all know you wouldn’t sit here and read 60) of my most memorable moments with Iman through photos.



She was one of the 1st people that did a Q&A for my blog. She was candid, and truthful… of course a bit sassy.

You can check out the Q & A here.


Iman and I, FNO 2011

The 1st time I met IMAN in person. She invited me to a Fashion’s Night Out Event she was hosting in NYC. EPIC night.

I was so in awe meeting her. She was unbelievably stunning, and my friends and I literally stared at her to make sure she was real. It was an epic night, one I can’t even relive right now because I’d get all giddy and excited again. Read all about it here.

iman 1

That night they had a dance contest, and my friend Erinn and I won FIRST PLACE!


iman 3

Yes…. Iman, D Wade, Joe Zee… EPIC night!



Crossed paths again at the IFB Conference in NYC, where she had the prissy bloggers looking at me funny because she pulled me from the crowd to give me a hug. Hilarious.

IFB Conference in NYC circa 2011 or 12 maybe. Iman dished on her humble beginnings and told us that soon after, she’d be launching an online magazine and needed contributors. I doubted that I’d even be considered in the pool of amazing bloggers there, but guess who got chosen? ME!


Destination IMAN

I wrote my first fashion story on Iman’s new site, of all places. The response was CRAZY and I was so blessed for being given a chance to show my work on such a big platform.

The 1st piece I wrote for Destination Iman, titled Sans Color Sweeps the New York Runways, covered the white & black monochromatic trend that was seen sauntering up and down the runway in the Spring 2013 collections.  I got lost in the text, analyzing and having to find creative ways to express creativity that was almost impossible to verbalize; that’s what raw emotion will do to you! I was so proud of it that I printed out a hard copy, and thank goodness I did, because I can no longer access it online. I did get the opportunity to contribute another piece, titled In Full Bloom, You can read it here.

Iman and I at the Destination Iman launch party, NYC 2012

The Destination Iman launch party. I mean, I was walking in the same room as Rachel Roy, Estelle, supermodels, the guest list was insane. I was right where I was supposed to be.


Iman invited me to the launch party during the IFB conference, and during the whole week leading up to the party, I was a nervous wreck! I was so happy to be in the presence of such heavy hitters in the industry. Of course I wrote about that experience too.


Iman has helped create some of my best memories and experiences in the fashion industry For that, I am forever grateful!

Happy Birthday, Fashion Fairy Godmother!!!

With love,


The Destination IMAN Launch party, What A Flight!

Hello loves,

I’ve had such a full past 3 weeks, I mean one amazing thing after the next. So much so that I have had to literally pinch myself to make sure it’s all like…real. Last month after being introduced to Iman’s new site,, I wrote a post about all the things I loved about it, but I had NO idea that a mere month later I’d be at her launch party, mixing and mingling with the fab who’s who of the fashion industry and the stylish alike. No idea. When I got the invitation, I was like, “wait, whaaaa? Me? Is this real life?” ha! I had a little moment, and I thought to myself, “wow”. To some, an invitation to an invite only party, of only one of the biggest fashion icons in the world, may not mean anything, especially if you’re used to attending events of that type, but to me it was everything! I mean, I thought back to barely two years ago when I started talking to Iman on Twitter, to meeting her in person for the 1st time last year, to now partying with her and being known to her on a first name basis. (insert the ‘can you believe this?!’ face) Ok, let me rewind a few days…

I attended The Independent Fashion Blogger’s Conference on Wednesday, September 5th, where Iman was the keynote speaker. When she arrived in this flawlessly tailored magenta-esque suit by Rachel Zoe, the room fell silent in awe, and then quickly digressed and rushed up to take photos of her. I was about 2 rows of people away from her as I tried to get a photo of this suit amidst oohing and ahing, and all of a sudden, there was a break down the middle of the crowd. I looked, and Iman was pointing at me like “Sharontina?!” I just smiled, and she embraced me in the biggest hug and proceeded to nose pinch (yes, y’all…she gave me the long lost auntie treatment) lol. She swung me around so that the photog could get a photo of us, and then whispered to me, “See you at the party this Friday?”. Me: “Wouldn’t miss it!” as I thought to myself, “OMG!”. Girls in the crowd were looking at me with smiles that had a hint of confusion on them, and later mustered up the nerve to ask, “Like…how do you know Iman?” and “Omg, Iman seemed really excited to see you, how do you know her?”. It was endless y’all, and I just smiled and said, “It’s a long story, but it all started from Twitter”, and ended it with a smile.

Iman wearing rachel Zoe at IFB con

Iman wearing Rachel Zoe at the IFB Conference


Sharontina and Iman at IFB Con

After the hugs, and cheek pinching, and smiles, Iman and I pose for a pic at the IFB Conference


Now, let’s get to this party of hers that I still can’t believe I attended……really. First, let me admit that I was a little nervous before the party. I know it was just a party, but it wasn’t “just a party”! In my own mind, I was still saying to myself “wow”, and then upon learning who some of the attendees were going to be, I was like ‘Okay, I grew up being influenced by/watching these people on TV…what do I say to them besides “Omg, Hi..I love you!”?..ha! I didn’t want to sound like a weirdo creepy fan, but didn’t want to come off nonchalantly as if I attend parties and hobnobbed with Iman and other fashion forerunners when I had spare time (tuh! in my dreams..). It was an interesting pre-party conversation with self going on, but nonetheless, I was going to thoroughly enjoy the experience.



Beauty masters Oscar James, Valente Frazier, and moi–Fun!

When I arrived, as I walked into the entrance of the posh ‘Electric Room’ of the Dream Hotel (which made me feel like I was entering a sexy ass cave that was dimmed and lit ever so gently by flickering candlelight) Iman, Oscar James, and Valente Frazier were walking out, and Iman caught me with an “Ohh, look at her!” as her, Oscar, Valente gave me their “uhh ohhh” looks, (I got a little dressed up…lol). T’was a fab greeting, and it instantly made me feel like I fit right in. I entered, and the room was filled with a bunch of gorgeous people, dressed in their own unique definitions of style, existent through color, texture, accessories, or the lack thereof. Soon Iman returned and called me over to her to take some photos with her. (PAUSE)…how would you feel taking pics next to a freakin’ SUPERMODEL?!? You would have thought I never took a picture in my life, and for those of you who follow me on social media, you know it’s all I do! I did the most basic pose….aka….stood still and did nothing, it’s hilarious now looking at the photos haha…

Sharontina and Iman, Destination Iman launch party


Sharontina and Iman, Destination Iman Launch party

My ‘no pose’ pose..hehe


After being photographed with Iman, I’m chillin’, bobbing my head to the tunes, and in walks June Ambrose………………..*HOLD THE PHONE*. BOTH of my STYLECONS ‘at the same damn time!?’ Naw…. this wasn’t real life, nope. After realizing yes, it was in fact real life…I was like ‘Okay, let me calm down and just be natural’. June walks over to where I was standing and started talking to another attendee, all the while I’m staring directly in her face wondering of she’d recognize me from the last time I saw her at our first meeting. As she’s chatting, she kept glancing over at me, then she stops talking, points at me with squinted eyes like… “are you….!”….and I’m all, “Yes!” and she embraces me in a hug, hahaha…it was hilarious! And of course I had to get an updated photo…

Sharontina and June Ambrose, Destination Iman launch party

June and I, Destination Iman launch party


Like 5 mins prior, I’d asked June’s fabulous assistant, Eli– (most known for being June’s right hand and for his 1-liners on Styled by June, ie. “I can either be your best girlfriend and we can take pregnancy tests together, or I can be that yeast infection that never goes away” (talking to June’s new assistant, Rachel))– to pose for a pic, and after taking a pic with me, June said to him, “That’s TyrasLilSis Eli!”, He was like “Omg, why didn’t you say so!’…I’m like “Umm…. I don’t know?” LOL! I had no clue that he knew who I was….thanks Twitter.

Sharontina and Eli Wasserman

Me and ‘my friend in my head’, Eli

…and then of course Mr. Jay Manuel walked in and I lost all coolness (he didn’t see it though). Truth be told, I was in true fan mode, but I put on my ‘I’m supposed to be here, I really am!’ costume, and it all worked out… hehe.

Mr. Jay Manuel and Sharontina, Destination Iman party

Mr. Jay Manuel and I, I was totally psyched…

Joan Smalls and Iman, Destination Iman launch party


‘The Crew’, Oscar James, Emil Wilbekin, Iman, June Ambrose, and Jay Manuel; all powerhouses at what they do!


This party was awesome, the perfect mix of beauty, fashion, conversation that entertained, and photos galore! I was so happy to be included in the celebration of the launch of, as I love the site and it’s design, functionality, and personality and it’s barely over  a month old! I wrote a whole post about it, because like I say all the time, I support what I like. I also have to give a major shout to Dana Randall, CEO of Built By the Factory, the phenomenal company who partnered with Iman to create such an amazing website. Plus, Dana is fashion forward and has the most gorgeous hair I’ve ever seen. She’s FAB.

I took many more pics that I’d love to share, but if I keep adding them to this post, the scroll bar will be so small that it will annoy you, like it does me.

Check out more official Destination Iman party photos here and check out my Instagram to see more that I snapped while in awe of the whole experience. A night to remember indeed.



with style~ Sharontina B.


Next Stop, Destination IMAN!

Hello there awesome people!

It’s a great Friday, and all is well on The Runway Times’ … runway. Any who, I come to you today with some banter (my new favorite word) about a little vacation I went on recently. I was minding my own business one day, and the fashion goddess, Iman, comes sauntering–y’all know, her signature prowess of a glide-strut– all up all in my Twitter timeline, like “Hey y’all, check out my new website!”– in a much better and elegant all-caps-everything way Iman says things– and you know I was on the site before she could even send the tweet… (insert giggle).

So, I take my curious Georgina self on over to Destination Iman, as it is affectionately named with much purpose, and that was it guys… my bags were mysteriously packed and I was on vacation! I’ll break it down in points, because if I don’t, we could be here all night and I know y’all have stuff to do.

Destination IMAN

Destination IMAN

  • When the web page opens, it feels like you just landed on an isolated island that only the “invited” crew get to go to. The site is very clean and easy to navigate, yet has an cultural aesthetic about it that makes me want to turn on some caribbean tunes and whip out my sarong. Iman calls it ‘authentic chic’ and I agree… something that can’t be duplicated.


  • All of Iman’s brands are right there, in one place. Iman has literally built an empire that stands on her four-letter name, and boy does she do it justice. From Iman Cosmetics, to Global Chic, to Iman Home; she does it all, with class , style and grace of course. The site displays pages for each one of her stellar brands, with the option to “explore” if you dare (I added in the “if you dare” part for dramatic effect!).


Destination IMAN

Explore the brands!


  • It’s set up by issue, so each month you can expect something new, can’t wait to see how it changes each month! Along with monthly issues and articles about fashion, style, and the like, Iman will write a monthly blog called ‘Ageless Chic’, where she states that she’ll be “unapologetically sharing the secret to not looking frumpy without looking shamefully trendy.” I don’t know about you, but I’ll be in the front row… and I know a few other people who need front row seats as well (insert large tree for shade).
  •  …and my favorite part, the “About” page, which is usually loaded with lots of words of the events of one’s life and blah blah blah, but in this case, Iman showcases through imagery and snippets of attention grabbing articles, her philanthropic efforts, the legacy she’s built through fashion, and ‘IMAN TV’ where you can see her in action as a mogul and businesswoman.


Okay, I think I’ve ‘talked’ enough, time for you to tag along! Now, I’ve already booked your ticket, so all you have to do is click HERE! In the snap of a finger, you’ll be here –Dorothy clicking her heels three times style–, living that good Destination Iman vacation life where they serve fashion cocktails, Afterglow replaces the sun, and you have a different bag for every occasion. See ya there!


Thanks, Iman, for continuing to show us how it’s supposed to be done! You inspire me because of…


Your elegance…


your beauty…

your sophistication…


with style~ Sharontina B.



I Wear The Pants!

Hey everyone,

I need so desperately to tell you all about the pants craze I’ve been on lately–it’s really scary. I’ve always been a fan of flared pants–ever since their comeback in gaucho form in 2004–but they’ve since took a chill pill and so I did too. Now that they are back, I can’t contain myself! It’s something about that slightly high waisted fit, and how it flares out just enough to make you look like you don’t have feet, I LOVE that! I think that you have to have a certain type of leg (I know) to wear straight-leg pants, and I don’t have that certain type of leg…it just doesn’t work for me. When I saw my beloved flare diva of a pant making its way back into the closets of the the world’s fashionistas, I was SO happy….so ….so happy. I had been doing good for a while, but then I went to the mall. I walked in Forever 21 and right at the door what do I see? A pair of forrest green flared pants that were simply perfection.  I had been shopping around for a flared pant in  a bold color, and there I’d met my match.

I hate that they look seafoam green in photos because they’re really not……

In any event, this just started the ‘I need more flared pants’ roller coaster. Next up was our fav new show Fashion Star, I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but what you don’t know is that even as a marketing major knowing most of the tricks of the trade, they’re little evil plan still works on me and I run out and buy the stuff the next day (-_-). Last week H&M purchased a FLARED PANT and I sat and thought to myself, “Is this a set up??”….If it was, they got me because I bought them online the same night the show aired. When they came in the mail  my grandmom said, and I quote, “They’re ugly…..what are they for church choir or something?”…..all I could say with my salty face was, “Well…I like them! Hmph!”…and she just laughed…so rude. Here’s how they looked from the show…

Here’s how they look on me…

 Blehhh…they’re ok, but I feel like I need to do some trimming at the waistline…the fabric is soooo thin and hugs ALL of the curves…they should warn people in the product description. Just when I thought I was going to get a break, my Fairy Fashion Godmother, Iman, goes LIVE on HSN to launch her new spring Global Chic collection and It.WAS.A.WRAP. Ok, I didn’t go crazy buying everything, but I starting watching the live feed of her appearance with the intent to “window shop” and maaaaaaybe get just one thing….but let me tell you, Iman could sell salt to a slug! I’m serious…she doesn’t even need the salespeople that work at HSN…lol. Her whole collection was FAB, playing on the boho chic classics (yes, they are classics to me), but what caught my attention most were her damn flared pants! I think Iman knew my struggles and did it on purpose. I couldn’t resist, they had the look of denim and the feel of a free flowing linen per her description and I believed every beautifull accented word she spoke! I first ordered just one, sticking to my original plan, but then something happened and I felt I needed another and went back 5 mins later to order another pair. When I got them home, they were all I expected and more. I ALWAYS get products I’m satisfied with from Global Chic, so I wasn’t so much shocked, but more so surprised that they were EXACTLY how she described them. WIN!

The above is in indigo, I like…but when I tried on the aqua pair…………….YES! I had a whole photoshoot on my deck..LOVE them!

See how they give me the “no feet” look?! YES!!!

After purchasing these pants, I got a BIG dose of satisfaction and haven’t gotten anymore since. This doesn’t mean that my flared pants buying self won’t just happen to “run in” to more, but I’m going to try my best to chill out for a bit *repeats to self several times*


Forrest Green Forever 21 pants: $22

H&M Fashion Star Flared Pants: $20 (More than likely they are sold out everywhere)

Global Chic indigo & aqua pants: $54.99,


with style~ Sharontina B.