Beauty Products Every Girl Should Carry In Their Purse

A woman’s purse is like a lifeline: It holds all of the essentials that she could possibly need while she is out and about.

It goes without saying that every woman wants to look her best, and what helps a woman look her best? – Why, beauty products, of course! And, since the purse is like a proverbial lifeline when a woman is away from home, it only makes sense that she should carry beauty products in it. How else do you expect to keep your face looking polished and put together after you grab lunch in the middle of your work day, or before you grab drinks after you leave the office on a Friday?

Beauty products in purse


While most women have a pretty substantial collection of beauty products at home, there is no way that she would want to carry them all around in her purse. Only the essentials need to be toted along; but, what are those essentials?


Here is a look at some beauty product musts for your purse:


Lip Plumper: Who doesn’t want to have sexy, pouty lips? Thanks to a lip plumper, even if your lips are thin, you can make them look full with a lip plumper. This beauty product will have to be reapplied throughout the day, though, so it is a must for the purse.


Pressed Powder: As the day wears on, you probably start to feel a little buildup of oil on your face; combat it and cut down the sheen by applying some powder. A pressed powder is best for the purse, as it has less of a chance of causing a messy accident, like loose powder can.


Lipstick: Of all of the beauty products that you wear the one that probably rubs off the easiest and the fastest is lipstick. Keep you looks looking luscious by applying a fresh coat of lipstick after you re-apply that lip plumper.

BP 2

Mascara: Yes, even mascara can wear off as you go through the day. In order to keep your eyes looking well-defined, you’re going to want to carry some extra mascara in your purse, too.


A Comb: Your hair is bound to get a little unkempt as the day progresses. Keep it in check by keeping a comb in your bag. Use it to straighten those tresses and keep them looking neat and in order all day long.


Hairspray: A travel size bottle of hairspray is another essential that you are going to want to have on hand in your purse. The idea goes along with the comb. When your hair looks out of sorts after you have been stuck in the wind or the rain, or just after a long day, hairspray will allow you to restyle it.


Perfume: While this isn’t a beauty product, so-to-speak, it should classify as one. Your signature scent is bound to rub off throughout the day. By keeping a small bottle of perfume in your purse, you will be able to refresh your scent and smell delicious all day long.


A lady has got to be prepared at all times. By carrying these items in your purse, you will be ready for whatever comes your way throughout the day.



Gwen Lewis is a journalist who has a passion for makeup and beauty. She loves to share tips and tricks from experience. With summer trips coming up always make sure you have the right essentials in your purse to stay looking fabulous. .



I Found the Beauty of Ugly on Vacation!

Hey guys,

So, I was on vacation in Orlando all of last week (I dearly missed my bed at home), mainly venturing out into the magic of Universal Studios. I’ve never been a thrill seeker, so I hate crazy roller coasters and water rides (I’m a big scared-y cat), so honestly I was kind of ready to go since I got there for that reason. After passing up about 5 rides that my party begged me to get on, I glanced over and saw this!


I felt like one of the superheroes that were being heralded at the park had come to save me from my boredom and scared-y catness. I felt like someone somewhere knew my amusement park struggles and placed this here because they knew it would brighten my whole day. I practically ran in right before the show started, and it gave me just what I needed, a beauty break. This show was so theatrical, featuring special fx makeup artist Marty James (she is HILARIOUS).

She performed bloody cut-your-arm-off tricks, went through the history of famous monster makers, and of course did her little acting stint pretending she had been stabbed in the chest (a kid would sooo think it was real). All in all, I learned about old and new technical and application techniques of prosthetics, how to make blood splatter on cue, and how to play scary pranks on people…teehee. If you go to Universal Studios, go to this show! Here are more pics I snapped of the exhibit.








In my most troubling hour, makeup saves the day.

Sharontina B.

National Lipstick Day: I get Soooo Weak!

* Cue SWV in perfect harmony* “I get soooo weak in the knees, I can hardly speak, I lose all control and something takes oooover me. In a daze it is so amazing, it’s not a phase I want you to stay with me”.

To know me is to know that this is how I feel about lipstick, especially red lipstick! To celebrate National Lipstick Day with a mere 10 mins (well, when I started this post)  left in the day, here’s my top 5 favorites; countdown style! And shrinking building this list was damn hard!

5. Wet ‘n Wild Salsa Lessons : A sexy& tangy orange-y-red that’s full of luster and shine (and it’s like $2!! Don’t sleep on Wet n Wild, they came up!)


4. IMAN Cosmetics Black Brandy: It’s like a rich, Bordeaux wine waiting to be tasted! Matte finish perfect for an ode to the 90s

3. BOBBI BROWN Pink 6: BEST. MATTE. PINK. EVER. Seriously. Part of a limited edition breast cancer awareness collection.

2. AJ Crimson’s Bondage: I feel like one of Charlie’s Angels when I wear this; sexy and invincible!









1. Sam Fine for fashion Fair: Dynasty Red: Wooo lawd, sultry. Sexy. Captivating. Lustrous. Classy. Beautiful shine. Just a sexy, sexy ass red!


I hope the lipstick gawds are a little satisfied with this list, these really are SOME of my favorites. I wanted to give a little variety, but know that I can be very brand loyal at times. I’ll be back soon with more beauty posts, just could not miss National Lipstick Day!

What are some of your favorite lipsticks? Leave them in the comments below, I need some new ones to try!!



with style~ Sharontina B.

Gone For A Minute Now I’m Back With The Jump Off!

Reunited and it feels so gooooood!

Oh. My. Goodness.! How have you buys been?! I’ve missed you immensely, believe me, I have! I’ve been insanely busy with school and life for the past few months; I’ve never worked so hard for something in my entire life! There are about 8 class sessions left to my summer class, and I can literally count on one hand the number of assignments I have to hand in before I’m DONE! Praise the lord above!

In more nerdy news, I’ve started looking into grad schools, especially after my “old heads” keep saying that it’s best that I not take a long break because that’s when life just HAPPENS aka people get married and start families and have waaaaay more responsibilities etc., etc., etc. What I’ve decided this time around is that I am going to LOVE what I’m doing through and through, and as odd as it sounds, my top two topics of study are the fashion business and psychology. Many look at me crazy when I say that I’d be interested in doing either or, but truth be told I can name at LEAST three ways they relate and influence each other, more or less why they make sense individually. My goal is to apply to maybe 6 schools, and right now the University of Pennsylvania is a the top of my list for psychology, and Philadelphia University is at the top for fashion enterprise. I’m so excited about my future because I have no clue where it will lead me; it’s the uncertainty that keeps it all suspenseful and what not!

Outside of school stuff, I’ve been doing makeup! Prom season is ending and it’s been fun. Realizing more and more how much I love doing makeup on myself and other people. It has sort of taken precedent over my love for drawing, surprisingly. There’s such a freedom in creating a visual element that once existed as a mere thought. I love the art of creation! Here are some of my prom “clients” from last year and this year. I want to hone the craft to get a lot better, it’s something I really enjoy doing.


The moral to the story is: I LOVE BEAUTY. There, I said it. \o/



with style~ Sharontina B.