ANTM Cycle 16 Finale! :Fashion Files

So, last week they chose the winner of America’s Top Model, cycle 16 and I’ll say that this has been a very close cycle! Usually I have all my votes toward one person with no questions, but this time I was kind of half and half with both finalists. I went through photos on CWs website and chose some of my fashion favorites from Tyra and of the contestants…I’m so glad Tyra keeps ANTM going! …

When Tyra appeared on my TV screen in the red gown, I almost started crying…seriously, the way it fell so gracefully and flawlessly I couldn’t even muster up words. She walked out like “POW, I am here!” and did it all with no more than a smize! I credit this amazing look to her FAB stylist Tina LaRoo! She is an amazing stylist that helps bring out Tyra’s personality through her clothing. I’m sure you’ve seen her in the behind the scenes recaps as Tyra gets ready for panel! I’m also a sucker for accessories, those earrings sent me into overload. I love chunky earrings and these beauties of middle eastern influence made me want them even more! Tina, where do I find this WHOLE look??! 🙂 Here are a few of my favorite photos from the finale and latter episodes of the show..

Brittani, cycle 16 finalist

I love this beauty shot of Molly! ..wonder who the MUA is?…hmmm…

Brittani’s COVERGIRL ad
Molly’s COVERGIRL ad
The 2 finalists walk the runway together

Molly and Brittani get new looks for the finale! Love the haircuts!
The judges deliberate

Molly and Brittani wait nervously for the final decision..umm…Molly, can I have that dress? Thanks!…

..and Brittani is the winner of ANTM cycle 16!!!

..for real though….I need this dress like …now…
Brittani and Tyra keep the tradition going and pose for their pic after the announcement..Nigel Baker is a HUNK!..haha
I LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A Chat with Supermogul, IMAN!

All of you know that I absolutely ADORE Iman…supermodel, supermogul, CEO, super mom, super woman! What doesn’t she do??? Since 1975 when Iman was first discovered by fashion photographer Peter Beard, she has graced the covers of the most notable publications, strutted the runways of the most famed designers, and has continued to bring us products that beautify women, while maintaining versatility and keeping the essence of glamour and sophistication. In 1994, Iman launched  her self titled cosmetics line for women of color, IMAN Cosmetics, that is still at the front lines of being one of the BEST cosmetics lines for women of color. I recently won an IMAN Cosmetics “Eye-Con” palette, which is a palette that consist of 12 different shadows from their new Boho Chic collection, and can I just tell you how excited I am?! I can’t wait to dive in!

Iman also launched her Global Chic clothing and accessories line, exclusively for HSN, in 2007; a collection inspired from places all around the world. The value and quality of the pieces in this line are unbelieveable! They are cost efficient and they give you so much value and a look of sophistication and glamour, which is very important to Iman. I could go on forever talking about the accomplishments Iman has made over the course of her career, but I’d rather let you hear her take from her words!
I was sooooo thrilled when Iman agreed to do a Q&A for The Runway Times, simply honored! She is so humble and always so willing to help others and she could never know how much I appreciate her taking valuable time to do this for me. So, without further ado, here it is! …

When you began modeling in 1975, what do you remember being the most exciting part for you? (ie. Runway,  photo shoots, etc.)

I loved both but I have to say the runway was more exciting – to be doing Theiry Mugler, Claude Montana and Jean Paul Gaultier at the beginning of their careers was exhilarating! Those days fashion shows were pure theater… the hair, makeup, sets were all masterly created to bring the whole theme of that particular collection to life.

Have you noticed a major change in the fashion industry in terms of how models were viewed years ago and how they are viewed now?

Unfortunately, models are no longer muses! When I used to model, designers always asked me how I felt about the clothes or how I would style it. Our opinions mattered then but unfortunately now the girls are all told to walk the same hence making them more like mannequins. I think the designers are doing themselves a disservice, as there are truly great models around that could become a plus for the designers instead of only relying upon the stylists. Most models’ off duty clothes look better than most of what comes down the runway… sometimes!

Out of the many shows you have done throughout your career, which was your absolute favorite? Why?

Mr. Yves Saint Laurent when he chose me as his muse for his “African Queen Couture Collection”. He cut the fabrics from bolts on my body… I stood for hours on heels and sheer silk pantyhose and nothing else but it was a once in a lifetime experience and to top it all I did the campaign for it with the legendary photographer David Bailey. Unforgettable!

Who or what inspires you today in your roles as CEO of Iman Cosmetics, designer of Global Chic, and many of your other doings?

My inspirations come from diverse places and people, but travel is always where I gather and collect. I am a chic “hoarder”. Sights and cultures are key for my inspirations from beading in India to sunset in Lamu in Africa to how a girl on the streets of Harlem ties her turban!

What are some of your top picks for this spring season?

I love the 70′s deluxe revisited as I can remember wearing it at Studio 54′s heyday but I also love all the colors… it is so uplifting!  I loved Marc Jacobs, Rachel Roy, Rodarte,DVF, Suno & Duro Oluwu .

AHHHHH! I’m still extra excited, this was a honor and I thank Iman so much for her insight into today’s fashion scene! I hope you all enjoyed and like always, thanks for reading.
Sharontina B.