NYFW F’13 Ralph Rucci: Fall Redefined. No, Really.

Ralph Rucci , a designer after my own heart, created a collection of grandeur and opulence for his fall/winter show at New York fashion Week. As the theatre filled with the who’s who of fashion, including the “geriatric starlet”, as she calls herself, Iris Apfel, there was a rowdy silence of curiosity and expectation. As the lights rose from their dimmed state for dramatic affect,  model Katia entered the space bearing arms in a black leather suit, with intricate detailing about the waist for contrast. Her skirt flaunted a sheer lace insert of a hem to break the dark drama, to make us all recognize the woman this was created for.


Ralph Rucci Fall 2013

Ralph Rucci’s 1st look. Source: Style.com

As if on a secret cue, a series of muses sauntered onto the runway, one after the other a mere three steps apart, adorned in bright hued furs not meant for the faint of life. Okay?! The crowd ROARED. Saying that they gave a “round of applause” would be an understatement; the symbol of acceptance of this surprise element was well received by excited patrons and they showed it. Watch it all unfold in this slide show….

 After that number, the crowd collectively scooted to the seat’s edge in anticipation for more, and of course Mr. Rucci gave us what we wanted. Spoiled, much? From tasteful feathered frocks, to leather cut with in daring lines, color blocking in the midst of perfectly clashing textures, and lace, chiffon and embroidered garments in beautiful shades that dazzled the eye. Here are 10 of my favorites from the collection. I wanted to choose 20, but I’m getting better with portion control in many aspects 😉

I truly admired this sexily sophisticated collection, and it always gets me a little giddy that Mr.Rucci himself graduated from Temple University! TU pride!

So I want to know, how did you feel about this collection? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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NYFW Ruffian Fall 2013: Modern Time Travel


source: Style.com


Brian Wolk and Claude Morais took us back in time to the nineteenth century for Ruffian’s Fall Collection. Large tassels, oversized bows, ruffles, and gaudy jewels embellished menswear inspired dresses.  Navy and gold tunics, purple pin strip suits, earthtone separates and jacquard prints were definitely standout pieces. Staying on trend with designer peers, Ruffian incorporated a number of leather garments and some peplum action in a number of looks. This Ruffian fall collection is definitely one of our favorites from New York Fashion Week! Check out a few of our favorite pieces from the collection below!

Nigel Isaiah

Nigel Isaiah is the EIC of AnEditorsPick.com, a leading  fashion and lifestyle digital publication giving you the skinny on all thing fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment. Follow @AnEditorsPick on twitter.

NYFW Parkchoonmoo Fall 2013: An Arctic Wind

The Runway Times took to New York Fashion Week , and what perfect time to view this collection than in the middle of a snow storm!

Glaciers in the Arctic Sea and the power of nature is where Demi Park drew inspiration for the Parkchoonmoo Fall 2013 collection, creating a line that’s weather resistant, arming you against storms and hazards. A palette of eggshell-white, light grey, and black were the focal points that defined this fall collection. Tech fabrics and water repellent leather hit the runway in the form of leather patch pants, leather jackets, and satin, wool, and Alpaca fur coats accessorized with weather resistant pillows had their close-up too.  Though it stayed within the realm of the color palette, we did see print. A glacier print to be exact, on an asymmetrical dress with stud detailing.

Let’s just hope we have Parkchoonmoo in our closets the next time NYC has to deal with a “Nemo”.

Check out some of the looks from Parkchoonmoo below, photos courtesy of Elle.com




Nigel Isaiah

Nigel Isaiah is the EIC of AnEditorsPick.com, a leading  fashion and lifestyle digital publication giving you the skinny on all thing fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment. Follow @AnEditorsPick on twitter.



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No, that was not a shout out to the ever so distinct discount thrill Fashion Bug, but I wanted to sound endearing ;). Any who, as you may heave read in my last post, ALL New York Fashion Week shows will be streamed online for your viewing pleasure, and guess what??! I will be streaming them RIGHT HERE on The Runway Times! Yayyy! Yup, and allll you have to do is glance to the right and click play, voila! NYFW before your eyes from Feb, 7-Feb,14!

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