The Destination IMAN Launch party, What A Flight!

Hello loves,

I’ve had such a full past 3 weeks, I mean one amazing thing after the next. So much so that I have had to literally pinch myself to make sure it’s all like…real. Last month after being introduced to Iman’s new site,, I wrote a post about all the things I loved about it, but I had NO idea that a mere month later I’d be at her launch party, mixing and mingling with the fab who’s who of the fashion industry and the stylish alike. No idea. When I got the invitation, I was like, “wait, whaaaa? Me? Is this real life?” ha! I had a little moment, and I thought to myself, “wow”. To some, an invitation to an invite only party, of only one of the biggest fashion icons in the world, may not mean anything, especially if you’re used to attending events of that type, but to me it was everything! I mean, I thought back to barely two years ago when I started talking to Iman on Twitter, to meeting her in person for the 1st time last year, to now partying with her and being known to her on a first name basis. (insert the ‘can you believe this?!’ face) Ok, let me rewind a few days…

I attended The Independent Fashion Blogger’s Conference on Wednesday, September 5th, where Iman was the keynote speaker. When she arrived in this flawlessly tailored magenta-esque suit by Rachel Zoe, the room fell silent in awe, and then quickly digressed and rushed up to take photos of her. I was about 2 rows of people away from her as I tried to get a photo of this suit amidst oohing and ahing, and all of a sudden, there was a break down the middle of the crowd. I looked, and Iman was pointing at me like “Sharontina?!” I just smiled, and she embraced me in the biggest hug and proceeded to nose pinch (yes, y’all…she gave me the long lost auntie treatment) lol. She swung me around so that the photog could get a photo of us, and then whispered to me, “See you at the party this Friday?”. Me: “Wouldn’t miss it!” as I thought to myself, “OMG!”. Girls in the crowd were looking at me with smiles that had a hint of confusion on them, and later mustered up the nerve to ask, “Like…how do you know Iman?” and “Omg, Iman seemed really excited to see you, how do you know her?”. It was endless y’all, and I just smiled and said, “It’s a long story, but it all started from Twitter”, and ended it with a smile.

Iman wearing rachel Zoe at IFB con

Iman wearing Rachel Zoe at the IFB Conference


Sharontina and Iman at IFB Con

After the hugs, and cheek pinching, and smiles, Iman and I pose for a pic at the IFB Conference


Now, let’s get to this party of hers that I still can’t believe I attended……really. First, let me admit that I was a little nervous before the party. I know it was just a party, but it wasn’t “just a party”! In my own mind, I was still saying to myself “wow”, and then upon learning who some of the attendees were going to be, I was like ‘Okay, I grew up being influenced by/watching these people on TV…what do I say to them besides “Omg, Hi..I love you!”?..ha! I didn’t want to sound like a weirdo creepy fan, but didn’t want to come off nonchalantly as if I attend parties and hobnobbed with Iman and other fashion forerunners when I had spare time (tuh! in my dreams..). It was an interesting pre-party conversation with self going on, but nonetheless, I was going to thoroughly enjoy the experience.



Beauty masters Oscar James, Valente Frazier, and moi–Fun!

When I arrived, as I walked into the entrance of the posh ‘Electric Room’ of the Dream Hotel (which made me feel like I was entering a sexy ass cave that was dimmed and lit ever so gently by flickering candlelight) Iman, Oscar James, and Valente Frazier were walking out, and Iman caught me with an “Ohh, look at her!” as her, Oscar, Valente gave me their “uhh ohhh” looks, (I got a little dressed up…lol). T’was a fab greeting, and it instantly made me feel like I fit right in. I entered, and the room was filled with a bunch of gorgeous people, dressed in their own unique definitions of style, existent through color, texture, accessories, or the lack thereof. Soon Iman returned and called me over to her to take some photos with her. (PAUSE)…how would you feel taking pics next to a freakin’ SUPERMODEL?!? You would have thought I never took a picture in my life, and for those of you who follow me on social media, you know it’s all I do! I did the most basic pose….aka….stood still and did nothing, it’s hilarious now looking at the photos haha…

Sharontina and Iman, Destination Iman launch party


Sharontina and Iman, Destination Iman Launch party

My ‘no pose’ pose..hehe


After being photographed with Iman, I’m chillin’, bobbing my head to the tunes, and in walks June Ambrose………………..*HOLD THE PHONE*. BOTH of my STYLECONS ‘at the same damn time!?’ Naw…. this wasn’t real life, nope. After realizing yes, it was in fact real life…I was like ‘Okay, let me calm down and just be natural’. June walks over to where I was standing and started talking to another attendee, all the while I’m staring directly in her face wondering of she’d recognize me from the last time I saw her at our first meeting. As she’s chatting, she kept glancing over at me, then she stops talking, points at me with squinted eyes like… “are you….!”….and I’m all, “Yes!” and she embraces me in a hug, hahaha…it was hilarious! And of course I had to get an updated photo…

Sharontina and June Ambrose, Destination Iman launch party

June and I, Destination Iman launch party


Like 5 mins prior, I’d asked June’s fabulous assistant, Eli– (most known for being June’s right hand and for his 1-liners on Styled by June, ie. “I can either be your best girlfriend and we can take pregnancy tests together, or I can be that yeast infection that never goes away” (talking to June’s new assistant, Rachel))– to pose for a pic, and after taking a pic with me, June said to him, “That’s TyrasLilSis Eli!”, He was like “Omg, why didn’t you say so!’…I’m like “Umm…. I don’t know?” LOL! I had no clue that he knew who I was….thanks Twitter.

Sharontina and Eli Wasserman

Me and ‘my friend in my head’, Eli

…and then of course Mr. Jay Manuel walked in and I lost all coolness (he didn’t see it though). Truth be told, I was in true fan mode, but I put on my ‘I’m supposed to be here, I really am!’ costume, and it all worked out… hehe.

Mr. Jay Manuel and Sharontina, Destination Iman party

Mr. Jay Manuel and I, I was totally psyched…

Joan Smalls and Iman, Destination Iman launch party


‘The Crew’, Oscar James, Emil Wilbekin, Iman, June Ambrose, and Jay Manuel; all powerhouses at what they do!


This party was awesome, the perfect mix of beauty, fashion, conversation that entertained, and photos galore! I was so happy to be included in the celebration of the launch of, as I love the site and it’s design, functionality, and personality and it’s barely over  a month old! I wrote a whole post about it, because like I say all the time, I support what I like. I also have to give a major shout to Dana Randall, CEO of Built By the Factory, the phenomenal company who partnered with Iman to create such an amazing website. Plus, Dana is fashion forward and has the most gorgeous hair I’ve ever seen. She’s FAB.

I took many more pics that I’d love to share, but if I keep adding them to this post, the scroll bar will be so small that it will annoy you, like it does me.

Check out more official Destination Iman party photos here and check out my Instagram to see more that I snapped while in awe of the whole experience. A night to remember indeed.



with style~ Sharontina B.


Fashion’s Night Out 2011: Meeting IMAN

Fashion’s Night Out, commonly nicknamed as FNO, brought stylistas/os and their fashionable friends alike to the streets on NYC this past Thursday. As expected, the Manhattan blocks were consumed by heels, bow ties, and smiles, as people shopped their favorite brands and caught sight of their favorite celebs and socialites.
My friends and I started out at Bergdorf Goodman, where they had something fab going on at each level of the exquisite store. As we entered, we were greeted by Lady Bunny! Fab right?

Moving along, we browsed and “window” shopped as we added items to our wishlist of things we needed after our college budgetnista ways no longer grace our titles. We decided to head to the beauty level and look who we saw! Oscar de la Renta meeting and greeting FNO goers…

After leaving Bergdorfs, we sauntered through the crowd as it all moved in unison in a very……very….slow pace! We planned on going to so many events, but as those who have experienced FNO know, the time somehow gets away so quickly! We then decided to head to the Lanvin boutique, where another one of my biggest dreams would come true!
To give you a little background, I am in admiration of Super MOGUL, Iman. Not only was she a driving force in the evolution of fashion, but she has done and still does so much humanitarian work for charities that help people in need. I began chatting with Iman about a year ago via Twitter, and I loved the fact that she sincerely appreciated and wanted to connect with her supporters. We have never been able to meet, and so when I found out that she would be hosting FNO at Lanvin, I HAD to be there!!! As my friends and I walked to the posh boutique, I became so nervous as I tried to figure out the first thing I’d say in greeting Iman.
We finally arrived at Lanvin, and about 1 minute later, I turn around and see this GODDESS walk through the door. Ok, seriously…I am NOT exaggerating people…she is really like gorgeous…I stopped mid sentence when she walked in! My friends and I just stared in awe and as she came in, and probably because we were staring, she turned her attention to us. Without saying a word, she walked over and hugged all of us and thanked us for coming. When it was my turn, she hugged me and I said in my most geeky voice”Hi, I’m TyrasLilSis from Twitter!”…hahaha…she screamed in excitement, and I soon joined her as we were both happy to FINALLY meet! Next thing I know, I see my favorite beauty guys Sam Fine and Oscar James, along with Stylist Emil Wilbekin enter and the camera flashes started! Sam took an AWESOME shot of Iman and I after meeting for the first time…
Iman and I meeting for the 1st time at Lanvin FNO
After 3 more hugs and “OMG I can’t believe we finally met”‘s, Iman went to greet other guests and I decided to sign up for the dance competition that Iman, Dwayne Wade, Joe Zee, and Sheryl Murakami were judging that night. Now, I am NOT at all the person who gets the party started by being the 1st one on the dance floor, so signing up was a shock in itself! As the judges moved to the stage and prepared for dance competition, my friend and I conversed about how we just had a feeling we were going to get chosen. Only 5 teams would get a chance to compete, and after two groups went and 3 were called who were no shows, guess who got called? WE DID! The crowd roared as we ran up on stage and Iman gave me a high five as I ran past her to get into position. We danced on the Kinect game, so all we had to do was follow the moves, but you know we had to add some EXTRA! We gave it our all, and the judges and crowd alike LOVED us! (The next day, we found this pic on!!!!!!! How awesome?!)
Dancing with a smile at Lanvin FNO! (photo by Kevin Tachman)
As they tallied the scores, I looked over at Iman and she winked at me as to say “yall got it!”, I got so excited at the possibility of winning 1st place, and rest assured, we did!!! We won a HUMONGOUS trophy that we couldn’t possibly carry on the bus, a Lanvin tote with a book containing the history of Lanvin, and their newest fragrance. Happy would be an understatement to describe this moment, and in the midst of this whole experience I glanced at Sam and he said words to me that totally summed it all up, “see…dreams do come true”…*tear*. We had to capture the moment of our win, with the FAB judges in tow!
From left: Iman, Erinn(my friend, dance partner!), Dwayne Wade, Me, Joe Zee, and Sheryl Murakami
..and just for laughs…
Sheryl and Dwayne showing us some dance moves!
After the dance party, I mixed and mingled and snapped a quick pic with two of my favorite people, Sam and Oscar who are in the business of keeping us beautiful!
I also got to meet one of my other beauty favs, Damone Roberts!..also known as the brow king, who I thought I took a pic with/of…but didn’t…womp. He is absolutely gorgeous and has hair to die for! I also caught up with model Flaviana Matata! After meeting/chatting on Twitter, we finally got to meet in person as well!
Before parting, I posed for 1 last pic with my Fairy Fashion Godmomma..FAB!
Ok, wait…do y’all see Damone Roberts in the background with his beautiful hair??! YES!
I had such a beautiful night and felt so much love from every angle, everyone was so happy to celebrate fashion and it was evident in the energy in the room. I will NEVER forget this experience, and neither will my Facebook friends since my profile pic will probably never change again! haha
What a night…
What did you all do for FNO?? Tell me!!