Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself!

Hey friends,

I finally did it! Today I finally took a step towards rebranding and refocusing my personal online brand by way of creating a new handle. I’ve been known as “TyrasLilSis” since I created my Twitter account back in 2009. I wrote a whooolllleeeeee post on my other blog about why I was changing my online name and the significance it has had over the years, and plainly put…. it was time.




I’ll be graduating from college in less than a month, and as I patiently wait around with no school duties actually left to do, I have time to think about where I want life to take me next. Yeah, I mean that in a literal sense as well as a figurative one. I have a list of relocation cities..

1. NYC

2. ATL

3. Baltimore D.C. …

….. I digress, but more importantly I am thinking about the path that I’d like my personal brand and career to take as I close the student chapter of my life. I feel like I am finally coming into my own as I move further into adulthood and independence, and all parts of what I represent must reflect that. Now, you may be wondering, “Where on earth did the name “@StyleDegree” come from?” Well, like any other time I decide to create something that requires a name or title of some sort, I get a real pen and paper and write my ideas down. Yes, write, not type. I did just that; created a list of potential names that were a combination of me in some way. Most of the names had “style” in them, because a compliment that I often get is that I have a great sense of style. I have to agree (tee hee), so I wanted to include an ode to that.   The “degree” part came to mind as I thought about the toughest journey I’ve ever taken; completing my bachelor’s degree. Okay, I know it doesn’t make sense yet, but give me a minute… Style Degree is one of those names that has multiple names depending on your perspective.


From my personal perspective, I feel like I should have a degree in personal style as opposed to the one I actually have in business. My style eye is very keen and sensitive to colors, textures, layers, and all other complexities you can accomplish with garments. You know how you just have those things you know without having to be formally taught? That’s what style is for me.

Sharontina Brightman Style Degree

On the other hand, another perspective could be such that there is a degree spectrum of style where people are placed depending on your perspective of their style. Again, this is all based on how YOU look at it, I just know what this means for me and I like it!

In the midst of changing this and that, I decided to make this little interactive vid to RE introduce myself. Introducing: Sharontina Brightman!



Thanks for growing with me, I appreciate you!

Sharontina B.


B is for Branding: Your Brand Is a Meltingpot

Hello friends!

I’ve been really busy with school the past few days, and since I’m a marketing major we talk business/branding/marketing/money/differentiation etc etc etc–27/7! Now, sometimes I have high interest in the lessons (branding/marketing) and other times I don’t (finance/sales). Although some aspects of business interest me more than others, I’ve learned and accepted that I either have to take it all, or take nothing– and I’ve been in college too long to be all “Forget it, I’m just going to change my major to journalism” (my secret passion of  a major in my next life). Many people ask me why I even decided to study business if I wasn’t passionate about it in its entirety, and the answer to that question is that I feared it and that’s why I went for it. It seems that in our nature, we are comfortable with not having to face fears and making up excuses as to why we don’t want to do something, but my philosophy is that it doesn’t help you in the long-run. The thought of accounting, finance or economics sent chills up my spine because I just don’t like math that much–I just didn’t want to deal with it, but I realized that it is so important to be aware and understand such important factors that determine much of how we live. Any who, that’s my spiel on why I’m a business major, and no…I don’t hate it, I just REALLY have a thing for the aspects related to marketing and branding.

A few months back I introduced a potential blog series that I was going to write all about branding, based on a cute little book called AbuLLard’s ABC’s of Branding, co-written by one of my favorite professors, Dr. Jean Wilcox. I became a little hesitant after introducing the idea because I didn’t want to stray too far left of the focus of The Runway Times, but I realized a great point I could make to tie it all in. The book literally goes through the alphabet, connecting each letter with an important component/rule/or practice of branding. Since I only posted on “A”, we’ll continue with B…

In AbuLLard’s ABC’s of Branding, it states, ” B is for believable”, it goes on to talk about how the messages one associates with their brand must be believable and always deliver on what the brand promises. Many of us would probably say, “Well yeah…my blog always delivers on what I promise to my readers”, or “Yes, our products always deliver the benefit we promise to the consumer”….but is this your own bias, or the truth? It’s definitely something to consider with each and everything you do that is related to your brand.

In today’s time, like it or not, we are all brands. If you are interactive on social media, you are a brand and every single thing you do is a reflection of the image your are trying to portray. I like to talk about personal branding because it’s something I have been successful at by accident, but has since gained much purpose. The best part about creating a personal brand is that YOU have total control of it. Indeed, a brand’s equity is determined by how others view/like and respect the brand, but you create it for them to evaluate from the beginning. All of your actions, doings, what you “co-sign” to, how you dress, and pretty much any little thing you do is a tag to your personal brand! The best way to describe it, is to say that your personal brand is a melting pot of everything you are. There are many tips I could give (and will) on how to add value to your personal brand, but for the sake of my love of personal style, I’ll focus on that this time.



Your personal style is a representation of so much more than the names on the tags hidden beneath your rags (I love to rhyme words). Just think about it for a second, when you walk down the street don’t you start to place people in certain categories by what they are wearing? Categories like bold, daring, conservative, casual, professional— I do. I start to imagine what they are probably like as a person, the things they’re probably interested in for leisure, and even what they might want me to know about them as I see their representation of themselves. Yes, I was always known to think too deeply into things, but it’s my nature and I know some of you are the same way! Any who, your personal style is your elevator pitch of fashion, your “Hellooooo world” without even opening your mouth, your “mood ring” that will give sure signs of the days when you’re feeling yourself, and the days when you’re not. Many of us may be able to agree to the fact that relatives and friends especially make reference to “the type of things we wear”, and during those ever-fun shopping trips, you hear “Nahhh, that doesn’t look like you”, or “that is soooooo you!”…yep, we hear it all the time and become more and more comfortable with being known for what we wear.

So, my question to you is, do you have a unique style that is all your own and does it truly represent who you are? Is it a believable message to the brand you are and not a form of that “leave a nasty taste in your mouth” conformity? Are you in the process of repositioning that brand of YOU and want your personal style to take a ride too? I’d love your feedback/questions, I’m here to help and learn!



with style~ Sharontina B.