Philly Gets Fancy with 17 Days of Fashion!

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17 days of Fashion


Guess what? It’s that time again, Philly is about to show off their (our) cute side with the ever-so-chic, 3rd annual 17 Days of Fashion, YES! 17 Days of Fashion is an annual event birthed by the founding members of the Philadelphia Fashion Consortium (PFC), with a goal to showcase Philadelphia’s unique style, and to raise money for chairty. Both of these goals have been met through the past 2 year’s events, and many are looking forward to another great year! The event hosts 21 shows and events over the two-week period, all of which add to the mission of bringing Philly’s style to the forefront, in only a way that we can do it! Executive Director, Anthony Henderson, says, “Philadelphia has great fashion and style, and it will be on display for 17 Days!”. If I may, I’d like to agree, and also say that the range of events offered is great! Fashion shows and events for both our lean ladies and full figured beauties, in-store events, black-tie events and more were hosted last year, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s in store this time around!

The Runway Times  will be covering some of this year’s events, so definitely stay tuned for the official list of events and coverage! I hope some of my other fashion-savvy Philadelphians will be in attendence, yes? Let me know I’d love to meet up in the name of fashion! Below are flyers from just a few of the events that will take place during this year’s 17… Days of Fashion, I am so excited about the 80s-fashion dance-off party! YES!!!

This doesn’t even touch the range of the events on this year’s list , click HERE to see the list of events posted so far, and make sure to follow 17 Days of Fashion on Twitter, Facebook, and visit them at for more information. See you there!


with style~ Sharontina B.

17 Days of Fashion in Philly!

I’d be comfortable in saying that Philly is a fashionable city, a mix of this and that. There’s a mix of people who dress for comfort and are ok with just being…basic, those that like to be daring and bold giving distinctive personality to their attire, and ones who fall flat to fads. Philly has recently been booming with events specific to fashion, such as modeling competitions, fashion shows for a cause, and various other functions that allow those who live for fashion, to enjoy. The “17 Days of Fashion” was created by the founding members of The Philadelphia Fashion Consortium, with the purpose of celebrating Philadelphia’s growing fashion industry.

Over the course of 17 days, “17 Days of Fashion” will promote over 21 fashion shows and events, produced by Philadelphia’s local fashion designers, models, industry professionals, rising entrepreneurs, and those who just love fashion! Their mission is to create unity and create a place for all of these pieces of the puzzle to come together and to potentially build this series of events into what will be sought after not only by locals, but people world wide.

The 17 days of Fashion has a mission and a pledge that reads,  “We pledge our support to those participating in the17 Days of Fashion by providing resources, marketing and advertising support with an opportunity to highlight their expertise.”.The participation and support of Philadelphians and those in surrounding cities can work together to make this event bigger and better with each year’s passing.  I am looking so forward to attending some of these events, as I frequently attend events in NY which is a little ways away, and it’s great to be able to be in my own backyard and experience great fashion and passion from those who love it just as much as I do!  To view the full schedule of all events, visit , hope to see you there and check back soon for updates on events from this great project!

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