Cosmetic Chemistry, Who Knew?


I recently attended a FAB event, hosted by The Fab Network called  “The Chemistry Behind Cosmetics”, and let me just say this, I will never look at my makeup the same way again! The panel included chemists from L’Oreal USA, Ron Robinson of, a chemist who manufactures polymers but is enthralled with beauty and is trying to make her way in, and an entrepreneurial chemist who is HILARIOUS and gave us the tea on work-life balance as a chemist in this industry! I decided to write the event recap on my new & improved personal branding site, Her Brand DNA because the women (and one FAB guy), were dynamic, extremely intelligent, and about their business! Click the image below to check out the post and learn more about my new site, Her Brand DNA!



with style~ Sharontina B.


The FAB Network Celebrates Two Years!

On Tuesday night, the FAB Network celebrated their two year anniversary in the company of industry leaders, FAB members, budding professionals, and those looking to simply be inspired. The FAB Network is a  professional consulting firm, founded by Professional Coach Jessica Styles, whose mission is to provide social and professional development and career opportunities for students, professionals, and those looking do advance their careers in creative industries such as fashion, arts, entertainment, and beauty. Jessica hosts numerous professional development and advancement events throughout the year, where she serves as the link between those wanting to exchange knowledge, skills, valuable career advancement information and so much more.

I joined the FAB Network just a few months ago, and since the moment I signed up, Jessica has been very consistent in reaching out not only yo me but to all FAB members to make sure she delivers what she promises. This event was absolutely beautiful. Not only did everyone look divine, but the energy in the room was filled with an openness to learn and receive whatever it was that they needed to gain that night. Everyone in the room, no matter their professional title, was a student and appreciated that fact. The panel included Stephen Dimmick, Celebrity Makeup Artist; Jill Steinberg, VP of Domestic Sales of Diane Von Furstenberg Studio; Martin Cribbs, Former Director of Licensing of the Andy Warhol Foundation; Kristin Waltman, Senior Marketing Manager of L’Oreal Paris; Bonsu Thompson, Cultural engineer& Editor-In-Chief of The Source, Founder of Dreamz R Real Ent.; and  Phylicia Fant, VP of Media Relations at Warner Bros. Each one of the panelist gave their personal testimony of rising to their positions and didn’t sugar coat anything, emphasizing that hard work and dedication is at the core of their success. They expressed to us that an instant rise to the top is very seldom, “unless you’re a pop star”, quoted Stephen Dimmick.

The room stood with ears and eyes open as each of them spoke into our understanding of success and what it would entail if we wanted to reach our full potential. I genuinely appreciated each of their testimonies for different reasons and know that their words will resonate as I climb the latter of success. The anniversary event was definitely a WIN and a great way to celebrate 2 years of FABulousness!

Here are a few photos I took at the event …

The FAB Founder, Jessica Styles introducing panelists

Panelists (from left), Martin Cribbs, Kristin Waltman, Stephen Dimmick

The lovely Tracylee and I

I caught up with my sistern (intern sister), Brandalyn!

I recommend that all of you looking to expand your knowledge of the various creative industries, career and networking opportunities, professional development, and much more to become a member of the FAB Network! It is well worth it and will be a catalyst in helping you achieve career dreams.

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