Through The Decades “Pretty Girl Rock”!

Okay…so friends,I am LOVING LOVING LOVING Keri Hilson’s new video for “Pretty Girl Rock”for so many reasons!!!When I first saw the video I actually applauded!It was so creative…the costumes were on point,makeup was flawless…the whole creative aspect is just perfect in my eyes!Okay,before we talk about it and break it down,let me just say that the amazing Mr.Billy B is responsible for the flawless makeup you see Keri rocking in this vid.I’m loving the fact that I can now really distinguish between Makeup artists’ work.I saw the video…paid close atention to the details of her makeup and called it!Sure enough,Mr.BillyB responded with a” Hey there! Yes! I did do @MissKeriBaby ‘s video ‘pretty girl rock!”…Okay..before I just keep going on and on,I want you to see the video if you haven’t already,form your thoughts/opinions,and join me to delve IN! …Watch Keri’s”Pretty Girl Rock” HERE
Ready?Took it all in?Liked it?Hated it?…Let’s talk about it!
So…Keri begins with her “Flapper frock”(try saying that 10 times really fast!).. and since I want to talk about the overall looks for each scene,I will touch on the makeup and fashion!Here’s a few of my favorite screen shots from her”Roaring 20s” scene…


Keri channeling the flapper fashion of the 1920s

The 1920s were like a whirl wind of revolution for women in many ways.Voting,entering the workforce,and fashion were just some of the changes that completely transformed the view of “the woman”.Previously women wore clothes that covered most of their bodies  and they were made of fabrics such as cotton and wool,but the 20 brought about changes to the styles of clothing and the fabrics used such as silk and satin. Women also began wearing makeup,and they did NOT approach it lightly.They wore deep bold colored lipsticks and shadows that made a statement and let it be known that women were now in charge!Their attire was very daring,revealing,ostentatious and went against what it is that they had been used to for so many years.Pictured above,Keri reminds me so much of the beautiful Josephine Baker who often wore beautifully beaded cloches with a perfectly polished piece of swirled  hair that laced the forehead and added to her signature look.Keri did a spectacular job of capturing the ethreal beauty of the roaring twenties woman!..Below are a few other screen shots that I loved from this scene…

This SCREAMS Josephine Baker!!!!A genuine smile that expresses her love for performance…

A roaring 20s Keri pouts as to say, “My way or NO way!”

The full set…

The beautiful Josephine Baker

Tyra as “Ursula Nyquist” as “Josephine Baker” on an episode of Gossip Girl!…I had to guys…I had to…
Keri transitioned out of the 20s and gracefully danced her way into the serene being of the 30s and 40s.Oh,but things changed!The makeup was much more subtle,the dress ever so tailored,made with delicate fabrics that purposefully accentuated the changes in the body form.My favorite screen shot from this scene….

Keri saunters into the 30s with grace

This screen shot is devine!!!The 30s and 40s served as the “modest middle” so to speak…just coming from the bold and daring 20s,the 30s and early 40s went in the opposite direction and created balance.Dresses transformed from the “Flapper”form which wasn’t meant to show off the body form,to dresses like the one Keri is wearing where it accentuates her curves and”celebrates”the body.Length of dresses changed dramatically as well because now it became more popular to see longer hem lines that passed the knee.Hair and makeup changed too!The edgy bob of the 20s soon morphed into soft curls and waves that graced longer manes and added more femininity to the woman’s overall look.As mentioned before,makeup was much more subtle,they wore lighter shades on the eyes but embraced mascara,continued wearing rich lip color and it was popular for the brow to be very sparse and compensated for with the penci to fill it in(sorry,this makes me laugh).Here are a few more shots from this scene that I liked…

Gracefully dancing across the set abundant with flowers..

Here you can see the details in the makeup technique dfferences from that of the 20s(those brows though…)..ha I was looking through the shots,I realized that Keri reminded me of one of the most renowned entertainers of that time…Lena Horne….

Lena Horne in the 40s..

Keri in a similar pose and dress!Coooool

 Towards the late 40s and into the 50s..patriotism began to be expressed in clothing with the progression and ending of  World War II.Women were now entering the work force as mentioned before,husbands were returning from war and families were still rebuilding their foundation from the ending of the depression in previous years.Along with the many changes that were happening in politics and the economy,a few took place in fashion.Dresses were even more form fitted and were very popular to have a full or layered skirt at knee length or above,cropped jackets and higher heels!I have to think that this is the scene where the video changed from black and white to color because of the coming of the television!…That’s my story,and I’m sticking to it!;)Here are some of my favorite shots from this scene…

Patriot Keri

I LOVED her makeup in this scene,the white eyeliner in the inner rim of her lower lid and the BOLD red lip just did it for me…PERFECTION… Mr.Billy B is MAGICAL!

Keri flashes a BIG smile

Y’all see the white eye liner making her eyes go POP!??..Dahlinnng
The 60s were filled with so many trends that I’d be all day trying to touch on every one of them,so I’ll stick to what Keri emphasized from the video for the most part.Just as an overview,the 60s was a time for trial and error(mostly trial though)because people were becoming more expressive and mirroring their fashion with their feelings towards the many social movments that were taking place during that time.In the video,Keri channels what seems to be the”Supremes”,her being”Diva Diana” of course;). The murmaid style gowns that shined like nothing I’ve ever seen,the bouffant hairstyles,the neck length gloves(joking).Style was expressive and very impressionable at this time,daring prints and patterns were introduced,elegance was still key and everyone tried to look “better” than the next person.Life in entertainment seemed to be in the hindsight of so many people in this decade…think Keri pulled it off?..I do!

Keri as Diana,think she pulled it off?..

They all had those little 8 count dance steps that they repeated like 17 times..haha
The 70s…ohhhhh the 70s.I wondered where Keri would go with this funkadelic time frame,but instead of getting her “Gold Member” fro pic’d out,she went for a more “Donna Summer” look.When I think of the 70s,the first thing that comes to mind is bell bottoms….but hey,give the 70s credit for more than that!Metallics,platforms,COLOR COLOR COLOR was IT!Deep rich saturated color that could make you uneasy at a glance because it was that powerful.Makeup was somewhat dramatic,the eyes saturated with colored shadows,rich lip color..but with that also came more earthtoned pigments.The 70s also introduced the retro styles,shapes,patterns that were so popular.Tiny mini skirts were still very popular..and hair…was BIG!..and they knew it…and so did you…ok,here are my favorite shots..

Keri channeling who seems to be Donna Summer..

Donna Summer
Hmmmm…where do I even start?….Well,we all know what the 80s and fashion shared.Many of you reading this probably grew up in the 80s…or waited until 10years later to be born like me haha..To me,the 80s were the years of self expression..the reinvented 60s.Color,shapes,jewelry,music,assymetrical hairstyles,dances…it’s all a big melting pot of cool stuff that produced  a great generation of trends,fads,and…..dares.Out of allll possible directions,Keri took it to “Thythm Nation”!She went Janet Jackson on us y’all…

The”Pretty Girl Rock” “Rhythm Nation”!

Did she do Janet justice?…;-)

The original!..
Okay,so I’m a little biased because I am a 90s baby(1990 to clarify ehh hem)…BUT,I think the 90s were the best years ever!!!Our economy was great,I was a child so it really didn’t matter,and life was so carefree!Anyway….when I think back to childhood and what people used to wear…I kind of cringe.I remember seeing people wear square toed shoes,embellished jeans,matching EVERY aspect of their outfit in ONE color…BUT…when I look beyond that,I do remember some pretty notable fashions.It seemed that the 90s were very laid back,comfortable…most clothing was loose fitting,layered…lots of plaid and flannel,denim,sneakers…bamboo earrings,finger waves,short cuts….ok,I’m reminiscing.Keri chose to take an interesting approach to tackle the 90s which I thought was so cute!She emulated the hit trio TLC and her “T-Boz” cut was PERFECT!..The”pajama dance”,almost looked identical..loved it and it basically summed up the 90s to say that we wanted to be relaxed and comfortable!

90s face

The”grunge”look was said to have defined the 90s style.It was supposed to look unkempt,rebellious and wild.Makeup trends were such that heavy eye liner,more neautral shadows,and varying shades of lipcolor were worn.I remember seeing my step mother use very deep shades of lip liner which would contrast the shade of lip color she wore greatly….still not sure 13 years later if I like it or not..ha.Deep lipstick shades were still worn in reds,plums,and browns…the movement towards a more natural makeup face was more popular.

Truthfully…I love that in the present,people define what fashion is to them.If they choose to embrace a fad from the 50s,a hair style from the 80s,the brow shape of the 30s(PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME…lol)or the bold makeup techniques of the 20s(DO AT YOUR OWN RISK)haha…ok,but in all seriousness I love that this generation has embraced the epitome of self expression and leaves that decision up to the individual.In the closing scene after all of the looks were recapped,I love that Keri chose to present herself in casual attire..jeans and a shirt,the most naturally BEAT face I’ve ever seen in my 20 years of life,and a nice edgy haircut.I believe that was done to show that now the purpose it to be yourself and not feel the need to conform to any one style or way of thinking no matter how much history and influencs we have that affect that decision.I don’t know,maybe I’m over analyzing the situation…but this is how I see it and that’s kid of what I do with every situation haha..and maybe you see it diferently..but thats my point! ;-).In closing I’d like to say that the last images were simply beautiful and that Mr.Billy B is such a talented MUA and visionary who did an amazing job on this video( and only everything else he does!)…

Casual Keri

Natural Beauty
It must have been so much fun to make this video!!I appreciate it for it’s creative aspect and tribute to the history of fashion in a nutshell…there’s much more to it,but this was just enough to give everyone an idea that what they consider”fashion”didn’t come from no where!It has a history just like everything else.If you’ve made it far enough to read this,I thank you for not getting discouraged at the length of this post(sorry,I really love to analyze projects like this and sometimes….I talk a lot)I thank you so much for staying with me dring this visual history lesson and I hope that you give me feedback on your thoughts about the video or anything else you may want to say.
As always,thanks for reading…..

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